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first attempt

I have a new hobby or passion now...Not replacing any hobby that I have, but just adding into the collection...nyeh nyeh. I likw to play with PS now. yup..photoshop. Not for editting my pictures only, but try to transform them to a sort of more meaningful things. Like album, or storyboard..or poster. Something like that.. I start to play with the brush more seriously..looking at others' custom album made for their client's wedding day and so on. As my housemate who once played DOTA with me every night he came home early is so busy with his upcoming marriage giving him less time to play DOTA with me, I found this new passion will fill up my entire night!! So, I spent almost 2 hours sorting and managing all the brushes I've downloaded from the net to make it simpler to me. I named the collection with my own format..tadaaa..I have a nice brushes set now..ehehe.. So, for my first experiment...I use my friend's name. I kinda design the cover for their engagement photo alb


Sarina's wedding last Sunday has been another medium for us, brotherhood of SUAyens to gather and meet each others. A lot of topics, gossips and laughs filling the atmosphere for 2 hours. Another one of our friend stepping into marriage world of challenges and patiences..hehehe The brides and the grooms have already in the middle of filling their stomach with the fancy arranged fired prawns, decorated watermelon and other dishes for them. We kinda miss the Sanding event. Hehehe..There were 2 couples that day. saja2 try wat2 ala magazine.tau..tak sama cam magazine...aku wat cincai boncai je..ehehe The bride and the groom were also very busy with the relatives. We didn't get the nice chance to get a picture together. So while waiting those girls above smiling and posing on the pelamin. Everyone was trying to get the blessing from the pelamin..ahaha!! Well surely my face wouldn't be in the picture. Menunggu giliran dengan debaran ni After a while, (well..not that while coz

chit chat monday

Assalamualaikum everyone...May you guys blessed by Him to achieve everything you've been longing to..=] Just had my lunch with Ayman and our project manager.We talked a lot about the roads and directions here in KL for any optional rpads we could take to shorten the distance, time and fuel consumption and most important factor - traffic jam. We also talked about tips to save ur fuel. To share with u guys...just treat ur half tank meter as empty starting now. I've been practicing this for months and it really saved a lot more for more kilometers. When you filled your tank full, there would be less space for the petrol to vaporize, less space for the petrol to shake here and there making it more and more vaporize. I know most of U heard that if you full up your tank, it would be heavy so more force to drive your car. Aiyoo..your full tank just like having one doesn't effect much. Trust me..treat your half tank meter as empty..and full up your tank after that.

Bye Cembam

Friday~~~~ I'm going to Ulu Yam tomorrow. There will be a small outing with others from fotopages community. We gonna meet at Petronas Giant Batu Caves. Anyone wants to tag along. Just dont bother the words 'fotopages community', it's just an outing. Killing 2 birds with one stone. You guys can enjoy the chilling stream and after finished we can go somewhere laa We might go for sighseeing around the kite flying area and shoot some pics of us at Batu caves. I've never been there I tell you., is it attracting enough..COme!!The more the merrier!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hmm~~~ Wanna type bout something else. I think I've already told you and you that Cembam has just finished her Teaching course about 2 months ago and was waiting for the posting result. Well the result has already out. And guess what..she got posted in Terengganu. Huhuhu..we gonna be apart starting now. I wond

Just an update

Update!!! Huhuhu..Lately I felt so tired whenever I reached my room. I felt sleepy and sometimes I dont even bother my dinner..It's because I didn't go for a sport the past few days. Had meetings around 5 p.m which surely dragged till 6.30.So, I wont make it to the court or even if I make it, I could only play for one round. it's not worth with the speed and rempit I need to do. I just finished editting all my first outdoor shoot. Not a very big editting done, just play with the colours. But some pictures is a bit dark when I uploaded it to flickr. Nevermind, I'll replace it if I have time. You can check it out (if you are interested of course) here . Mana lah tahu guys want me to frame your precious moments..ehehe I just finished a meeting with my project's consultants from Netherlands who are here for I dont know how long. Sometimes the pronunciation when you speak is kinda funny especially if you misheard it. It will become an entirely different meani

wedding Kak Long and Zam

Kak Long dan Zam Assalamualaikum and good morning everyone of youuu!!! Monday comes as being told by Him on time like usual. And just like every other mondays, we always feel the holiday is not enough for us. The laundry is not even washed yet. The bushes getting wilder on the backyard..hoping for another day of holiday. Last saturday was my first full-cover for wedding photography. I tagged along a friend of a friend of mine doing the job to get the real on-field experience..what to expect, the dos and don'ts and a lot more aspects to be taken seriously while doing wedding photography. It's a really thrilling experience especially the first morning, the first shot I was going to snap. I felt so shyyyy when the event was about to start. I was always think that I'm just someone who tag along, not the real photographer and making my move so limited.. After akad nikah..We had a short session around the mosque. This time, I learnt something..'interaction'. To get the s


My new profile's picture. Nyeh2..The pacak2 picture before has been used more than a year...It's time for a new pic. (Not sure la still looks like Zizan ke??) Nyeh nyeh..It's Friday, another week passed in our job life. Making it closer and closer to Ramadhan. I haven't fast for any single day for Rejab..Yes, I admit..I'm so not so fond of fasting. During my secondary years..I always came to school with the intention of fasting, this one was so easy as my family rarely had a breakfast before going to school. But after school, if I went to the pekan, definitely I would break my fast because of the rojak buah..ahaha!!! I think if Ramadhan fasting is just a sunnah, I might never fast in my whole life..nyiahaha!! Hmm..I just changed my profile picture..this is the 2nd picture..Yaa..I just feel like to change it yesterday..or this week? I kinda post a lot of my own picture this week ah?? Hmm it because of the publicity-syndrome??Ngeh ngeh.. You remember last year

tag dari mak su

Aku pun tk pasti apa ke nama tag ini. Tp yg daku tahu..aku di tag oleh Mak Su kita...maka kita buat le yeee.. Nama timangan oleh org tersayang : 1) Cik Abang - Makcik yg bg nama aku tu panggil.Smpi skang 2) Anul - oleh kawan2 dan juga cikgu fizik aku..ehehe 3)Tabu - Nama floor aku dpt masa dok Kolej Tun Dr Ismail UPM dulu. Senior aku Kicap yg bg. Nama panjang dia?? Ta rikan Kal bu percaya tak???ahahaha Hmm..tiga ni je aku rasa and tiga2 masih digunakan. Anda seorang yang : 1) kacak...buleh? Ahahaha...sapa lagi nk kata ko kacak selain diri sendiri..nyiahaha 2) Sgt sensitif pada hal2 yg sgt terntentu. 3) Dgt flexibel. AKu leh jadi mcm2 jenis orang, bergantung pd suasana. Aku suka diam sbb aku sll menghiburkan suasana..bila aku diam sume kata aku ada problem..padahal..tu slh satu sikap aku..hehe Insan Teristimewa : Hmmm....yg ni payah plak nk jawab. Aku tak pernah rasa ada yg teristimewa..camne ek? Marah cembam baca..ahaha..maksud aku..sume istimewa dlm

A bit about us and others

Sebenarnya aku tidak rasa mahu mencoret kisah kami di sini sbb kami sgt pemalu tp comey orangnya..nyiahaha!! Tetapi mlm tadi aku selongkar folder2 lama di komputer riba aku dan terjumpa semula gambar ini. Dan aku pula sedang mahu mencuba teknik orton yg aku belajar dr gambar2 yg dimuatnaik oleh mereka2 di luar sana. 7 Julai lepas sebenarnya genap 2 tahun kami gitu2an..haaa..Tp kalau masa mula2 kenal, lebih awal dari itu. Aku saja pilih 7 julai 2 tahun lepas sbb senang skit nak ingat. Kalau lupa gak mmg begik tahap mamat kacak la aku. Nyiahaha!! Tp tahun ni tak mcm tahun lepas yg kitorg masing2 beli sandal nike dan makan dekat resipi rahsia. Owkh..cembam bg aku minyak wangi kedaibadan. Aku belikan dia kasut sukan power yg dh pun hilang..kawan adik dia pinjam.. Tahun ni, Cembam kat kampung. Baru abih belaja lg, sbb nk ajar budak yg nk belajar. Dia tgh dok umah mak ayah dia,abihkan beraih...tembamkan pipi dan main badminton konon nak kuar peluh dan sihat...Nyiahahaha!! Takpe cembam..terus


I'm watching SIndarela online..the last week's episode. I missed it last week for joining my friend to bowl. I like this drama. I'm not the type of person who really follow malay drama...not being cynical or condemning malay drama..but I just sick of the repeated stupidity in the scripts. But Sindarela is different. The script is rather out of the box. The scenes, the roles are creative. I like this new least for now. I need to be here for at least 3 years. A lot of things might happen all those years. Nyehehe..hopefully I would always feel relax and happy working at my own desk here, well eventhough I don't have my own name at my desk yet. The most important thing is like I always emphasized "enjoy your life and your job". There are a lot of ways to do it..nyeh nyeh nyeh!! But for sure, I have my own time to even read novel during my work and watch Sindarela tell me ain't that great!!!

Drizzling on Monday morning

Just came back from my prayer. My credit limit expired today asking another RM30 from my wallet balance for the credit top-up. I sat at the corridor of the lobby to feel the chilling breeze of the drizzling monday enjoying the pattern of every drops of the rain..Everytime there's a rain, I always remember a quote saying that every drop of it comes with an angel or a malaikat and it's one of the best time to pray. So there I sat praying..'s ur weekend guys??!!!! Friday evening, I went for the first training with the cyberjaya sport club for the praparation of MIri's Shell sport's day..huhu!! My colleague introduced me to them right after he eavesdropped me saying that I play sepak takraw every evening. Well, not all of them can play decently but they got spirit I would say. Hence, by Allah's permission..I might have a chance for a free travel to Sarawak..yeaaa!!!Hehehe!! Hope nothing else would thwart the plan. I went for swimming with

Weekend comes around again

Picnic anyone?? Weekend comes around again. We kinda feel like last weekend is just 2 days ago isn't it? Anyone has already planned something for this, going to the workshop (that would be me), spending quality time with family, cook something nice for the family and etc. I hope it would be a wonderful weeknd for you.. Last night, I just managed to finish my reading on the motivational book ; How to get from where you Are to where you want to Be. A gift from my best friend for my birthday. Means, It's more than a year!! Ahahaha!! Well, not that I started to read it right after I got it because I have 6 novels given by Cembam for my last year's birthday as well. So after all 6 were finished, only then I started with this one. But it takes months..that I can assure you. I'm still thinking what I'm gonna do this weekend.Hmmm..I still haven't shoot KLCC area. Maybe there? But going there alone just for the sake of shooting...I'm not that deeply


I just finished reading Faisal Tehrani's Kekasih Sam Po Bo. I finished it yesterday after months I borrowed from my sis. So slow reader...I know..It's not I'm a slow reader..well literally, but I just don't really spend so much time for reading. Apparently since the day where I was preparing to be assessed by the HSBC interviewer to get a job as a CSR there, the urge to read and improve my english has been thwarted with so many common things like movies, Warcraft and Photoshop..hehe There are tonnes of words which are so new for me and I've never heard of in this novel. I jotted down the words and try to find the meaning with the online kamus dewan. Well, U can't just so eager to improve ur english but left aside your malay can U?? SO, now I'm reading a book also given by my sis, Marian Keye's Is Anybody Out There. A story about a widow who just lost her husband but felt so connected and couldn't face the reality that her husband just vanished from

Lumut Trip, Jalan2, Eksiden

I went to Lumut with my housemates last weekend. My friend's work requires him to give assistance any time a new intake of UNIKL batch in term of registration via the system and anything that goes around it. So , this time the intake was for Lumut branch. He's already book the hotel for 2 person and planned to drive his gf's car there. So, we decided to tag along. We can ronggeng around while waiting him finished with the registration. At the end, my 2 housemates and I decided to tag along. So 4 of us went for the unplanned holiday..yeaa..Place to sleep - checked!! But the plan's changed a bit coz I'm the one driving using my own car. Bigger bonet (am I spelling it correctly?) we think.We used the h.way first to compare the distance and the time consumption with the other road along K.selangor, Sabak Bernam which I always use. We stopped at Behrang to fill our stomach with some light food. We arrived at Lumut around 2.30 and straight away looking for the BLue Bay

Fashion related tag

Been tagged by Eliya and she claimed she would check my blog to see if I'd obey the tag or not..nyiahaha!! Yerks yerks je. But still, I'm gonna do it lor. The questions are so not related actually when it comes to men..Men are originally and naturally beautiful. We dont need those fake eyelashes which from 10, 9 of us would say ugly to those who wear it. But still all the actresses are wearing it..bakka But then, here are your tag Eliya. Don't be disappointed with the answers..Wink WInk!! My Foundation : I used bedak susu kambing once when my mom bought it for us..nyiahaa!! I used it during my matriculation day. My Mascara : beeppp..I already have a great so-straight eyelashes that can penetrate a handkerchief. My Day Cream : Ice cream, I prefer it chocolate My Essential Beauty Product : N/A. Told U, I'm already beautyyyyyfull..Nyiahaha!! But I have a clean and clear nye pencuci muka. Tp sll lupa nk pakai. The bottle is still full. AHahahaha!! Women I admire f


Pagi tadi seperti biasa Cembam menyubuhkan aku dengan panggilan telefon. Usai bercakap2 pendek dengan Cembam, aku berjuang utk bangun selepas tertonggeng2 dan meniarap sambil mata terkebil2 utk ke bilik air. Sesudah sembahyang subuh, rutin biasa..aku terjun semula kuak dada atas tilam lekuk2 yg aku beli di nilai bulan lepas...Zzzzz Bila bangun dlm area pukul 8.30, aku dengar titis2 air ujan pagi yg sgt mengasyikkan..mendayu2 mendodoi aku semula ke tilam. Aku ikutkan saja dodoian itu. Sedar2, sudah pukul 9.30 pagi. Waktu opis aku bermula 9 pagi ya sedia maklum. Tp masih terkebil2 lg. Seperti pagi2 yg lain, aku dpt dengar suara anak kecil jiran sebelah bersembang dengan ibu beliau smbil sang Ibu membuat kerja2 dapurnya. Tiba2 si kecil itu bersuara, "Mak...bird..bird kan?" "Ha'ah...birrddd" "mak..bird bird..." "Yeee..bird" "mak mak...bird bird" "Yeaaaa!!!!Burung!!Bird" "mak..mak..bird..." Aku tersenyum mama

Old pic, new story

Sunset at Simpang Lima Sungai Besar I'm back in the mood to read right now. So,the book I borrowed from my sis, Kekasih Sam Po Bo will be read again anytime I feel free at the office. I've left the book at the drawer long time ago but yet no time to read it when I was in the testing team. I think I have more time now to read it. nyiahaha!! Still not finished sis..I slow reader. At home, I'll read an english novel, a gift from my sis - Anybody out there written by Marian Keyes. It's a thick book which surely will take a lot more time than the Faisal Tehrani's. Anyway, at least I'm back with reading hobby..!! Hehe..I'm also trying to finish the motivational book - How to get from where you Are to where U wanna Be. Just few more principles left. It's surely affective for me. The DSLR camera is the prove. Umah Cik Minah, my auntie taken from my sis car while she drive it kinda fast. But kinda nice composition still I'm sitting in my perm