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2nd day raya preparation

It's the night of 29th Ramadhan..2 days more to go. Tomorrow is going to be hectic I think. We were planning to do the ultimate preparation tomorrow. Ketupat waving, final shopping, chopping up the and everything. My mom's brother and sister from Pahang banked in some money so we could buy something to cook so they don't have to bother about bringing some dishes way from Pahang to our grandparents' house. Clever....the one doing all the chores and facing all those onions, chillies, herbs, oil, fire and sweat is going to be our family..Hmmm..We kinda have no choice, so we'll do it with sincere heart for our grands..=p This morning my dad, my brother and I went to our palm orchard harvesting the palms. Wuu..been years since I last pushed those palms inside the wheelbarrow. The palm is getting bigger and heavier. Plus the fasting, it really is a heavy work. I pushed it slowly and stopped numerous time before I reached the big road where all the palms

1st day home preparation

First day at home, All of us went to Sungai Besar to buy the curtain...emm..I dont know what they call it. You know, the new way of hanging curtain now, not anymore using the traditional wire penetrating through one end of the curtain to the other end. You have the idea yes? Using the new way, U installed that 'thing' on the wall then we can just hang the curtain using the hooks and U can slide it end to end..Please anyone know what does it call?? 5 in a car, and another 2 rode the motorcycle. My youngest sister and my dad rode the bike. Sabak Bernam 'Beriman dan Budiman' - Sabak Bernam Faithful and generous. describes well people of Sabak Bernam..ehehe.. Something that cant be proud of..The big drain and pit filled with rubbish. This is not a scenario found only in Sabak Bernam, but everywhere in Malaysia..I envy countries like Japan with her great clean pits and rivers. Some traditional design around Pekan Sungai Besar. It seems the cat was also fasting a

Nagging alone

I thought so..aahahaha!! There are so few people getting online when raya is approaching so close. So many things need to be done..the preparation is entering the climax right now. I am just lucky because my sister, a teacher subscribed streamyx last year for her work so I am able to enjoy the pleasure of surfing during holiday.. So I am well know that around 5-6 entries which I would be posting at least till 6th Hari Raya would not be read by anyone..ahaha!! It is more like self nagging..nevermind then. My purpose of blogging is to improve my english. For them to be read by others, it is a bonus for me..and making friends out of it is such a blessing..=] Well..this is my blog for now. I am using the default blogger template and just changed the background and the header. I was trying so hard to make the header fit nicely at the top of the green rectangle of the main just the same size and position like the Flickr widget. But I failed to do so and it seems other than whit

Slight Problem

I was planning to try some other blog template with a purpose of changing my theme/design/layout, whatever U call it. It's been more than a year since I use this design. Ufortunately, it went I tried to load back my original template that I've backed up before messing with the template. However,I got error message and my page went white with some lines of programming which I hardly understand. I tried looking up for solution by clicking the link about the error and found out how to deal with it. Yup, I managed to get back to this very old template. However, my favourite links were wiped out!! I tried tracking it back from the HTML coding but it was just a failure. Therefore, U can see there the links that I managed to trackback from Masy's blog. I remembered masy's kotakhujan address and I retreived some others from hers. I am so sorry if your links are not there anymore. Kindly leave a comment with your address yah. I'll put it back there again. Owk

Safely arrived home~~~

SHELL OneHealth Team Dinner was held on last Thursday night at Hotel Nikko KL. Eventhough it was just like usual - not the entire team were there, but it still so fun!! The theme seems like U were invited to a wedding dinner or something a big hall and the foods were arranged at the sides of the hall. Us. Remember the guy at the middle? Dont worry Cembam..not my scandal..hehe It was so much fun with all these guys because we usually separated by the cubicle. This is the only time we could laugh,chat and share our story of interests to others. I've already published an entry on this with other pictures around the event here I'm home now!! I drove from KL last night like heaven.I was worried of the jam and might stuck there for hours, but luckily wasn't like KL at all last night. The cars were the least I could see for all the years I've used KL roads..SERIOUS!! So lengang!! Everytime I reached the toll, I would be the first car...evertim

Kemaafan dr anda semua dipinta

Assalamualaikum dan salam Ramadhan semuaa...Khas utk pengunjung blog ni..poster or kad raya..ntah apa nk panggil utk korg..oleh kerana takde gambar ketupat atau pelita..aku letak je gambar bunga lalang liar yg menunjukkan simbolik aku bukan lah sesiapa yg penting sgt namun mahu jua meminta maaf..=] Menjelang esok..pastinya ramai yg bersiap sedia utk pulang ke kampung masing2. Yg berkereta, berkeretapi, berkapal mabur, memandu, merempit dan pelbagai cara nk pulang bertemu keluarga. Termasuklah aku..esok mlm mungkin aku atr yg memandu di celah2 keta2 yg berarak tersangkut2 di tgh jln raya. Aku rasa pulang mlm hari syok skit sbb leh minum, tekak tak kering.. Tahun ni aku mungkin pulang ke kampung nenek di pagi raya sebab tahun lepas dh beraya di rumah kami. Kalau ke rumah nenek, makanya aku tk akan join bara'an bujang2 kmpung sejurus slps smyg raya. Aku syukur bbrp tahun lepas raya aku sgt tenang dan seseronok spt yg kami sekeluarga mahukan. Aku masih ingat tika aku skola rendah da

Adorables and innocents - 2nd edition ft. Raya leave changing plan

I have a strange plan of my Raya leave. It happened that after I asked my team leader yesterday, he is going to hae the 2nd week for him. Means, the previous thought of going back to hometown during the Raya eve is not anymore valid as my leae start this weekend. My mom will be as happy as she was previous rayas preparing for it with my company..hehe=]. A bit difficult for my plan to terengganu because the original plan and still the plan is to kick off after my sis finished her shift at 7E at 11 pm thursday night. But for Friday, I can't apply for leave coz my team lead is still on leave that 2nd week of raya. I need to online from anywere there to make sure my status is online, send couple of messages proving that I was working from some place out there. A bit unpleasant obstacle to be taken care of yet manageable to make sure the initial plan of going to ganu is still a GO. These are some other kids potraitures taken mostly from Emma's wedding. My Nieyl has been cleaned

corat caret

HUp!! Another 8 days to go..Yaa..I know, some might says I should be sad when Ramadhan is going to part way with us. But honestly I'm not in that kind of level yet..Just a normal human being trying to achieve this kind of taqwa insyaAllah...If fasting during ramadhan is not in the 5 pillars of Islam, I might never fast in my whole life..=p. But honestly everyone is looking forward to Aidulfitr rightttt??? See..Masy admitted, I know U are nodding Masy coz U are looking for ur baju raya..ahahaha!!! Friday night, while I was trying to perform Terawih, some of my housemates were going to the downtown. I couldn't come along if wanted to coz my friend's car cannot support more than 3 passengers as his car is too lowerd.. But during my terawih alone..I kinda flashed with the idea of going to the downtown along the prayer. Hopefully my prayer is accepted by HIM. SO right after terawih I asked my other housemate if he wanted to tag along. So there we went.. SO pack of people. We

Benaffey MC (moto aku BFY)

Kelmarin aku bermalam di rumah kawan aku di Flat Taman Sepakat Indah Kajang selesai saja kami berbuka bersama Ayman di Soho Bdr Baru Bangi. Bila smpi di flat tu dan memarking moto, ati aku terdetik.. 'mcm ilang je moto ni nnt' . Tp aku tak amik endah dan terus naik ke atas, tingkt plg atas dan bermalam di situ. Keesokan pagi tika kami mula bersiap2 nk ke kerja..dan turun ke bawah..aku terasa nk main ba cak cilup ba dengan nyata moto aku masih di situ..tak ilang..amiiinn..sedang kawan aku panas kan enjin aku bgtu kawan aku; "weh, ada org nk curik moto aku weh" "Mana ko tau?" "tu" ..smbil menunjukkan bhgian memasukkan kunci switch aku telah dirodok dengan sesuatu seperti screw driver. Screw U!! Ahahahhaa..aku pn mampu sengih je..Alhmadulillah dan syukur la kan..tak ilang. "alamak Man..kena EL (emergency leave) la camni...KO camne?termakbul doa nk cuti nuzul qur'an ni" "Aku kena la tolong ko uruskan moto" Aku

Goodbye admin access!!!!

It looks just fine when I ask her to connect me to the internet...The system in herself popping up message saying update is ready to be installed. SO I just click yes to update her windows and fell asleep. My mom woke me up and half asleep I shut her down. There was an option to install the remaining updates and shut down after it finished. SO I selected that option. But unfortunately, I accidentally turned off the power to her heart and without her battery, of course she would be just suddenly get into her sleeping state. The update installation was thwarted. THe next day, when I woke her up, turned her on (auuu..sounds a bit kinky)..I couldnt get into her windows..the screen remain blue..light blue, windows style to be exact. I restarted her few times, the screen remained blue. I asked my friend his Ori Win XP Pro CD for dell laptop as he is using the same model as mine. I tried to repair her windows, but the result is just the same...owwwww!!! All my movies, pictures, artworks are

Mengapa saya lajak subuh (klasifikasi 18MP)

Entri ini ditaip bukan bersifat bangga membuat kejahatan seperti lumrah manusia akhir zaman. Tetapi ingin mengaku yg daku ini sungguh biadab pada Nya dan berharap dpt sedar dan tidak mengulanginya dengan niat. Ya..aku terlajak subuh pagi ini..Aku terjaga dh cerah..trus amik smyg dan qadha'. Wallah wa'lam diterima ke tidak solat tu. Cembam bgunkan sahur pg td..aku teguk air dan tidor semula. Tp cembam lupe nk bgunkan subuh..=[. Bukan salah cembam..takkan nk bergtg kat cembam je. Aku dh set jam 6.30. Tp rasanya minda separa sedar aku dh memahirkan jari aku utk turn off alarm tanpa mengganggu mimpi aku...haduhh kritikal. Dulu pasti aku akan terbangun at least jam 6.50. Badan yg sll smyg mekanisme nya mmg cmtu. Tp kalau dh sll tinggal subuh..mekanisme dh tak berlaku. Hmmm...aku bermimpi sesuatu sblum terbangun pagi tadi. Aku bermimpi sedang lepak di tangga tinggi rumah aku smbil melatih seekor kucing meniti tiang kecil nak ke rumah..Dia kerap jatuh sbb titian terlalu kecil. Tp la

Balik kampung

I want to have my fast-break with my momma...I'm going back home tonight after maghrib. Hehehe..Momma's cooking..and for the first time, a proper sahur..not the one with a bottle of water while laying on my matress..hehe Jom balik kampung!!! If only I could spend my time fishing this time at kampung...damn miss that moment..I think I wanna by a rod..not without the machine one...the one that could expand loooongg..I bet most of u know what I am talking about. I want to take my latest cousin's picture too...hehe..Hopefully I have the time for that. SO, see U guys here later next week Zaffar and I. Photo credit to AYman..

That Saturday

I'm reading chedet right now..this entry might be published a bit..later..hehe..I'm not a loyal follower of this blog..but today I felt want to read it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok..just finished reading some of the newest entries. Funny thing I found about it are..1) There are lots of readers and lots of comments. But like Tun said, they don't put their real, it's not really a great supports towards him. Tun needs supports, that's what he said in one of his entry..but still at the same entries..where the comments are all praising Tun, the commenter still using irony.. 2)From these thousands of people who now so called support Tun..I can bet part of them are the people who were condemning him when Tun was the prime minister of Malaysia. Do you guys think about this??I do think quite numbers of them booed Tun when he was the government..but now because Tun is directly opposing our government

Siapa kata beristeri 4 takleh bahagia makan dan tinggal bersama??

Allah SWT membenarkan org lelaki muslim utk berkahwin sehingga 4. Dalam surah al qur'an jelas tertulis ' fankihu maa toba lakum minan nisa'i masna wa sulasa wa rubax ' yg b'maksud : kahwini lah dr perempuan itu dua, dan tiga dan empat. Tp ada yg silap tafsir ini ayat, dia kawin 10..rasanya yg al-arqam punya org dulu tu..hehe..dia campurkan 1+2+3+4=10..mmg hebat. Tp takyah la ngada2 anda nk berpasang smpi lebih dr satu sbb mengikut pglmn kaum2 kuarga saya yg berkahwin dua..ya baru dua..sume nye jadi porak peranda..masing2 bercerai dan tak mampu nk simpan dua2..mmg pedih banget hati wanita yg nk bermadu ni. Sbb tu Allah beri ganjaran syurga pada mereka yg ikhlas bermadu..haaa.. Tp saya??? sy mampu melakukannya..nah tgok bukti gambar di bawah; Lelaki yg tak mahu diketahui namanya bersama ister2 tersayang Hahahahaha!!! sy happy dan buleh bawak keempat2nya makan buke sama..takde cakar2 muka tarik rambut bagai...jumpa sy kalau nk menuntut..yg penting, sy tak guna sensaoil

Fast-Break with Chronies of Splitters

Thursday - 4th Ramadhan. Semah, my ex-CSRmate from Stre4myx texted me and the rest of the circle to notify us that there will be a small fast-break session among all of us at Vads foodcourt. I still remember they always fast-break together back then. Put our status as PRB (Paid Rest Break) for almost an hour (although the team leaders asked us not to do so) and had our break together. But most of us splitters, the fast-break was part of our 4-hour split break. NO PRB affected=p. I joined them once in a while as I was having my fast-break almost everyday at TTDI mosque when I was still a splitters. Fast-break at TTDI mosque is like U go for a wedding event where U are seated properly. The dishes were served on the table. All you need to do is just nice huh?? This time, the fast-break sessio was joined by all those faces plus Fizi, and Syam's fiancee who are not in the pictures coz they arrived when the azan was in the air, so I got busy with my meal..hehe..Syam's fia