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bin Hasnul Efendi? Gile~~~

I got 2 days parental leave on Thursday and Friday and I took this whole week using my AL until Raya Haji so I could spend my time with Xiyad and Cembam before leaving them for about a month at Terengganu and continue with working in a new project. Fortunately I save enough ALs for that. We have actually planned our financial for Xiyad but there's a major hazard in it when we bought a house out of sudden. So, our scenario is like we have the money but somehow we don't have it..ahahaha!! But Alhamdulillah having a kid will open a new door of sustenance and I believe on that. Hmm... I've wrote more entries about my new life of parenthood in my other blog " blog kami " up there in the menu bar because I don't wanna flood my blog with nothing other than the stories about our little khaleefah coz you would be die in boredome after couple more entries about him. So, I decided to share more about my parenthood in that blog. But can't help to share still s

Trilogi menyambut kelahiran Xiyad Asytar

Okeh..sambungan journal kelahiran anak sulung kami =]. Bila epidural tu dah abes and katanya tak tambah..mmg cuak la si Cembam. Aku pn dok imagine dari 5,6 cm tak rasa pape skali dh nk bersalin ni baru rasa..mak haiii..menggelejat la Cembam weh. Tapi bila ada sorang lagi misi masuk dia kata " kena tambah "..lega kami. Tp berpandangan le juga. Ate masa tny epidural tu around 600-700, kalau dh 2..situ je around 1400 dah..lalalala~~~ Tp mmg aku agree je. So bila dh tmbh n bukaan dh 9.5cm, misi cakap kepala masih kat atas lagi. Tak turun. So Cembam guling2 lagi. Bila ada rasa nak berak je Cembam diarah utk teran je macam nak berak. So itu le kami buat sepanjang menunggu. Masa tu dh nk pukul 7 petang dah. Misi dok suruh teran je.. " Kita taknak la kena ceasar. Kena operate mahal sini..6-7 ribu ", kata misi tu memberi perangsang dengan cara mencuakkan isi perut aku. Bila doktor sampai, dah 3-4 kali la Cembam cuba teran. And itu lah masa penentu dan sebenar2 cubaa

Kisah Labor Room

First of all, aku nak ucapkan terima kasih pada semua rakan2 with all your warm wishes pada kami bertiga, yang selama ni mendokan kesejahteraan kami. Kami sekeluarga sangat-sangat menghargainya. Sehingga ke Hari Rabu lepas, Cembam takde mengadu rasa sakit perut nk beranak. Malah contraction tu rasa camne pn kami tak berapa pasti. Tapi kami ikut kata orang kalau perut tegang tu le contraction. Dan disebabkan Cembam rileks je, pagi Sabtu tu aku dok rengek2 nak main tenis kejap ngan kawan2. Bukan apa, selalunya kalau cuti pas subuh tidur smpi kul 9-10 gitu. Jadi takde beza sangat kalau aku gunakan masa tu bermain. Cembam kata OK tapi kalau takde rasa sakit. Pagi tu Cembam kata ada kuar darah. Owhh..terus tak jadi main and pas tanya sana sini kami decided utk pergi hospital for check. Tapi pergi sarapan dulu apa sume. Bila daftar, misi wat CTG check and lepas 10 minit camtu kami diminta pergi tingkat bawah, labor room utk cek. Katanya sebab ikut degup jantung tu, ada contraction. So kam

My first ever Wordless Wednesday

Before After

My Happiest Moment

Up until now me being a guy with a goatee, mustache every now and then married to a very understanding lady and waiting for our first baby within this very week, surely I've been through a lot of tears and laughter, joys and bitterness of life. There are tonnes of happy moments that lifted up my spirit wanting to live my life couple more years everytime they occurred.  But let me share with you one of them. Before we get into the happiest part, let me tell you that I own a DSLR camera. Well after years of craving to have one, envying every person who has one wrapped around their necks and everytime fantasizing an evil scheme to walked pass by one of them, hit him on his head and take their gears!!!, I managed to own my own =]. When my honeymoon plan seems to be smoothly put into a complete puzzle, I received a call from my housemate one evening that our house was being broken into. They took all of our gadgets and one of them was my camera bag with all of my gears inside. Huwaaa!

Weekend Dilemma

Sunday. Hehehe..weekends for picisan blog like mine is like a halo where you really want someone else to read what you wrote down (well at first I didn't really give a damn if no one ever read my entries but after years of having you guys reading and commenting them, I honestly feel lonely though when I thought no one read my new entry=[ ), but you know that most probably they won't or they will read it on Monday provided that your weekend entry remains the latest post till that Monday morning =p. Weekend life without any sports is basically sitting in front of my 14-inches LCD surfing, reading online manga and mostly playing DOTA. Actually on Friday night I got green light from Cembam to play tennis at LHDN Bangi giving reasons that it's nearer, I will put my handphone in my pocket, the battery was just fully recharged while merengek2...bwahahahaha!! But it was raining heavily since afternoon. Huwaaaaa~~~~ But after Asar this evening, I said to Cembam that I wanted to hi

1 week to go

Another 1 week (if we follow the Doc's calculation), I would step into a totally new world, new environment of being a Dad!! Oh My Allah!!! I mean, I did imagine that when I was lots more younger though. But I kept on over-exaggerated the imagination. Like my kids have a blonde hair naturally and blue eyes due to some abnormalities (in a good way) in my chromosomes or something like that..ekekeke. Just now I talked about the breathing technique with Cembam. Well, I never watched any video about it yet. But I just explained to her how crucial 'curi nafas' is during the deliver. You don't want to waste the 'push' that you've did by inhaling the air and pulling back the kid in. That's the basic concept. I tried to imagine how could she train that so I said "Imagine like I'm hardening my abs now to make the paxs came out, I have to hold my breath. But now I'm going to make sure these paxs remain hardened but in the same time I take a breath

Convocation Day UPM

Yesterday was my sister's convocation day after 3plus years of college life. She studied under the IJM scholarship hence she always has something to do during her semester break and after she finished her study, she immediately started her work with IJM PJ and there's only one word for that if you ask me, "Blessed". We are happy for her of course. Tuesday night, my family arrived at our humble house. Well, due to UPM being just 5 minutes drive from our house, so the staying the night before at ours would be the best inarguable decision. Luckily they've already had dinner before they came, so I didn't have to prepare any meal for them. A jug of tea was sufficed. Ekekeke. Early morning, my parents and my sisters have already gone out towards UPM. But Cembam went out earlier. Me? I said to my sis that I would be coming a little bit later around 10A.M. I prefer having a little more nap than having to wait outside for hours waiting for the scroll-giving ceremon

Humans are becoming more and more evil

2 hot news that took you into a speechless state, dumbfounded due to the level of inhuman act were haunting us since yesterday. 1. The toddler who were ran over by a van, still fighting for his very live when everyone passing by just ignore that poor little angel and was again ran over by a bigger van on his legs and you could see the weak waving of his hand reaching for help in that unexplainable excruciating pain. But no one ever reached that small hand in time. You could see how the rear tyre of the first van just squished the body of that innocent toddler that wandered off his parents' guidance. He could removed the body away before leaving the place though, but he didn't do that. What a beyond human cruelness we could see from that video. I often heard and read how chinese trying to flare us up by saying how pity for Muslim coz we can't eat pork, babi. Babi is delicious. " We can eat babi..U can't ". Well, its way much better for us not eating babi,

Daddy..I'm coming out soon!!

I always go to bed after 12.30A.M. And usually I would manage to see Cembam waking up in the middle of the night to take a leak. They said once your baby engaged or have their heads at the bottom, their hair would make their mother wanted to pee more than usual. But so far as for Cembam, I think only 2 times more than usual. Some said if you feel wanna pee so much, that means the baby has lotsa hair.  Well, the best part of me going to bed late is that I can make sure during that half-asleep mode of Cembam walking to the toilet, I will always be there in case she slipped or stumbled into something. Everytime she went out from the room with her bunk face and hair like Blanka, one of the characters from Street Fighter and walked passed me, she would hear me reminding her every single night " hati-hati jalan tu. Jangan mamai2 gi langgar pape. Pegang dinding jalan ". When I went to bed but somehow these stubborn eyelids wont shut close for certain reason and the brain neurons

Drama Bahang Ravina dan 'bahang' nya pada aku

My after-subuh routine would usually exactly the same. Folded the sejadah, switched off the room's table fan, walked out, pulled the curtain to let the first ray of the morning sunshine piercing its way into our house, switched on the small box fan, lie on my chest and continue my nap couple more hours before I woke up later and get to work. But this morning, somehow I switched on the Astro, pressed 105 and there was a drama entitled Bahang Ravina. Starred by Nabila Amy Search, Lisdawati's husband and another actress which I forgot the name. It's about how a poor family had to move to KL from KT to start their new life. Ravina acted by Nabila was a nice young girl who are getting prepared for her SPM. She's so brilliant till her friends whom came from rich families decided to have group study with her. And due to Ravina's help, her friends were getting better in their academic. But Ravina being always around the rich girls, making her wanting wealthy life more a

Bangi Kopitiam. My own review

Eventhough I've been passing this restaurant, eating place or kopitiam to be precise, I've never been dining in this one big corner lot kopitiam with huge board displaying the name of Bangi Kopitiam. From outside, the kopitiam portrays a same standard as Old Town Kopitiam. So this one morning after I fetched my sis in law and her husband, I decided to treat them a breakfast here. But it was a late breakfast due to the flight and the distance. We were feeling really hungry but because along the way we couldn't find any warung to crash, so we ended up here. When we opened up the menu book. Darn!!! The prices really are expensive and on par with Old Town. But like most of us would feel, "oh, classy kopitiam, lets just dine here and have a nice taste worth the price", so we stick to the idea of dining there apart of the price. My SIL and her husband ordered just one hot milo costs RM3.80 if I'm not mistaken, Cembam ordered Nasi Lemak costs Rm7-RM9 I forgot the

The expected news and the Big Bad Wolf Book Fair

As I've shared in my FB status last night, praise to Allah that my baby has now turned his head down and in ready position waiting to engage into the pelvic area for his last stay in the womb before emerging into this world and finally managed to look on his parents' face. We were really worried to be honest. I know that the most important thing is the healthiness and safeness of the baby and the Mom but having a C-sect would surely gave quite an after effect to the Mom. So we really prayed that our baby would be delivered normally and we do hope Allah would attend to our pray =]. It was a long 2++ hours (More on the waiting time) in that cold area, but gladly the sofa is so soft so it can compensate the coldness plus I've well prepared with my windbreaker and slept the whole waiting time with my folded legs making sure my feet were sealed under my thighs to keep them warm. But it's worth the wait after we heard the good news that we were expecting so much. We

Mati ketika nak bersenggama cara bondage berikat-ikat

Wargh!! Pukul 4.43 petang.. rasanya aku taip entri baru je lah nk bunuh masa aku tu. Dah tak tau dah nak bunuh masa aku camne lagi. Ku cincang sudah, ku sontot sudah, ku rejam taip entri baru plak lah. Meh aku share apa aku mimpi malam tadi. Sebenarnya lepas pada mimpi tu nak gi tulis siap2 takut lupa. Tapi susah benor nk bukak mata. Dah la malam tadi mimpi macam2. Tapi aku tulis mana yang aku ingat satu mimpi ni ye. Scene dia dalam sebuah kelas terang benderang ramai orang. Ada satu awek minah saleh ni ha..rambut itam, idung mancung wawieee meletops. Tiba2 kelas tu kosong. Kami berpandangan. Then gadis tadi mendekati ku seraya berkata " Do you know that I really like U ", sambil pandang aku bagi signal " green light ". Aku tak lepas peluang lah kan. Alaa..dalam mimpi, aku tau tu aku buat la..bwahahahaha!! Mula2 kami nk start bercumbu..Bibir merah mugil, tapi gigi cam haram. Dalam mimpi tu aku cakap " what the hell gigi camni...tukar2 &q

Im not proud Im a muslim because I was born in it. But Im grateful as one =]

Kenapa perlu menghina, memijak2 dan memaki-maki sesuatu dengan alasan mahu menunjukkan kebatilan sesuatu perkara itu? Bukan ke lagi elok kau jelaskan satu persatu kebatilan tu supaya orang lain faham ur so called perjuangan utk 'membuka' mata orang lain? Ni kes Makcik SittAlWuzzara la ni...kononnya nampak keburukan islam dan dia sebagai wanita melayu Islam mahu tunjuk betapa batilnya agama ni. Tapi dengan cara memaki hamun Allah SWT..memanggil Rasullullah dengan panggilan Babi Muhammad. Mengenengahkan idea bahawasanya Allah ni kaki amarah, dok nak murka sesaje, dok nak seksa orang nak tunjuk power apa sume haishh.. Bila orang komen katanya kebebasan bersuara nak tunjuk Islam tu batil.  Adeh..apa ke bangang sangat. Kalau betul rasa batil, list kan sume kebatilan tu dan mintak la ulama' kami ni jawab sume benda. Tak perlu nak hebat cari kitab la..Kebenaran ni leh nampak dengan mata kasar je haa..Nak bagi contoh. Ok, ni dari aku yang tak berapa berilmu lah ye. Tak reti sang

cool wheeled-toy!!

Couple of weeks back, during the last week of Hari Raya, my in-law family were in town to attend my SIL's convocation day. As most of the family were assembled, my aunties and uncles in-law have thrown a small open house to feast them during the stay. At the same time, I have around 4 open houses held by my friends that weekend but family comes first. Still, I squeezed my time and went to 2 of them after I grilled some squids and fishes at Cik Su's house while waiting my in-law to arrive. I managed to attend my friends' open houses around Jusco Equine. On Sunday we had a feast at Cik Ngah's house, 500M from our apartment. Satay!!! And the mango pickles are so damn nice!! I even got to bring home 3 small tupperwares filled with them courtesy of Cik Ngah. Hehehehe. She said next time surely she gonna make more..ekekeke. Then we went to another Cembam's cousin at Nilai. Another feast and while resting and chatting, I spot this errr..I dunno what it's called.

Whatever happens, we are family aren't we?

Our complete family!! This year's Hari Raya, our family is blessed with 2 little toddlers Nahdan and Nureen. And the best part is that my sis that lives in OZ is able to join and celebrate Raya with us. Thanks a lot to Abang Osman for making this possible. =]. But we can't always get what we army brother couldn't manage to join us due to the call of duty. But couple weeks after that he informed us that he would be in KL to take care of something and finally our complete family is reunited. And like always, the rally point would be my sis' house at Shah Alam. But everything in our life would come to an end. Last Wednesday, Abang Osman's holiday ended. He already extended his unpaid leave another 3 days due to the fight ticket. So I worked from home that Wednesday so I could dash to the airport after Cembam back from school. My parents and my sisters were already waiting at the KLIA McD. And right after we arrived, I took a fair amount of time cuddling

Sisters in Islam? Yang terburu2 laksana hukum or yang terburu2 menentang hukum?

Pertubuhan bukan kerajaan (NGO), Sisters in Islam (SIS) menentang pelaksanaan hukum hudud di Malaysia atas alasan ia tidak akan membawa keadilan kepada kaum wanita selain bertentangan dan melanggar jaminan perlembagaan yang diperuntukkan. Pengarah Eksekutif SIS, Ratna Osman berkata bahawa pihaknya kekal dengan pendirian yang telah diputuskan semenjak tahun 1993, ketika Kelantan meluluskan enakmen bagi menguatkuasakan hudud. “ SIS percaya bahawa masyarakat perlu dikawal selia selari dengan prinsip kesaksamaan, keadilan dan maruah, dan bukannya menerusi penghakisannya dengan hukuman-hukuman kejam dan keras. Enakmen Kesalahan Jenayah Syariah Terengganu (Hudud dan Qisas) 2002 mengatakan bahawa di bawah Seksyen 9, seorang wanita yang membuat laporan dia telah dirogol boleh dituduh qazaf dan dikenakan sebatan sebanyak 80 kali jika dia gagal menyediakan bukti. Meskipun pindaan telah dibuat untuk membenarkan bukti situasi, masih wujud kekeliruan, sebagai contoh, pihak mana yang

kos proses membeli rumah

Haish..nak beli rumah ni memang senang citer dia cam bangsat orang kata. Bukak forum macam2 rate la yang ada. Tak selaras. Lawyer yang selama ni aku dengar suka makan duit orang, aku masih tak percaya..tapi aku tengok la camne seminggu dua ni hal lawyer SNP aku tu. So far masih OK. And aku nak share skit la pasal beli rumah ni. 1. Kita selalu dok sebut "ishh..kalau tau naik rega umah tu, aku beli dah dulu . Takde makna beb. Kita mmg tau. Tapi kita tak mampu..betul tak? Skang ni tanya mesti tau area sini akan naik rega apa sume, tp tak beli2 gak kan? sebab tak mampu weh~~ 2. Tunggu lagi skit lagi simpanan. 2 tahun lagi beli umah la . Pun takde makna derr..Lagi 2 tahun umah tu naik 120K rega. Jadinya smpi bila2 pn tak cukup duit beli rumah. Tu yang timbul kesedaran nak tak nak kena beli gak tahun ni. Memang sakit la sebab rega umah makin naik. Dari installment 20 tahun skang naik 25, 30, 35 and smpi 39 tahun haaa!!! Kejap lagi jadi 2 generasi macam Jepun smpikan bunuh diri sebab

Jajan legend yg cool

When you were kids, surely you had this craving towards those fancy colourful Jajan, snacks, ice creams and sweets yah? Well, I'm just the same kid as you. I would even go to the grocery store 200M from my house with just 5cent so I could buy myself a piece of mango pickle (jeruk pelam). Ya, it used to cost 5 cents each. Some brands that you might still remember like Chikedes, DinDang, Rota and lots more. Tora costs Rm1 a box back then and it came with various kind of toys inside which you won't know unless you buy one. Those who got Tora from their parents were called those who were blessed that time..ekekeke. Well, memories sure are nice things to be hold, but we need to let it go when the time needs us to. Last month when I was at my hometown accompanying my Mom to buy some ingredients, we stopped at an old-style grocery shop and I spotted some Jajan/snacks that I used to eat when I was a kid. I picked one and I saw another, picked that one, one more got spotted and at