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Memori akhir bersama Wardina

Setelah bertahun meredah onak duri liku2 kehidupan di atas jalan...membawa aku ke sana ke mari dengan riang..berkongsi suka duka, idea yg tercetus, angan2 yg dipasang saat menunggang..akhirnya terpaksa mengucapkan salam perpisahan pada Wardina Sabtu lepas.  Lepas ada Agnieszka, memang ada rasa nak still simpan je Wardina. Ada aku pergi keje still naik Wardina seminggu sekali. Tapi bila dh terbiasa dgn performance Agnieszka, jadi tak best dh. So takkan nak panaskan enjin hari2 and bawak pergi kedai je or anta Xiyad nurseri. Yelah Xiyad takut nk naik moto besar. Dia memang nangis2 la tunjuk Wardina bila suh naik Agnieszka. Nak buat pergi surau...ehemmm..koff kofff..jarang2 la plak Jadi lepas mengukuhkan pendirian..aku lepaskan Wardina pada kawan aku si Ayman Sabtu lepas. Alang2 jumpa, ajak lagi sorang kawan lama kami Rahman utk lepak sarapan. And bertemulah 3 generasi pemilik Wardina!!! Ni lah dia 3 generasi pemilik Wardina.. Mula dengan Rahman blkg aku tu, lepas tu aku, n


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Autumn UK trip 2014 - Part 9 - Edinburgh Castle

The final destination of our UK Autumn Trip was Edinburgh Scotland. Driving from Travelodge hotel quite early this time and our plan that day was to visit the castles. Entered the Edinburgh City and towards the Castle entrance to be told by the security guard that tourists need to park around the city as no cars are allowed to enter the castle yard. So we went down back a bit and found a metered-parking area situated in front of this building. Thumb down for the machine Unfortunately, the parking machine was quite a lousy one. We struggled to put in the coins into the machine and after a certain period of time, it will vomit back all the coins that we have entered in. Arghhh...Luckily there's another option to make the parking payment..thanks to the technology, Acik paid it via the phone and alast!!! There's a park below the parking nice, but didn't manage to take photos in the park. =[   And when we were about to