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Wintercation Kimichi Land Part 6 - Namsan Tower, SBSC Animation Center, Hangang Cruise

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Wintercation Kimichi Land Part 5 - Seoul Zoo, Lotte World

 Day 2 of using our DSP, we went to Seoul Grand Zoo. I googled around and saw the price for Lift 2-times + Zoo is RM51. In the subway, there were many elders with their hiking gears that day. The Ahjumma cap sytle can be found all over the place. When we reached the station, it was like we were the only 'young' people. Hahahaha.  Turned out that Seoul Zoo is located just by the Seoul Grand Park where all these elders would spend their time hiking with friends. Some would just stroll and walk in the Zoo too. We redeemed our tickets for the entrance and 2-times sky lift. The sky lift is quite long. It moves really slow so you just enjoy the chilly wind and the view from up there. Turned out that the sky lift has a 2nd trail going further up. So we decided to take the 2nd trail going further up and plan to walk down inside the zoo. Geng2 Elders habiskan masa lapang Orang umah aku dok serung. terpaksa naik separate sebab max 1 lift tu 3 orang je Tu Theme Land dia tak silap. Tapi ka