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Dieypu on someone else's hands

Really bored plus irritated having to finish the online web training which I've told you in my previous entry. Most of the things have already at the back of my serebrum..Still, I need to go through one by one of the steps and completed it. Argghhh..iritating.. To go to the next module takes a lot of time as well...slow...arghhh..But I really need to complete it cob today coz I've already needed to solve some tickets... My housemate's colleague wanted to rent my dieypu for two days as he's going to Terengganu. Well, it's a really heavy thing to let dieypu go to someone else's hands..but maybe that's the only way to attract him to buy my dieypu..ehehe.. I rent it for Rm60 coz Rm10 will be given to my housemate as mark-up fee..ahaha!! I'm gonna miss dieypu. If he dares to do any il-intention to Dieypu..I'm gonna kick his ass.

Fariz and Hawa Wedding

As I was really occupied with the web training which is must and mandatory to every new person joining HRIT team with a 2 days-a-week training at the main office on top of that, I couldn't manage to steal some time updating my blog I guess drafting it at home is the best way isn't it? As you already knew, I brought Cembam to my hometown meeting with my family adn along with that, attending my best friend's wedding. It's been a really nice day and suspend at the same time for me and Cembam. I dont really want to explain about it in detail...simply put, it was nice to introduced Cembam to my family but something can still be improved...hehe.. The theme for my best friend's wedding is purple for the bride's side and royal yellow fir the groom's side. I went to both of them. I managed to take some pics when my best friend was getting ready at the surau..Hawa was so beautiful that day and Fariz looked so Ladder 49..ehehe.. I tried using flash this time for

balik kmpung

Jom balik kampung!!! Usai shja dengan sibuk yg berpura2 ni, aku akan memandu pulang ke kampung dengan ditemani oleh 2 org adik aku dan si cembam. Walaupun stlh melalui masa2 yg sukar smlm dan konfrontasi hangat...akhirnya kami pulang ke kampung jua bersama2.. Aku perlu menjemput adik aku dr stesen LRT kerinchi pulang dr pejabat nanti. Kemudian jemput pula seorg lagi adik dr LRT bukit jalil. Kumpul di rumah bujang aku dan pulang ke kampung malam ini. sekurang2nya diharap perangkap laju tidak giat aktif gelap2 malam ini. Aku sudah 2 kali diperangkap dan terpaksa berdepan dgn pak polisi di kaunter senyum menerima duit...huuu Aku pulang ke kampung utk menghadiri kenduri kawan baik aku yg sama2 kena cubit sbb main bola sepak lepas smyg, yg sama2 mengadap guru besar sebab pecahkan lampu dengan bola dlm kelas, yg sama2 mengecek ustaz minta dipulangkan semula gasing kami yg dirampas...hehe..mmg memori kanak2 yg indah. Harapnya cembam rasa seronok la sepanjang di pnjg mana pn seben

New desk

Huhuu...I'm sitting at my new desk now..well actually just a temporary one which is belong to a person called Shah probably from the same support team. I dont really know the entire members from support team yet. I'm browsing through the web training and decided to post a new entry for today. Nothing great to share actually except that I'm bringing Cembam for the 2nd time to be introduced to my family. The only difference is that this time, it would be a complete family. My dad was asking and keep asking about her. So I think this is the best time to bring her home. I'm not going to play sepaktakraw as usual and taking shots today because my team are going for a dinner after this..Hehe..I think we are going to have it at Meridian hotel..I just hope the meals are so good...ehehe!! are some pics of the spikers in action...Hmmm..I think I've improved a lot in this area..hehe..Any comments? hehe!!! Ajis doing half-roll-kick Abg Zamri with his straight backst

Achoi's Wedding

I've known Achoi for about 2 years. I met him when I was trying to find a place to play sepak takraw around my new house after I moved from Minlon area to Puncak Jalil. I saw people playing in the evening when I ws riding my bike to the office. There began my new friendship with all of them. I reckoned during my first day joining them on the court that Achoi can really play as a feeder. Year after year, we played together every evening and become friends with a same passion on the sport along with the rest of them. Last Sunday, it was his best day of his life, his wedding which is held at Tanjung Kling Malacca. We surely planned to come to his wedding. We kicked off around 10a.m. I car pooled with Safari, one of our friends accompanied with his son, well actually his son insisted to come along. The left one is Safari's son...the one being the additional radio along the journey..and also the one 'bakar2' ayah dia suh bawak laju2.. "ayah..potong honda tu ayah!!&qu

Adjaay Berkk??

Yosh... I'm going to be officially out of testing team and move to support team. I'm not really sure whether it's the best choice to make, leaving the team lead post and trying a new post that requires U to be there at least for 3 years. Both of the posts have their own pro and cons..It's hard though to leave this post after I've been given a responsibility, trust by my manager, Kak Ti to do this task. Kinda let her down in a way. But I just thinking what best for me or at least what I thought is best for me. I've been in the project almost a year, so..I thought maybe by knowing everything about this project not only from the user-end perspective is a better prospect in the future. I just wanna try new things, new responsibility to challenge my capabilities..Bhasyaaa!!!! Ok..that's a bit about my career progress. I hope I would get a desk next to the window where I can gaze the clouds anytime I want.. I finally back on the court, playing my sport every eveni

Tag from Anne

Wokaih..Just finished doing some clean-up with the system as asked by our project manager just to make sure I won't leave the post with some unfinished business or some flaws here and there. I was tagged by Anne yesterday..ans she's already buzzing me in the comment box..kiki..Ok, not to let her sulks coz she's sensitive u know...n negative thinker as well..hahaha..I'm going to do the tag like right now.. 5 things U want as gifts?? Well, usually in real life, U just got presents from close person like ur partner, family maybe, colleague..well.different sources for different people to sum up. Ok..because I know none of u would give me any of the things I've listed I put the most expensive one first till the much cheaper one. Number 1 - CAR - Mitsubishi Lancer GTR. Actually if anyone wants to give me car..I would gleefully receive any kind any brand..huhu.. Number 2 - REFRIGERATOR Number Three - DSLR stuffz!! Number 4 - Laptop!! Last but not least - Mo

Insects and unrelated story

Letih membelek gambar2 kahwin minggu lepas??muahaha..minggu ni aku letak gambar selain gambar sanding la..huhu.. Ni gambar2 serangga yg sempat aku tenggong2 amik kt blkg umah..kala tunggu kakak aku kuar dr bilik air...huhu..aku mmg takde makro lense..guna la close-up filter..Aku baru je tahu cara menggunakan filter ni dgn efisyen..cewahh... Belalang ni kah yg disebut2 dlm cerita pak pandir tu?? Kongsi ramai2..tengok..tak kedek pn..kongsi ngan kaum lain lagi Kerengga pn pndi tutup muka bila ada org amik gambar??? Dibundarkan?? Malam itu kami rasa lapar...Baru sj blik dr bermain takraw petang itu. Rakan rumah aku berempat yg lain bru saja pulang dr bukit bintang berjalan2..selesai smyg maghrib kami ke restoran yg biasa kami pergi. Aku order sate ayam 20 cucuk. aku offer sorg 2 cucuk je pada rakan rumah yg lain. Tu pn ada yg amik satu je. Aku tak rasa kenyang weh..tak besar cam samuri punya mungkin...Lepas je abih makan, gosip2, kutuk2, gelak2...kami mintak kira. Maka dtg la anak tauke

Noratina + Rahmat

Ok..last pics of wedding for this week..=p. Its Noratina Abd Rahman and Rahmat (brother in law of Intan Azmira - to whom it may concern). Actually I didn't get the invitation, just get it from Intan. BUt I said..names will start slipping from your mind during this very big day of yours except u start listing down ur friend's names months before ur wedding. Atina is my primary school friend..well that is if u ask when I last spoke with her. Coz secondary school, different classes, I joined the school a year know..We trained together once back then for tilawatul Quran with Ustazah Zabedah. I just came for her akad nikah because the next day (the wedding ceremony), I need to go to Farahnaz's. Well, she invited me of priority to hers..huhu May Allah bless them with cute, well-behave kids and happily ever after even if her husband is going to marry second wife...As long as she always happy..right... More pictures in my fotopages ; http://s

Wedding 2

Anda pasti muak lihat gambar2 aku kali ini kan...??kan kan??tiap hari aku update gambar baru..muahaha!! ye la..musti yg gi kenduri tu nk tgok gambar kan..aku sgt memahami perasaan menunggu gambar dr, aku pun upload la secepat mungkin. Lagi pula skang tengah masa free yg sgt besh gila..tu yg laju je aku soalan2 dr masy dan akira..korg gi amik link dr gambar mosaic aku wat kat hugelabs tu ke??mmg tk dpt tgok cik puan...u all kena ke flickr trus mcm besa. Tp kali ni aku dh jadikan mosaic entry sblum ni linked pada fotopages aku..coz ada gambar2 kawan2 aku kat situ yg aku tk msuk kan dlm flickr atas sebab2 mosaic yg ni aku tak link coz sume ada kat flickr. first time aku experiment wat link pada gambar..jadi pula..mekacih pada Farah Y yg memberi inspirasi..jap lg nk tiru dia..edit gambar icon sendiri dlm photoshop..yiehaa Kenduri yg ni..aku tk sempat nk amik gambar sangat la...tgh mkn pengantin dtg..basuh tgh gi snap2..sambung balik..wah

The wedding 1

As everyone has already know..Last week or precisely last weekend, I went home for various purposes. Enjoying my short break, Wan Hayati maintenance and attending my friends' wedding. Originally I only know about one wedding of my childhood friend, Shahr!na. Her house is just next to mine..well, our houses are separated by a big orchard of palm trees..but technically just next to mine. But on the way back home, the news keep coming in and it happened that for Saturday, 2 weddings of my friends - Zharif and Shahrina and on Sunday another 2 which are Farahnaz's and Atina's. Whoaaa!! 4 of my friends in 2 days!! There are another 2 weddings of my friend this month. One of them is my best friend - Fariz's and I'm looking forward to takse serious pictures during his wedding. I'll also apply AL for that..Well, two that I know for now..huhu!! But I couldn't snap nice pics actually. Especially for the sunday's wedding because of the scorching sun..bad timing, too

Kampung ku sudah berjayaa..

Aku dlm kegelapan...meniarap menghadap laptop sambil ayah di sebelah menonton TV. Cahaya dr laptop dan TV ini shaja lah yg memberi sinaran pada ruang tamu ini. Kami bergelap kerana sang laron (kelkatu) ralit berterbangan di luar rumah sambil mendekati sumber2 cahaya..Lampu di luar dipasang dan kami bergelap di dalam. Pun begitu, sang laron masih menerjah skrin laptop dan tv di dalam. Aku masih ingat tika kami kecil, belum berpindah dn masih tinggal di rumah tua penuh misteri dulu. Jika sang kelkatu mula berterbangan dengan rakan2 di dlm rumah, akan kami padam semua lampu dan menyalakan pelita yang diletakkan di tengah2 talam berisi air. Kami adik beradik akan baring, meniarap atau duduk mengelilingi talam td sambil melihat sang Laron ini terbang ke arah pelita...ada yang terbakar, ada yang terus menjunam karam di dlm air sblum smpi ke sumber cahaya. Macam kita manusia lah...sudah tahu yg itu salah, yg itu merbahaya, yg itu membawa duka, yg itu menjauhkan diri kita dr kita t

short holidays!!

Hye guys!! Happy Labour day!!! Hopefully all of u guys are in front of your PCs, spending time with ur kids, hubbies, wives planning to hang out later and most important, not working this very day!! But I know, some of U might just working like usual today..well, maybe that's becoz u are not a labour..a CEO maybe...ehehe.. Sorry Cembam for our ruined plan to meet ur dad and visit Ganu, watching and experiencing how to 'candat sotong', breathing the beach air. Due to the first say that ur class or whatever it is, is ON like usual on Friday, we've already bypass the idea of going to ur hometown together... SO, here I am, at my hometown trying to enjoy my short holiday..huhu!! I really hope Cembam would tag along..but I completely understand, my sis as well that Cembam would be shy and not comfortable to stay 3 nights at my home..and her mild fever on top of it. My home. The lower concrete level - thanks to our belove Kak Wa. She used up all of her KWSP for it and for th