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Happy Birthday Mom!!!

When I was circumcised at the age 10, Mom was the one who look after me dearly. I was so a crybaby back then and would easily cry whenever someone or something touched my over-wrapped dick and inflicted that cold pricking pain to it. Mom would hurriedly came after me caressing my hair to comfort me.  At night I slept in my Mom's kelambu (mosquito net) next to her. When I awake in the middle of the night and looking at my mom's back, it really touched my heart and I cried as much as I could but as silent as I managed to.  I prayed to Allah at that moment to give my mom happiness and let me take care of her as how he did to me when the time comes coz I really love her.  Mom.. Despite of the hardship that you've endured.. The low education that you ever get... The effort that you've poured to us your children... The tears and the laughters... The bitter experience along your marriage.. We just hope along the years of your life, we've managed to put up as muc

Cradle, stroller and car-seat = 2 pieces of Federer racquet =='

Having a siesta or you might familiar to call it a nap, a doze-off a simple plain 'sleep' is one hard task for my Asytar at this stage. His medium sized not big not sepet would open wide everytime his siesta is disturbed by any clinking sounds of the fry pan or a loud thud coming from outside whenever the neighbours is shutting down their doors. He's sensitive to sound around him and got awake pretty easy. Somehow we ended up buying him a cradle. The old school version but with its own frame coz we dont have any place to put up a hook for the spring at our place. And we bought him a stroller that comes with its own baby car-seat too. How was it happened? I don't know. It happened too fast, we were looking for a diapers, then we walked upstairs browsing through the variety of strollers and next thing I know, I'm signing down the card credit receipt (=='). But it's worth to see him soundly sleeping in that cradle where we have to put a huge pillow as the bas

Al-Aqsa dan secebis sejarah

Tadi aku lepak2 kat blog fotografi aku yang dah lama tak apdet...almaklumlah lama dah tak buat job wedding. Tak dapek le nak apdet nye. Gambar lain sure masuk blog utama ni dulu kan..ekekekeke. Jadi aku belek satu komen baru ni dia tulis; "Ni bukan masjid al-aqsa masjid Fatimah Az-Zahra" Owh..aku terus cek entri aku tu; Ini lah gambar yang aku amek tu. Aku letak caption Masjid Al-Aqsa. Well gambar ni aku amek kat Taman Tamadun Islam Kuala Terengganu. Aku amek gambar masjid2 dia je tak pulak tefikir nak ambil gambar signboard dia sebab memang tak kenal setiap satu. Jadi aku google dapat kebanyakan imej yang mengatakan ni Masjid Al-Aqsa. Lepas tanya2 dan google imej, baru la aku tau yang ni sah-sah bukan Masjid Al-Aqsa. Ada sumber kata ini Masjid Fatimah Az-Zahra, ada sumber kata Masjid Al-Sakhrah. Tapi yang paling popular depa tulis Dome of Rock je. Sempena batu besar dalam masjid ni. Kata adik ipar aku pulak ramai yang salah faham selama ni. Al-Aqsa tu sebenarn

Milk time

Wow~~~ Seriously I don't really have time to blog this week. This new project is a feasibility study that requires me to analyze the given issues from every perspective so that our report would cover almost every inches of the scenarios and a vast choices of possible solution. Hmmm.. That's for this week's office life~~ Xiyad? Yeah..Xiyad is a-month today!!! Yeay!! He's been getting longer, growing but his body doesn't change much. Slim like his dad. His cheeks are fluffier and he needs milk more and more. Last night I really really had to try giving him formula milk. My Mom has been advising me to give him bottle milk but I really want Xiyad to breastfeed as long as he could. But I pity Cembam coz everytime after 40minutes breastfeeding session and he was dozing off, but when Cembam put him on the bed, less than 30 minutes he would open his eyes, moving here and there and starts crying again. And we rub our fingers under his lips, he gave us the sign that

My first stressful day ever

OMA..I'm so sleepy. Last night routine was a bit messed simply because I watched football final between Indonesia and Malaysia till the last penalty kick like most of you did and the next thing you know, it's already 12A.M!!  I put Xiyad into bed and he was already wearing his diaper for 4 hours. (We keep track on hours of using coz we dont want Xiyad wearing the same diaper for too long). In the middle of the night he shrieked and cried for milk. Usually I would change the diapers first but I was sooo sleepy last night. When Cembam patted me to change his diapers, I just said " ngantuk " and luckily after breastfed, Xiyad back to sleep. But U know when your mind was set "alaa..anak tak tukar lagi lampin", your sleep was a bit messed. Your subconscious keep telling you to wake up everytime I heard Xiyad's voice and after a couple of pejam-celik, at 5A.M Xiyad was crying. But a soft one. I felt totally awake, ON the light and started to change his diape

There's always 'bad wind' blowing whether you do the bad thing or the good thing

Satruday is passing by the way that I didn't actually plan it would. But you can never stop the time huh? My Mom came last night to see her 2nd grandson for the 2nd time.'s always a magical moment everytime Mom handles her grandchild. Xiyad or Nahdan would surely just quiet and make some gestures without a bit of a cry at all. Even thigs that usually made them cry, but when they are handled by my Mom, they are like so happy to be handled by their grandma =) I was so sleepy today right after Mom and my sis leaved our house I took a nap till 12 noon and hurriedly went to Amer Restaurant to buy us lunch. Hehehe. But I just bought a fairly adequate portion of lunch coz I really wanna cook those 'barang basah' that I bought last Wednesday. Plus, I can save a bit money. Well, I've been sharing lots of my own green-experience as a new father here in my blog. But I just want to make 1 thing straight ok!! I'm not sharing it here to show you how great of a f

Better late than never know your talent

When I was a kid, soccer or football was surely an old-time game that I enjoyed so much. I mean, there's not so much options left to play as a kid with your peers though and in a bigger group. Soccer was always the uniting medium. You can't play 'baling selipar', zero-point, hide and seek, badminton (coz I never had a racquet till I bought it with my own saved money when I was 14) or 'Jadi jadi'. I mean yah you can play them to kill your every evening with your sisters, brothers and the neighboring kids. But if we talk about a GAME, a proper sport, then soccer it was. When I was 9, during the PE session my teacher asked us to kick the ball and he was the goalkeeper. Most of my friends kicked the ball trying to score as hard as they could. At that time we were like " pergh..terrer nya Cikgu Mokhtar jadi Keeper ". Then Cikgu rolled the ball to me and asked me to try. I was getting ready, but then I smirked and said " eh taknak la " and aske

Too many lies would hurt when you r actually telling the truth

I'm still thinking whether to go to the office after lunch or just spend the whole day working from home. Hmmm..But today I could see how things are at home during my working day with Asytar. He really is giving a hard time to Cembam. Ye lah, after he's full, he would or he might doze off. But sekejap sangat. If Cembam is in the middle of something, berak ke, mandi ke...she wont manage to finish..dh meraung that little Xiyad Asytar. Just now when he was crying like that I tried tukar lampin cam OK plak diam. But then nangis lagi. Even sometimes after breastfed taknak tido. Tak tido senyap takpe...Ni keep on crying la plak. Huhuhuhu~~~ Cek kembung pn sudah, macam OK. Haishh...Satu hal plak la Ayah and Mak nk try to understand what you really need =p. paaa la ayah ngan mak ni..takkan sy nak cakap " eiii..tak kuasa ada taik kat bontot..lap please.. " sbb sy takleh ckp nangis je laa...hahahahahaha!!! Ni ni aku confuse and concern skit. Yelah, dalam beri speechless Wednesday

Zarina Ann Julie or Anjoulie Lavocah latest update on her FHM page spreads. Ramai yang maki2 dia tapi dia jawab " haram le time tgok dok gosok2 bebird gak kan? Tak senonoh " Ngahahaha!!! Ada betulnya..(eh tp aku tak gosok bebird yeee) kome dok kutuk2 tapi cari n google gak nk tgok..Bagi aku no komen je. Cumanya kontra la dengan citer sebelum ni; Untuk aku? Dedah la macam mana pun..aku enjoy je the view..ahahahahaha!!! pics credit to google image search

Pantang kat sini je sudahnya

Yep!! Cembam & Xiyad dah ada sini dah. Merasa la pantang almost 2 minggu kat Ganu..hehehe. After careful consideration, but you could say a very impulsive one decision, we agreed utk habiskan pantang kat sini je. Salah satu main sebab is aku kena menumpang lagi rumah adik aku kat S.Alam tu sebab takkan nak dok berdua ngan adik ipar aku. Jarak nak gi keja jadi makin jauh bila Cembam rasa macam a bit struggling masa kat Ganu nak nak plak time tu Xiyad baru stat meragam asal celik nangis asal nangis nyusu, lama plak tu, asal nyusu berak, asal berak nangis, asal nangis celik mata, asal celik lapar..haaa..gitu le kitarannya. So bila Cembam rasa bila ngan aku at least tgh malam tu aku yg selalu tukar lampin and masa tunggu dia leh tido2 dulu and just celik nak susukan anak je kan. Jadi dia ada lebih masa skit la utk tido. Kira bila ada aku cut in half le task lebih half? hehehe. Memang kalau ikut aku dari awal aku prefer pantang sini je. Cuma masalahnya bila aku keje,

Jaring Mandi Baby

Aku tak tau apa depa panggil jaring ni punya official name kalau korang nak cari kat kedai kalau sebut kat org kedai tu " jaring utk mandi " kompem depa paham kot. Jaring ni makcik Su aku yang bagi. Aku memang takde problem nak mandikan anak aku n yakin je nak pusing sana pusing sini masa mandi, tp dengan adanya jaring ni...memang lah lagi mudah keje aku. Kalau dulu aku letak air dalam bath tub dia ni. Skang takde dah..skang aku letak air dlm baldi, bath tub kosong. Jadi bila letak Xiyad atas ni, aku boleh curah air terus atas dia. So air mandian dia lagi terjamin bersih dari cedok tangan air dr bath tub n alir kat dia kan. And kalau Xiyad shi shi time mandi ni, aku tak kisah pn kencing dia jatuh dlm tub ni sebab air mandian dia dari baldi bukan dari tub tu dh. Haa..kalau takde jaring ni payah skit la nk wat camtu dengan baby yg ko kena handle really careful kan, tengkuk tak kuat lagi. Boleh tapi susah skit. And jaring ni lagi laaa sangat membantu kat parents ya

Bai'atul Ridhwan and Hudaibiyah Agreement

Awwww~~~~ A nice moment captured by Cembam from one of the shots taken during my last evening with Xiyad before taking my flight. He was like communicating with me while I was trying to put him into sleep with Selawat Shifa' as a lullaby.  Kecoh la since last night about today's gorgeous date of 11.11.11. Well, it really is a nice date and the fact that it falls on Friday surely gonna make a huge numbers of Tok Kadi out there being called to perform the sacred akad nikah for those loving couples all over the continent. Selamat Menikah to all yah~~ I'm working from home today because after Friday prayer, my company is holding a townhall session where the attendance is a compulsory. My manager approved for me to attend it, well honestly I prefer if he didn't approve it though. Ahahahahaha!!! This time it's gonna be held at MAS academy ke apa at Kelana Jaya. Last 2 weeks' khutbah was a nice one. Me being one of those who could hardly open my eyes throughout

The chores of the handsome Daddy

Arriving home after work yesterday is like being a vampire which needs to enter his coffin for years of slumber. Not even a sound of a fly could be heard. The fading smell of the flowers bouquet that I received last week is becoming weaker every passing minutes. But I just gonna wait till they all dried up before throwing them away. At the living room, 2 pieces of (pieces ke?) mattresses that we laid in front of the television to ease Cembam to do her daily activities last week are still there. Xiyad's rubber mattress folded in two (ke into two?) with a colourful polka-dot cover was like projecting a live-view replay of Xiyad lying on moving his hands and legs doing rotations and all kind of shapes. *mode feeling rindu2an* Hehehe..this was one of the chores that I handled last week. Folding the dried clothes while Xiyad was on my lap. We tried not to put him on our laps too often coz it might spoil him and it's gonna be troublesome if he keeps on wanting to be treated like t

Improve the service rather than your FA outfit please Air Asia!!

When I was riding my bike this morning towards cyberjaya, even in that mamai mode, the flashes of Xiyad crying, shrieking and disturbed by my mustache kept on appearing like a passive slideshow =(. I guess I need to remind myself that my happy time on leave for almost 2 weeks has just ended and I'm back in this cozy chilling working space trying to catch up things and draft my plan for this 1+ month and deliver things that have been entrusted to me in this new project. Bhasya!!!! Air Asia - Now everyone can fly!!! Yep, we need to admit after AA was being introduced to the world, most of us are now have had the experience of flying yah? Cembam sometimes took AA flight going back to Ganu or coming back from there. And most of the time the flight always delayed. So when I was waiting along with the other passengers for our flight to arrive, the clock has already passed the appointed time but the door or the gate remained closed and there was nothing in the LCD screen showing anyth

Nak tinggal Xiyad dahhh

Most of you should have already started your work as usual after last Monday's carry forward Raya Haji holiday right? As for me, my flight leaving Xiyad Asytar in the care of his Mom for a month-pantang would be tonight at 9P.M. Hmmm..a few hours more left. Gonna miss Xiyad for the days ahead. My plan is simple. I would go out and play as much as I want..heee..So I could spend more time doing some things rather than alone at home and thinking of how my son is doing =(. Takpela, Cembam seems to be getting better on handling him. Just now I taught how to put on the bedung for Xiyad. Ok la..just that she's gonna be by herself in the midnight at 3A.M when Xiyad would wake up looking for milk. Usually we would change his diapers as well and I would be the one doing it. Now, it's all up to her. Some has already teased me that I would be coming in weekly basis to visit Xiyad. But the thing is that there are wedding kenduri every week which are of my close friends and surely I

Pantang Ganu

The strong wind is blowing into our 6th floor apartment while the astro is airing Indonesian soap opera, an afternoon routine of Cembam. Xiyad Asytar is sleeping back after his breastfeed session with both of his hands pointing upwards next to his ears looking like a body builder showing off his excessively built biceps. Yesterday was Cembam's last session of her massage and for 3 days session, we paid RM240. It appears that this masseurs has her own 3-storeys rented building to accommodate her nursery and massage business. So the service charge is quite standard - RM80 per day. But we don't really know any other nenek or makcik who knows about 'urut peranakan', hence the most important thing is to have Cembam massaged. Our flight to ganu was 8P.M. Some of the luggage like the baby's stuffs, the laptops and some of the camera gear have already been packed and brought to Terengganu by car one day earlier. Thanks to my SIL for driving them home. So we only have a

Fountain of Youth

Hee..Now finally I have time for myself when both the mother and the boy are sleeping =p I'm on leave for this week until after Raya Haji next week. So, I can't share something happened at the Garden office coz I'm not working now or I can't share about the current sale promotion at Mid Valley because I didn't have lunch there can I? So I guess I wanna write about me being at home taking care of these 2 precious gems of mine lo. Ekekeke. Ok enough with the introduction just to make sure you guys understand that I just have to share something aobut Xiyad Asytar coz I don't have any other options!! Ahahahahaha!! I think they call this outfit rompers. This is the only outfit that fits Xiyad nicely. There's a set of 5 pieces, a gift from my best friend Nora. Xiyad looks so small in this outfit. Hehehe..the glove and the socks will always be oversize for him. I think after pantang he's gonna be lot bigger and when any of you gonna visit him, he's g