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Fri-dei tambi!!

As usual, I ride along the highway as fast as I could and as cautious as I could ever be towards the office. I could see quite numbers of police petrol cars on the road today. I think every 10kms I could see one. There's even a road block when I was about to enter Jalan Istana. I guess it's due to the ISA-Rally thingy. Anyone of you joining it??ehehe!! predicted, my long-awaited salary has just being banked-in last night. My friend texted me last night when I was having my "Nasi Cowboy". Do you know what is it? Nasi Cowboy or Nasi Bujang is a dish of white rice + Telur dadar + Sup Kosong with optional Sambal Belacan. Hehehe. Usually it costs RM2. Eeekekeke. I know I could prepare it myself. But without the soup, it wont taste the same. And if I were to prepare the soup, it needs more effort and more time. I would be at home around 11p.m and I don't think it's a wise thing to prepare my meal when it's almost midnight. Is Zonaku offer for satay kaj

30th - Still no salary..arrr!!!

First of all, I would like to thank my dear friend, takraw gang, tennis partner, Asri whom so generous to treat me for dinner last night. After he heard my sad story (eekekeke) of going to the bed everytime the worms inside my belly were crying..he insisted to pay for my meal. Thanks again bro. Later I'll treat you for breakfast. HEhehee!!! The figure in my account remains the same 4.34. Huwaaa!!! Fortunately for Maybank card holder, the minimum amount of our account is around RM5. That's why last week I could withdraw the last RM30...huhu. If like public bank which needs at least RM30 in your account, surely I would have already borrowed some papers from my friends. Huuu.. ahhh..just came back from my lunch. This past 2 weeks I've been thinking a lot on where I am right now. Financially, carrer wise and of course emotionally. Hanging with a group of friends whom their tax deduction is 3 times your salary really widen your eyes and you'd see everything from different

29hb - Gaji tak masuk lagi..

Ari ni dh 29hb..tapi gaji tadi aku cek bank rimau aku tak msuk lg gaji wehhhh...ate camne??aku nye duit ada seplo je skang..ahahha!! Mampus..ada utang 5 inggit utk byar court tenis mlm tadi..kira tggl RM5 je la sebona eh..jahanang!! Mengapakah daku begitu sengkek bulan ini??Yaaaa..anda mahu tahu kah?? Mari kita lihat expense aku bulan ini; Keta = 500 Mak = 200 Umah = 120 Insuran Takaful = 100 Insuran Moto = 300 Bayar moto = 200 Bayar kredit kad (beli modem broadband) = 300 Tukar tayar wardina = 170 Simpanan kahwin = 500 (dh msuk awal2 dpt gaji tnpa mengira expense..nk kuarkan susah dh) Jumlah = 2390 Ahahaha!!! abeh..aku nak makan apa beb..ada brp rat je baki dia. Sebenarnya dh lebih dr gaji aku alhamdulillah bulan ni ada duit dr klien amek gambar ari tu, 300. So, tau dh ngape ku begitu sengkek. Asal malam je tak makan la aku..aku terus menidurkan diri utk mengelak lapar..ahahaha. Ingat kan ari ni masuk la gaji..tapi takde rupanya..uhh..pilu betul la hati aku. Pilu lagi per

Tuesday Update

I'm stucked!! There are 2 incident tickets assigned to me and I am still working on the cause of the issue. So far, dead end!! I guess I'd take some time to nag here first. Who knows in the middle of this entry the idea would surge into my head..hehehe. I met with my brother during lunch just now. I asked him to bring my shoes that I sent to replace the sole. I sent 2 pair of shoes. I wanted to give one of it to my dad so I asked him to choose any. He chose the white with gold stripes adidas that has been used by me for 3 years. It's still in a very good condition. So, I asked my brother to bring the Puma one. It's the 2nd sole replacement for my puma shoes. It's comfortable to wear and Sayaaanngg sangat to just throw it away. I give it it's the last change to serve me...=p. As I have the rejuvenated Puma shoes, I think I'm not going to buy a new tennis shoes for the time being. Ramadhan is just at the end of next month. It would be a month rest from play

My mom, warrior of the galaxy!!

Bored. I'm streaming you tube - Kya Kehna. Suddenly I wanted to listen to this song. Huu..a bit boring today. Just couple of tickets which cannot be solved at this moment. Was flickring through my pictures in other accounts and bumped into this picture. Hehehe..Taken during Hari Raya Puasa last year. Ehehehe. Cautios..this berserking lady would attack anyone by instinct and would regretted it later. Ahahaha!! Owkh..this one is Mom's gedik pose with her sister..ekeke. Now you know where I get the cute gene from huh??ehehehe. We were preparing to kick off from grandma's house to visit our relatives. Ehehehe. Owkh..I think I miss my mum..mommaaaaa!!!!

Lively Saturday

Monday..owkh..Had to go up my dear ass..come on!! It's monday!! Shoot!! It's already 9.40a.m. Get up!! Hehe..a monolog between my body and I..aahaha. It wasn't that late when I went to bed last night. I dreamt of lots of things. But the storyline is not a clear one, so I couldn't recall every piece of them to be fit into the puzzle. But it's something about Hari Raya (I dreamt it quite often for the past 2 weeks) and something about driving in an unknown place. How's your weekend? Mine was sooo normal. On Saturday I went for my friend's tahlil, doa selamat, Birthday Party and Anniversary event all in one. Huhu!! I could met Zaffar again!! Congratulation to Z n M for your 2nd anniversary. It seems apart of all the challenges you both have faced, you ended up being happy with that cute little anti-lense toddler..hehe. But, ended up is not the right word here. It's just the beginning of years full of memories ahead. Thanks for the food. Especially the co fool??

Sunday morning. I was just finished watching 'Dark Floor' movie which I don't really understand the real story the scriptwriter trying to share with the audience. I'm not pretty sure I get the story line. Was it a scary movie, ghost movie, mystery or a weird monster movie. Simply don't get it. And then I watched Jackie Chan's Shinjuku Incident movie which is based on the true story of one of the dark history of Japan and the Chinese immigrants. I'm always feeling 'hot' inside me whenever I watch a movie about group of people massacred a person, torturing someone and etc. I admit there's a great sensation when I watch movies like Young and Dangerous. Movies about yakuzas, gangsters and Triad Gang. It kinda cool to be part of the gang. But that's the only cool thing. It's always come back to you. Your family would be dragged into your problem. They would be killed and tortured just like you. It's great huh to be on top of the chain an

Investment - long-term benefit

I'm online at IRC cafe again tonight. I was feeling soo hungry just now. I don't want to have another pack og maggie mee as it's not yet 3 days after the last one I had. Another week for my next salary and I only have Rm30 on me now. Not a dime in my Maybank. So, reluctantly..I came here and use my voucher once more. Ordered Fish N Chip n Iced Coffee. Of course I would order wite rice and telor dadar if I could, but it's not in the menu. Checked my email just now and I could see an email from public bank on the Trust Fund report for this month. Finally I could see a growth on the price of my China Ittikal Fund. But still hasn't reach the same price when I bought it last year. The price started to plummet during the US financial crisis. My agent rang me and asked if I want to add my units as buying the units during that time would be beneficial. The theory is simple, BUY WHEN IT'S CHEAP AND SELL WHEN IT'S EXPENSIVE. Of course I know about that as I am used

Lepak2 kat kafe

"ko nk pergi mana tu...wuummm...vruummm" "AKu nk pergi tesco la..nk berbelanja..bruummm" "Oooo...aku nk gi Giant la camtu beli belah" "Ye ke...lepas gi tesco ni aku nk gi Bali" "wauuuu" Ni dialog 2 org budak kecik dlm lingkungan umur bawah 6 tahun tgh bermain model keta kat kafe ni. Aku baru balik tenis. Lapar..duit pakai voucer kafe ni la makan. Budak laki n pompuan dua org ni dok main berdua sambil mak ayah diorg berurusan mencari downline. Aku pn tak tau budak 2 org ni adik beradik ke hape. Yg laki dok tepi aku kdg2 tgok apa aku buat smbil nnt mak dia dok tegur "j gn la kacauuu ". Nnt budak tu ckp.." bye uncle ". sweet. Aku tnya nama tak jawab..sengeh je. Tp mmg dialog diorg tu tk mcm aku masa kecik2. Dulu aku kecik2 rasanya lebih kurg camni; "jom kita gi pantai. Kita pancing ikan" Ahahaha..yg budak skang Bali tu..hebak ah..lapar lagi la..order fish n chip plak ah..ahahah

Huuu..Abah mau jalan2 la tu

Listening to Lilly Allen's FUck You..ahaha..Catchy!! It's Beyonce's Halo now. Huhu..Most of the occupants in this floor are disturbed by the noise from the construction that has been going on for more than 3 months now. You can imagine the sounds of M-16 in the air. SO, most of us would plugged our ears with the earplugs provided by the management. But usually the best option is to wear the headset or headphone and start enjoying our own music. Some would listen to it full blast!! The only problem is when someone was on your back wanting to speak or discuss with you and you were blogging at that time!! Ahahaha!! SO, whenever I want to listen to my music with both ears, I need to always look on back. Ekekeke. Oh, it's Rabbani's Pergi Tak Kembali now. Owkh..insaf kejap. My mom called just now. She said my dad want to attend the wedding event of his relative at Kota Damansara. My sister is not feeling well to drive. It's not really the best option to let Abah d

Midnight Nagging

Ahhh~~~ Managed to customize my header before the night swallowed me into the mysterious world of unconsciousness and half dead. I just got back from my friend's cafe opening ceremony. They held a small kenduri doa selamat, the chef cooked a very nice dish for tonight. I ate till my stomach full and left after almost 2 hours being there. I'm staying at his staff's hostel/apartment for tonight. Getting sleepy now. It's already half past one in the morning. Huuuu...It feels so free yesterday and probably the same today as my tickets are all closed. I fill my time reading reader's digest looking for new words I could use. I would spend time sitting on the massage chair enjoying the vibration and the twitching muscles everytime the chair does it's work. I would hang out at the balcony while watching people passing by and the green trees. Huhh~~ these are the reasons I could still enjoy my working life every single day. Looking for your work balance emotionally is

Letaknya Islam di mana?

Aku tgh menonton filem XIII the conspiracy dlm laptop aku yg telah aku copy sebelum ni. Malam ni baru aku dpt masa nk tonton. Kat TV2 pn ada citer best. Fun with Dick N Jane ke apa tajuk dia. Fun ke Run ntah. Sambil menonton lak smbil basuh baju n sambil dload lagu2 baru..well baru in my own definition. Tgh amek lagu2 lady gaga..ekekeke..N pasni nk masak megi..heee..lapa plak. Aku nk citer pasal agama la malm ni pas baca entri Joegrimjoew tadi. Aku mulakan dgn letaknya agama Islam kat Malaysia skang ni. Begitu rapuh. Anda tak rasa begitu. Disebabkan kemajuan kita ikut segala jenis undang2 sekular yg berlandaskan barat. Hiburan adalah segala2nya. Kalau org alim meninggal dunia berapa ramai je rasanya yg sedekah fatihah. Artis mati..pergh..rasanya lagi ramai bukan sbb ramai yg kenal..ramai peminat. Pasal tukar agama??Kita bukan leh buat apa sgt..kita kena jadikan benda tu 'boleh'. Sebab??kita kan pelbagai kaum. N undang2 syariah kita bukan kuat mana pn. Kita ikut je undang2 18

Unexplainable feelings

I was typing a new entry about one of my life experience just now and was looking for a picture related to the entry. So, after months..I logged into my friendster account. And when I browsed it for a while, the memories kicked in. SO, I just deleted the 3-paragraphs of typing and started a new entry. Don't want to made the previous one a draft coz I might just forgot about it later. When I browsed some of my friends' account, looked at their pictures..a sense of enexplainable feeling gushed deeply in me and I felt a various sensation of feelings. Empty, Relieved, Missing, Happy, Sad..and lots more. I don't have the slightest clue the reason I'm feeling them right now. Looking at my friends' adorable kids, their new-born babies, their new things in their lifes, seeing how they live their lifes, seeing my old pictures during matriculation college where we posed like the special war team in the dragonball comic makes me feeling..ahh..I dunno how to descri

New playlist

Thanks to ♥sAzALOvEwAN♥, Inasalina, Diana, Vlida Fida and Blackskin (I thougt Kapten Luffy. Your avatar looks like him) for being my newest follower. Hope you would find what you want by doing so. It's calmingly quiet, my housemates have long gone leaving me alone surfing the net. The lack coffee aroma filled up the air, the sounds of my neighbour's washing machine and my square fan seems to be the only music. I would play the new songs I've downloaded to make sure I downloaded the correct one before uploading into my IPOD. Yep, I'm creating my new playlist..ehehe. Well, so far the list contains these songs : -Halo - Beyonce -Mother - sami yusuf -Matahariku - Agnes Monica -Rigt now Na Na - Akon -Bawaku Terbang - fabulous cat -I hate this part right here - PCD -Intifada - Rabbani -Pergi Tak Kembali - Rabbani - The Climb - Miley Cyrus -Jai Ho - PCD -My life would suck without you - Kelly Clarkson -Fire Burning - Sean Kingston -Fuck You - Lilly Allen -Bencinta - Faizal Ta

How to get the song when U are not authorized to download it?

I read Jard's entry just now on how to convert FLV file to MP3 version. Such a saviour to anyone who created the program and shares it with us. Thanks a lot!! Most of the player we have needs an MP3 version of file to be uploaded into our IPOD, handphone or other gadget. And the easiest way to get your song is via youtube. But of course it's in an FLV format. So, with this kind of website, it makes our live much easier. Ok, now I wanna share how you can get the mp3, mpeg, flv especially from a youtube when you dont even have administrative access in your PC. For employee like me, I am not authorized to download things from the internet. DO you have the same problem? They block every website with 'download' word in it. For youtube, you can get it in many ways. Youtube grabber, and lots more. But what if you are blocked?? So, the other way is to right click on your ' start ' button and select explore . You will see your folders on your left side. Th

A gal n a guy relationship's already 12 noon. I just finished updating all my tickets, replied user's emails and updating necessary things that need to be updated. I'm free now..or, for now..bloghopped here and there whenever the title is interesting. Hehehe..Kapten Luffy's entry is as hot as usual. I think I want to share my 2 cents about guy n gal relationship. Most of us have been approached by somebody with an opposite gender. And each one of us have our own reactions. Some would simply turned it down, some would make friend with him/her and some would proceed to know him/her deeply and ended up in a relationship (couple). Believe it or not, these are some ways of 'Jodoh' approaching you. When a girl is approached and the guy said, " I want to be your friend ", first thing you need to bear in your mind is that it's always a first step to know you more and actually the end result is to make you his GF. Well, most of the case. Out of 100, maybe 1 would sincere

Fantasi 2 : Hemyck Potter

Aku baru smpi umah dlm kul 11 tadi. Mcm besa kat Tanjun Karang jem pnjg gak. Tp tak sepanjang time2 cuti umum..pun begitu rasanya lebih dr stgh jam gak la nk habiskan 1km. Aku time2 camni yg aku sakit ati kalau ada yg potong line. Aku saja ke tengahkan skit keta aku..mksudnya aku dok lane plg kanan, then aku kasi keta aku dok ke kanan lebih, sbb jalan tu takde divider..Jadi bila yg jahanang nk potong line tersangkut la kat blkg aku..diorg kena amek kona lebih yg menyebabkan diorg msuk lane yg bertentangan plak. Aku puas je wat camtu...ahaha..tunggu la turn. Sume org nk cepat.. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Hemyck Potter merupakn seorg budak..err..dewasa yg menjalani hidup seperti org biasa yg lain. Byk utang, dpt gaji je tolak sume tggl 2-3 rat, nek keta yg tak berapa hebat, dok umah sewa dgn rakan2 lain dn pulang ke kampung setiap bulan sekali. Sememangnya Hemyck Potter kelihatan sgt biasa. Namun ada suatu rahsia besar yg tak berapa besar sbb

weekend. Sepak takraw..FINAL!!

Lying on my chest surfing the net, bloghop to those blogs I follow. I think I'm going back to KL after Maghrib. It's kinda jam around 4-5p.m. Not sure it's already OK around night but at least it's not that hot during night. Do you know for men you can save some fuel by closing all your windows, switch OFF the air cond and just open the slid from the front so the air could get through the engine and goes into the car. At night, it's still pretty cool and convenient though...Hehehe. Well, maybe it's just for me. I 'cool' really easy. So that kind of ventilation is enough for me. Usually I would kick off back to KL around 2 p.m to avoid the jam and to play the evening takraw as usual. So, I would stop at the usual place to play first. But because yesterday, I played for Piala Komuniti Sabak Bernam for the whole day, I think I've had enuff takraw for this week. Ekekke...I managed to go to the final. My teammates, both of them have not being playing se

Lakon Islam. Berlakon jd org islam oleh org islam..apa kah?

Tgh penat baru habis seharian main takraw utk liga komuniti bhgian sabak bernam. Kawan call ajak main. tp tu citer len entri bila dh ada gambar dia skali la. HEhehe. Ni tadi tgok kejap Pilih Kasih. Minggu israk mikraj katanya..Ada jugak terma ayat Lakon Islam ek. Islam pn leh dilakonkan. Cantik je yg pompuan sume tutup aurat..dgn kak engku skali. Mmg betul2 berlakon sbgi seorg islam yg betul walaupun luarannya shja. Mmg hebat..Lakon Islam..Huu..tak pasti penerimaan anda semua..Tp bg aku..tkyah la kuar terma macam ni. Ni la yg org yahudi kafir mahu..Kuasa media yg meruntuhkan moral dan kekuatan islam sedikit demi sedikit sehingga kita sendiri tak sedar betapa bebal dan jauhnya kita tersasar dr Islam itu sendiri. Ahh..tak mahu aku tulis pnjg2..kamu semua pikir lah sendiri. Apa yg aku fahami n fikirkan tak semestinya anda setuju. Hebat..teruskan lah berlakon sbgi islam. Uhh..takleh terima. Mak dh tukar channel Majlis Tilawah..lg bagus..Nak blog hopping...


Went to watch Harry Potter last night with fellow NGAs..For me, one of the novel reader should have already knew the story line. Just want to watch how it being presented as a movie. Quite nice even for most of the viewers weren't really thrilled to watch it as they don't really follow the life of Harry Potter since the beginning. I am looking for a tennis shoe. I've been browsing here and there, checking the price, compare the quality and everything on order to get a nice tennis shoe that has a very great endurance, not too expensive and most preferably ON SALE!! Browsed in ISETAN last night before going to the foodcourt. There were nice running shoes, Adidas which you could buy for RM100 a pair. A very nice price I could say. But still looking for the specific tennis shoes. Will be playing tennis tonight and then drive balik kampung right after that. I'm not really sure whether my eyes would be so sleepy after sweating for two hours while driving home. Hopefully my

Fantasi 1 : Transformers

Lepas bermain tenis, aku, nageb, Akon dan Am seperti biasa pergi minum2 melepas lelah di sebuah gerai berdekatan tmn tasik titiwangsa nuh. Gerai tom yam yg takde bau tom yam pn kalau lalu. Dapat je parking keta, kami pn amek satu meja plg tepi n kat luar utk menikmati angin malam. "Dh order bey??" "Owkh..belum. Bagi sy teh O ais limau, bungkus ikat tepi" "minum sini gapo beyyy?" "yg tu la minum..bawak sini" "ok..yg lain" "bandung ikat tepi..dia ni, teh O ais ikat tepi jugak" "ikat tepi belako" "Haah" Aku mmg sll bungkus ikat tepi sbb jauh lbih byk dr minum kat gelas. Huhu. Tak lama lepas tu Nageb smpi. Dia tersesat nk ke sini td. Nageb kuar dgn mainan berbentuk kiub, rubik puzzle di tgn beliau. Smpi je di meja Nageb order teh ais jugak..bungkus ikat tepi. Smbil menunggu dia terus cuba menyelesaikan rubik puzzle beliau. "Oii..tak pernah abih aku tgok ko wat" "ishy..byk kali dh aku selesaik


Bored..dush dush!! Onemanga is blocked. Almost fed up with my IPOD playlist. I'm looking for new songs for my IPOD. New here means the one I seldom listen. It doesn't mean a new release song. Anyone fancy to share their favourite songs?? I'm thinking of Miley Cyrus's..but I don't know the title. Halo - Beyonce. And another song from Beyonce which I forgot the title. An old one. Faizal Tahir - Bencinta..hmm. Probably. Yeah, why not. I can sing it out loud along the journey balik kampung. I need a few disco genre song like Fire Burning Sean Kingston. I played this so many times to lighten up my mood. I'm not really up to date with the latest releases, so kinda hard to assemble a new fresh playlist. Huuu...But that's the plan anyway. Arhhh!!! nothing fancy to share..

Mimpi Masy..ahahaha!!!

Hee...aku rasa segar lak pas mandi pagi2 ni. Sllnya walaupun mandi..pas habis je salam (smbhyg)..zoom..aku berenang balik atas toto aku. Tp kali ni nk online lak lah gayanya...Heee. Tu yg elok je segar ni..Nak wat kopi sat. Hehe..lgpun aku nk hapdet pasal mimpi aku mlm tadi..eekeke. MASY!!Aku mimpi kamuuu..apa kamu buat dlm mimpi guee..??? Oh, dan mooney juga..ahaha. Aku pn tak tau camne Mooney leh masuk sekali. Aku tggu Ayu raudhah..korg yg datang..aiyak!! Aku tak tau mimpi tu time raya ke masy, mooney n lg sorg blogger telah dtg umah aku. Yg sorg lagi ni sbnrya aku bgun tadi tak ingat..tak dapat recall smpi skang. Yg lagi pelik..umah yg diorg datang menyinggah ni umah lama aku yg dah takde dh di muka bumi ni. Umah lama aku yg aku duduk 11 tahun lalu. Ate, diorg aku pn hidangkan la makanan utk dijamah. Lepas makan Masy pn guna tandas aku a.k.a jamban. Jamban kampung besa la..bukan mcm jamban opis anda ye...Dr dlm jamban tu aku dengar bom2 berguguran.


Uuuhhh..just finished attending all the tickets lodged on behalf of the users. Huh!! I concentrated the whole before-lunch-period to rectify everything leaving the after-lunch-period free for my own activities. Ehehe. Yep, this is how I do my work everyday. Priority comes first. Settle all the work first before your onw agenda. Did you guys received email from nuffnang about the nescafe script contest?? Let's try our luck!! I'm working on my script and just finished 3 scenes yesterday. ehehe. If you are one of the top 20, you would be winning Rm1000 just because you are nuffnagers!! So, eventhough you don't win it, but you actually nailed something though. Hehe. If I finished the script later, I'll publish it here. I'm going to the cinema this Thursday night!!Yeahhhh!!! Thanks to *someone whom so kind to treat us to watch Harry Potter. Well, the initial plan was to watch transformers. But it still so much fun being treated to a movie. It's been a while since

A day with the toddlers

Alaaa..emergency ID tak dapat lagi. Cmne nk buat keje. Aku update la terus ini blog. Haha. Owkh, sblum tu harap anda semua tak salah sgka aku share weekend jd babysit ni ngn korg. Bukan nk kac tunjuk keayahan aku ke hape. Kalau aku single mungkin la..opps!! Tp mungkin dgn entri aku mana yg dh lama kawin yg dh mula muak tgok anak tu akan teringat sronoknya masa mula2 ada anak..mungkin. And pada yg ada anak mungkin dpt rasa betapa beruntungnya ada ank sbb ada yg masih cuba utk memperoleh seorg...Mmg ya, kadang tu anak org kita rasa sronot..anak sendiri menyampah sudah..tu naluri manusia biasa... ------------------------------------------------------- "Abah..nak ayam" "Nak ayam dok atas ni diam2..Tknak dok sana tgn kotor..Nanti basuh tgn dh makan..tau" "Abah..nak kelat (coklat)" "Nak coklat kena diam..takleh nangis2. Sayang dulu" -CUpp..dpt kiss kat pipi- "Nah..nnt buang kat bakul sampah tau sampah dia" "Abah..nak kelat"

Update Babysitting Sunday!!

Assalamualaikum semua and a may your god bless you for the non-muslims..=]. Happy Sunday!! Mungkin di kala anda semua menikmati hari ahad hari cuti dgn berjalan2, tgok wayang atau apa sahaja..aku kat UK skang..yee..UK Perdana.ahahaha!! Tgh babysit sepupu2 aku yg 4 orang ni. Tu diorg tgh tgok kungfu panda senyap kusyuk..aku online la..huhu!! Baru lepas mandikan diorg. Yg sorang tu si Najiha bukan main menangis2 suh mandi..aku budak nangis2 ni aku gomol je..ahahaha!! Last2 bagi upah coklat cadbury baru senyap nk mandi. Dh lepas mandi elok lak gelak2 time aku pakai kan baju..amvoiii!!! Yg si kecik Danial tu sonang jo nak jaga..sengih je keje..hehe. Syok gak layan diorg ni..lama gak tak jupe. Yg lagi 2 org akak tu dh besar, form one dgn darjah 4. Ari ni kenduri wizza, ada gak plan nk gi bawak skali askar2 aku takut diorg penat tertido ke..dlm keta kena tahan takde baby pnya tmpat duduk ke..Menangis tu aku tak rasa tu lah..takut diorg penat lak dlm keta..Meragam ke..Jad's just my thought..

Friday!!! No plan yet for this weekend as the initial plan to balik kampung has been changed to a babysitting session. Might bring them to somewhere else this Sunday. Worried if their presence might cause an uneasy feeling among my housemates. I'll handle them accordingly, no problem there I think. Window shopping is the plan so far..hmm.. Thank you to Miz Fieza whom has just being my follower. I'm not sure the reason. Perhaps she was looking or googling for 'Farid Kamil' and came to my blog..ahahaha!! However, thanks again and hope you would find a bit of serenity whenever you visit here. =]. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have a friend, a girl who was kinda fat before but managed to slimmed down and she is now confidently walking and enjoying her life. When we were doing a discussion on 'What would you do if you could go to the past' during our english class in Internexia, she gave her thought on the table. &

Buhsan..mau helmet baruuu

Buring banget ah..aku baru wat testing kat sistem pasal something yg kalau aku tulis wat sakit jiwa raga korg je nk paham smbil mkn kepek bawang pemberian wakaf TL aku..aku nk taip entri baru..ehehehe.. Smlm wardina mintak 'kasut' baru lak..katanya kalau layan leper (baca: lap atau layan kona), cam melecet je rasa..nk terjatuh tersandung. Haus dh tapak nye..Ate..sbgi suami mithali aku pn gi la belikan kasut baru (baca: tayar). Sekali rega dia RM170 tuuu..uh..pedey. Sama rega ngan kasut nike nk wat camne..harapnya tahan la. Sedap skit kot nk meleper..ehehe. AKu nk beli helmet la. Yg molek skit. Helmet aku yg agak molek sblum ni visor dia patah. Takde spare part la plak. Makanya pakai la helmet free beli moto mak aku. Tp bila bawak laju cm nk tercabut je rasa. Tu kat atas tu la gambar helmet yg aku pakai skang..hehe. Cm Farid Kamil pn ada ghupe aku masa ni kan. Leh berlakon drama rempit vs impak maksima beb!! Ni time aku go-kart ari tu..camni l

Late Update featuring 'Do the right thing'

I took a bath right after I woke up this morning with the purpose not to sleep back after subuh prayer to browse as I like. I don't really have the leverage to browse my personal things lately. In the office, definitely I can't browse as I like. But during the night I would be at home around 11p.m after my tennis session. So, I don't really have time to browse..hehe. Owkh, fo my dear friends who have been waiting for Hafizah's wedding pictures, you can click here or just click ' MyClientsMemento ' link above for the update. Late update..just remember about it last night. I attended a meeting yesterday. It was about the safety day of Shell and we were presented with slides on 'Do the right thing'. There was a video about how important to always do the right thing regardless of the obstacles. Then our manager was sharing about some example from his own experience the night before where he happened to smell a very strong petrol from one of the motorcycle

Family Potraiture

It's 1.05 in the morning. I was watching the Twillight after it has been in the disk for about months. Just felt want to watch it and got stucked into it. I was uploading the remaining pictures of Zaffar and his parents. It seems, there's alerady 4 views on them. Hmm..was that you Marlena??checking on my flickr for your pictures??ehehehe..Well, as wanted here are they.. Remember my banner about the family potrait photography session?? Well, it didn't really happen as it should. I arrived at the bazaar around 12 noon. Unfortunately, the organizer, my friend wasn't there. He had to bring Zaffar to the clinic. I wasn't sure what to do and no one came to me. Well, it's not that they know or notice me as someone who should be taking pictures for the bazaar's 'family potrait' event. Maybe I should have my own corner with a banner saying 'family picture here' or something like that. But still cool though. I just wanted to see Zaffar anyway. They a

Behold the Godfather!!!

Hehehe..Any ressemblance?? Of course No!! Someone would be looking for me with a shortgun if he looks like me..ahahaha!!! Here comes Zaffar and his self-claimed Godfather..ahaha!! If only Zaffar was looking at the camera and smile, it would be a very nice picture ever taken..ekeke. Managed to meet this cute little toddler last weekend when I went to the Afair Weekend bazaar at Soho mont Kiara. Seriously, I would never knew there's this place with a various selection of restaurants and dining place just behind an apartment area. Zaffar didn't recognize me earlier. He didn't want to be carried by me. But my fatherly aura is so overwhelming..(ahahaha). Just managed to play with him and carried him the whole time. Kissed his fluffy cheek once in a while. He laughed when I played peek-a-boo with him while we were in the car going to where my bike was parked. Arrr..dh nk balik baru gelak2..binci tauuu.. Ekeke..his parents are waiting for the pictures I bet. Ahaha!! Saja upload


Uhh..aku jadi pembunuh malam ni. Ye, aku baru je bunuh cencurut yg aku sebut2 kat entri sblum ni. Tikus yg macam ratatouille tu mmg aku tak jumpe dah. Tp cencurut ni mmg sll berlegar2 kat umah aku..kitorg tgok je selama ni. Tp sepandai2 cencurut menyuruk, akhirnya jatuh ke dalam baldi sampah akhirnya. Aku perasan dia ada dlm baldi tu 2-3 hari lepas. Upanya mmg takleh kuar. Dh bincg ngan housemate cara nk bunuh. titis minyak panas la..air panas la..ikat msuk terus dlm sampah la..jemur la..last2 ari ni aku mmg takleh tahan tekanan dok ingat menatang tu ada dlm tu..aku terus tekad nk bunuh. Aku tgok tadi pn menatang tu tgh cuba nk way. Aku terus capai panyapu..guna buntut batang dia hentak. Kena je dia nyorok. Aku lepak wat kerja aku..nampk lg kuar aku hentak2. pas dia kuar bunyi cittt citt..akhirnya mati pas aku hentak 3-4 kali. Ni tgh nk kuarkan dr baldi tu masuk plastik terus buang. Ye..aku kejam!!! Mood rajin pn tetiba kicked in. Aku baru abihkn basuh segala baju yg per

What the??

Reached my office a bit late. It's all because of the waiting. First, I was waiting and watching the Men's Single Wimbledon Final last night between Roger Federer and Andy Roddick. Damn, both of them are so good. They couldn't break each other's serve making the points always in a tie. I was so sleepy and the last thing I know, I woked up after a while and saw Federer holding a trophy. I guess he won finally. But I don't know what is the points for the game. Secondly, while watching the game, my housemates and I were waiting for our housemate, Pagoh. He went to his hometown and we were hoping he would bring rambutan, mangosteen and durian for us. And the arrival was worth waiting..hehehe. Pagoh came home with a big plastic of rambutan which I think weight around 10 kilos, 6 durians and around 2 kilos of mangosteen. Ehehehe. So nice..Really worth waiting. It was my 2nd durian I've ate after the first one I bought for my future in-law. Ekekeke. But last night


Huuu...just finished the three of the albums that I've mentioned in my previous entries. I'm feeling soooo spacious n free. I can browse all I want and edit some old pictures to be uploaded in my flickr. I was watching 'Kontrak Cinta' while waiting for Final Men Wimbledon Tournament. Serena won against Venus just now. Ahh..I was supposed to be having a nice day with Cembam..arr..I didn't text a single message today to her. It's like I purposely forget about her for the whole day. Hehehe..Eh!! I just got a text message from Cembam!!! Akakakaka..Like she knows that I was talking about her. Huhuhu!! Going to wash my laundry later. I always shut my bedroom door close recently. I always keep on seeing a small furry creature that looks the same as the main character of ratatouille, except this tiny one is not blue. Damn. I dont have the guts to kill it. Huu..So, I have to make sure my bedroom door remains closed to make sure it won't sneak into my room mess up m

Weekend getaway??It's more like weekendPlan is getting away

Friday..Supposedly, I'm at my friend's house in Kuantan and getting ready to fetch Cembam from her rented house, ask her to bring me to the best beach around Kemaman, have our lunch bla bla bla. Well, it was just the plan yet Allah is the one with the final say. We have planned it weeks ago that I would visit Cembam after my office hour yesterday by driving there. I've sent my car to the shop to check the engine, even tell my mum that I'm going there. TL approached me yesterday saying that this morning, we would have a meeting with the manager. Arrr..I hope he will attend the meeting, my manager. If not..arrrr!!! This is the 2nd time, my plan was rather ruined or thwarted by unexpected event. Sigh**. Ok, before anyone would speculate anything, I didn't have any ill intention ok. Just wanna visit my fiancee whom I never phone since our engagement...errr..I think I did..emm..twice I think., I thought it would be nice to spend time with her, wat

Converted?? For the sake of love??How long it would last?

It was raining heavily this early morning. Well, I think. Coz I could listen to the taps on my roof from my sleep. Once awake, I phoned my colleague asking the KL weather and kicked off from my home. Thanks to the raincoat, I am still wet eventhough I was wearing it. Didn't manage to get connected last night because of my tennis session. We started at 10p.m as most of the courts were fully utilized. A great session anyway. I think my backhand is improving a lot. =] I want to share about a horrific incident happened to my english teacher's auntie. We chatted for quite an hour one night. The thing about religion came up in our chat after I asked her my curiosity whether christianity has the same "syurga bawah tapak kaki suami" and "syurga bawah tapak kaki ibu". Based on what she knows, they don't have this kind of teaching. Then the chat went bigger. My teacher told me that her aunt converted and embraced Islam and married to a muslim guy. However after

Wardina and her treatment

Today seems so free and spacious!! I skipped my lunch today for the sake of Wardina. I was gliding through the air with her one day around 130km/h when Wardina suddenly seemed to slow down suddenly while I was still squeezing and pulling the throttle to it's max. It was like you are riding up a hill kind of feeling except you were not. The next day, Wardina could only pulled off 120km/h downhill and she got worse when she could barely managed to reach 100km/h. I've checked the engine oil, her fuel was even V-power. I was getting worried. Hence, I brought her to a 'spa' at SUngai Buloh. Yamaha Center during lunch just now. Took the number and explained to the guy what was my problem. There was a sitting area where you could watch the Astro, and take a cool drink at the corner of the area. The other sitting area is where you could watch your bikes were being fixed by the mechanics. There's a counter-like office space where they hang the names of everyone where you c