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A month!!

Ahahaha!!! You know what??Yesterday 26th genap a month I've been engaged..being someone's fiancee and having a fiancee..haaa.BUt because entry about Ivanka has been posted dulu baru I remember that I've already planned to write an entry about the one-month thingy...makanya tunda sudah for today's entry. Moral of the story?? Ivanka lagi pentingss??wahahaha!! ampun cembam. Ikut UK right now is still 26th Feb..nyiahahaha!!! jgn merajuk, nnt pipi jadi tembam sangat2 mcm bulldog..ekeke!! Najwa a.k.a Wawa (kwn panggil) a.k.a Cembam (aku panggil). Definitely coming soon..ekeke Funny!! Apart of evertyhing seems to be passing by so fast. The office days passed by so fast when U realize Oh!! Tomorrow is Saturday, another weekend. Oh!! 6 PM already??Let's go home??OH!! This month salary dh masuk?? And lots more..But my engagement days seems to be passing by sooo slowww.. I thought dh 3 months ke kan..but it's just one month baru. And so far we haven't gone through

aku dan ivanka trump??

Semenjak aku dpt IPOD shuffle pemberian kompeniku..aku gi kerja menyusur cilok jem tu smbil dengar lagu..bunyi moto aku pn sayup2 je..ehehe!! Kalau eksiden mati mmg org akn slah kan aku dengar muzik smbil memandu..wlpun aku mati sbb ditabrak pemandu mabuk..huhu..nauzubillah, tp kalau tu dh ajal aku.. Oii..apa kes citer mati mati ni!!! Beruang polar betui la!! Haa..kalau tk dgr muzik lak..sllnya smbil nek moto aku nye pikiran menerawang jauh..Haa..contohnya aku pernah berangan gi kerja kawin ngan Ivanka Trump!! Yeahh!! anda kenal sapa ini minah kafir??Yaa..anak Donald Trump. Aku berkenln ngan Ivanka di seminar Branding nye. Masa tu dia bagi ucapan psl Brand. Habis seminar tu cm besa aku trus menuju ke tmpt aku parkir moto. Aku nmpk Ivanka tgh jln berpisah dr group kwn2 dia, nk ke shoppin complex. Tetiba mat ragut dh ragut beg dia..Adegan Ivanka yg besar tinggi tu melwn pn berlaku. Aku trus berlari ke arah diorg..nmpk aku lari ngan gagah mat ragut tu blah. SIan ivanka, lengan dia me

Adorables and innocents - 7th edition

m Huuu...I have to browse everyone of the changes made in the system today. At least making me busy and felt like really contributing..ekeke!! Alright time for Adorables and Innocents edition!! This time, it's just a collection of those gorgeous soothing faces that I've managed to collect for the past 2 weeks..Well, U can't really call it a collection..'what I have' suits better than collection I think..ekeke. These are Ika and her lil sis Aleya. I bumped into them at Jusco Equine when I was going to spend my voucher. Hehehe!! You guys still remember Ika right?? This is ALeya...One day when she's big enough, she will want to follow her dad playing sepak takraw in the evening. That time, I can play with her..hehehehe Habib Danial, my niece's first son. He was not feeling really well. He caught a fever. Expressionless..Poor Habib. Maybe one day he would be the new Habib Jewels... Hehehe..Hakim. He was doing his business when I took this picture. Well

Tag : The 6th Picture from the 6th Folder

I am feeling desperately bored this right now. I really wanted to browse and read my favourite mangas..But, I need to minimize my browsing especially mangas. It's a bit awkward when I had to click on other active window everytime my TL looked at my place. I feel a bit like making fool of him. So, I just do something non-manga related..=p. Hmm..Great timing when I remember about mak su's tag. Then, while listening to mak su's homepage music..I think it's scorpion feat..I dont know who. I love this song and played it so many times when I was in my secondary school. Ok..the tag; Instructions:- -Go to your photos folder in your computer. -Go to the 6th folder of photos. -Go to the 6th picture in that folder. -Put the picture on your blog and description of it. -Invite six friends to join the challenge. -Link them in your blog and let them know they have been challenged. Description - This photo is taken during my last reunion/fast-break with my fellow ex-streamyx CSR

Abah dh balik..jom masakkkk

Sayup menderum moto abah meninggalkan aku di persimpangan susur ke istana negara. Abah memecut ke arah Jalan Pudu dengan niat mencari rakan lamanya seorang lelaki Burma yg tak diketahui masih hidup kah, sudh dihantar pulang kah??Skang aku tau aku dpt dr mn gene sygkan kawan..hehe. Risau juga..dah gelap kat KL lak gagah mencilok2 kot dilggar bapak aku tu. Dh la prinsip abah aku tu 'Aku betul' dan 'Tak kena pn lagi'. MMg sah2 senang2 je berlanggar. Tp sepnjg suku abad aku idup ni abah ok je..takpe la..harapnya dia selmat. Balik ke kmpung terus tu lps jmp kawan. Pg td kawan kampung merangkap ayah kawan aku jemput abah dr umah aku pas solat kat surau. Ajak abah bersarapan di rumahnya. Ok la..jumpa gak la kawan dia. Ok abah..nek moto elok2..tgok side mirror, lalu kubur baca al fatihah, layan lap cek tongkat.. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Di sebabkn abah kat umah aku 2 malam..maka aku tak memasak..takut abah

I'm relieved

I skipped my lunch today because at 2.30p.m my colleagues and I went to HQ to settle our own things. I wanted to deposit some money to my bank of marriage fund..=p. I was still worrying about my dad. The sky seems to get darker and windier. Poor dad if he caught in the rain. After we had a light lunch, we headed back Right after we emerged from the parking building, my colleague said, " nul, your dad ". I though he was joking. Then I saw my dad sitting on the divider just near the building. Hahaha!! I wanted to laugh but at the same time felt so sad looking at him. He said he went to Pusat Bandar Damansara to have his lunch at Ali Maju. Ali is our neighbour before he moved to KL. But he didn't manage to meet Ali. THen he said he just parked his bike by the flyover because he couldn't park around my building. He said " There were guards ". least he knows how not to get lost in KL by just being around my area. And he might have his lesson to come b

My dad is hereee and I'm worried!!

My dad came by yesterday all the way from sabak bernam by his modenas 110 bike. He was keep on nagging about visiting his old friend from his old days being a lorry driver in KL. A burmese who was claimed to be his best friend at that time. I'm not sure whether this guy is still working there or not. No phone number to reach him. But with abah naive thinking, we couldn't stop his intention. So yesterday he arrived at my sis' college. Like usual, he would stopped any girl he met (girl is easier to ask for help based on him), and asked her a favour to call my sister (He doesn't have a cellphone and doesn't know how to operate it). I bet he had already wandered around the campus asking if anyone knows my sister. Like my sister is the most popular person in the campus. The trick is acceptable when he was looking for us when we were still in our primary or secondary school cause not to brag, but our names are well-known and almost everyone knew us that time, especially

Memori daun nipah ep 1

Sebuah rumah yg mudah sekali terlepas pndg dr jalan raya. Di belakang balai raya tempatnya. Hidup sebuah keluarga yg hidup secukupnya namun bahagia seadanya. Rumah nya tinggi, beratap zink dan nipah. Rindu aku pada rumah itu. Kala aku kecil nakal memankat pokok cermai lalu jatuh ke tanah bila dahan yg dipijak patah. Ibu mendaptkn aku, bertanya kenapa aku panjat..lalu aku jawab, 'mak demam..kan mak suke makan cermai bila demam'. Kolam di sekitar rumah aku ada 5 semuanya. Yg satu betul2 di blkg rumah saban kali jadi tmpt permainan kami adik beradik. Pernah juga aku hampir lemas disitu sblum mak menghulurkan galah dan aku berpegang padanya. Di dlmnya aku bljar berenang dgn memeluk erat 2 biji kelapa. Di dlmya jin amarah bila aku dikatakn memijak kepala anaknya. Pokok kuinin dan pokok pelam di depan rumah bagai rezeki bonus bila ia berbuah. Kami kutip, petik, potong dan hiris2 utk dimakan dan dibuat jeruk. Saat itu begitu aku rindu..dengan adik2 dan mak abah. Jamban di belkang um

Adorables and innocents - 6th edition and Iklan

Ads: Hi..good morning everyone...Stop for a while doing your chores, your tedious never ending documents needing your attention, complicated calculation or etc. Lets give your eyes some therapy of it sort. No greenery because of your desk location which is far from the window or you guys work in the middle of the concrete jungle? Now is the time to have a picnic!! Join us for a refreshing air, away from those honking, cursing and beelining of the cars on the black crowded roads. The chilling clear water, the fast stream, the sounds of the flowing and rushing water, the chirping birds, the laughters and the serenity..Join us for a small picnic/potluck at Ulu Yam this coming 8th March!!!! Let's the bond in the blogging world a reality. Virtual friends to real friends..Meet the charming yet shy me and my partner the everyoung masy...ehehe!!! Come come!! &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&am

Chef bawa pulang utk dibelai

Malam tadi aku pegi amik biz kad dr seorg kawn kat Technology Park. Pastu terus singgah kedai beli bahan2 utk memasak. Ye adik2 akak2 sume..ari ni saya 'bawak la balik chef' Anul cute akan menyediakn sup ayam bergelumang dosa yeee... Utk menyediakannya..korg tak tau??tolong la..idup dh 20 tahun lebey. Tak penah tolong omak kau orang ke??haishh..aku bg la resepi; SUP AYAM BERGELUMANG DOSA 1. bawang puteh dan merah yg dah berbaik2 - sukati korang nk masuk brp 2. Sup bunjut sebijik 3. Halia seciput - 10sen 4. Daun sup 2 pucuk 5. Lada putih sesedap nafsu 6. kayu manis dan bunga lawang (bunga ganu kata bunga lawang natang ni) 7. sudah tentu ayam la..ayang buleh juga 8. apa saja korg nk masuk, kubis ke lobak, dragonfruit, putu mayum..apa saja la Haaa..cara memasak.. 1. tumbuk bawang puteh, bawang merah, halia td. Lada putih mmg tinggal renjis je sbb dlm botol ye. 2. ayam goreng setengah kering. Aku mls nk godok/rebus. 3. Hiris halus2 daun sup tadi ye 4. haaa panaskan m


Hari ni hari selasa, tp ari pertama keje utk minggu ni. Semalam aku M intak C uti (sila baca M.C ye) dr doktor. Aku demam stat hari Jumaat. Ni sume gara2 fillet steak. Igt tak aku bgtu tetiba aku takleh mkn daging. AKu ikut nasihat Dr Wahida, rehat sebentar dr makan ari tu aku silap ingat FILLET maksudnya ikan..ahaha!!skali dtg daging. Takpe takpe..mind over matters..' aku leh makan problem dh suku abad aku makan dagingggg '. Namun mmg takleh blah..balik smyg jumaat sakit perut yg aku tak pernah rasa..then muntah ke lubang jamban..terus gi klinik. Dpt la ubat kunyah2, tahan sakit dan juga arang. Makan..tido terus kat distress room. Kawan2 suh aku ada netmeeting ngan user nk solve issue, so aku rehat je la. Aku bangun dh lmbt alhamdulillah..netmeeting mmg berjaya solve the issue. Jadinya..aku masih takleh makan daging. Smlm tnya Doktor yg bg MC.. 'adakah sy takleh makan daging lg di masa akan dtg??oh tidak!!!sy sll pegi dinner team

Adorables and Innocents - 5th Edition

It's the 5th Edition of the lovely faces and adorably portraiture of kids that I've found in my daily life waiting for my own..ekeke..Today's special appearance - Mohamed Zaffar Mohamed Zuhri. This chubby boy with his fluffy cheeks is the first son of my once a colleague of mine - Zuhri and Marlena. Born on August 26th 2008, Zaffar has grown healthily with the greatest care of his parents. Born under C-sect, I bet the pain is soothed everytime Zaffar starts smiling and geared up in action..=]. This is Zaffar when he was just one-day old. Theee!!! Now he looks like this..ekekeke Hmpff..control machoo.. Trying to crawl.. Where am I?? are you going to bring meeee??? I think sleep is better than shopping..ehehhehe.. So far Zaffar can be left with me and just stay put, no screaming nor crying. Ekekeke..maybe I as his self-claimed godfather has the aura he recognizes...ahahahaha!!! Sume anak kawan aku, aku nk jadi godfather..wahahahaha!!! Anyon

generousity and the current world

p/s : Masy..daku tak dpt view blog kamu sejak ada entri bogel tu..ahahaha..25.7 kali aku refresh. Last night, I thought is the night promised by my fellow ex-streamyx guys to gather at our friend's house, bringing some food each person. So, after my usual evening play, I hurriedly went to the bathroom and get ready. I didn't manage to buy any food for it, so I bought 10pcs of Roti canai from the mamak restaurant before I go. After I bought them, I texted my friend. "Have U guys rallied yet?" "Lor??Aren't they going to gather tomorrow night??" "What the..??But if I'm not mistaken semah texted me saying it's 'malam jumaat'" "Nope..tomorrow night..Just called her" Danggg!!! So I just made a turn back to my house and served the roti canai to the monsters. But most of my housemates have already had their dinner. Hehehe..Unplanned generousity. Ahhh...when we ate the roti canai, the topic of lending my RM100 to tha

Adorables and innocents - 4th edition

The Adorables and innocents entry is here!! This time special gem - Hasanah !! Hasanah is one of my cousin. She is the youngest daughter of my aunt and my uncle. Among her siblings, she's the only one who is so aloof and hardly to be approached. The others. My auntie could simply leaved them at my mom's house and asked us to look after them while she went to the orchard helping my uncle.. This is a shot on our way to Terengganu for my engagement. SO sweet with her veil. This one is when she was eating my engagement cake. Huhu!! It was raining a bit that morning. Her mom was sleeping and I just grab her while she struggled to loose herself from me and started screaming. To make her stop, I let the raindrops from the ceiling fell on her hands. SHe liked it. I think every kid likes it. But after a while we went in. When I was surfing the internet, I realized she wasn't in the house. I went out and there she was. Playing with the raindrops. I didn't stop her, but took h

A bad n A good thing

Hmm...the printing shop called me this morning and a surge of gleeful feelings rushing through me when the voice on the other end of the line said that it's true there's RM40 balance after they printed out yesterday's transactions receipt. Nice.. I thought they could bank in the money into my account, but she said they can't do that. Well, the shop is quite far from my office, plus the scorching sun..need to skip my lunch coz I need to go there during my lunch. It's kinda pain in the ass if I went there for the sake of RM40 alone. The girl said I can claim their service worth of RM40 the next time I went there. So, shouldn't be a problem. I've already told her I might going there for printing after my wedding job early next month. Hmm..RM40 is saved!! However....sighhh..There's no transaction of RM100 being banked into my account till now. It seems that indian guy is just a con-artist. Hmm..OK..nevermind. It's between U and HIM. I sincerely try to

Buat baik berpada-pada

Tajuk di atas barangkali sangat memenuhi situasi zaman sekarang yg mana terlampau banyak kebaikan yg ditabur oleh orang2 yg masih berhati mulia di era yg kejam ni di manipulasi dan dibalas dengan 1001 kejahatan. Alkisah malam tadi dek kerana hujan di luar membantutkan niat aku utk pulang bermain, aku seperti biasa meminta jasa baik ayman yg kacak bergaya menumpgkan aku pulang. Benaffey ku tinggalkan di parkir B2 seperti biasa mengharap tiada siapa yg akan mengushar beliau. Dlm pjlnn pulang aku minta ayman berenti di CIMB south city plaza supaya aku dpt masukkan duit ke akaun pinjaman kereta aku tu. Setibanya di pintu masuk, seorg india lebih kurang umur aku menegur aku. Katanya dia perlukan pertolongan. DIa tersadai di KL, datang dr Penang. Katanya lagi dompet nya dicurik. Habis sume kad dan duit2. Dia juga tunjukkan laporan polis yg dia buat pagi itu. Aku minta masa utk masukkan duit dulu. Jadi aku berlalu dan masukkan duit dulu. Takut pegang duit tak sbrpa byk yg rasa byk ni.

Quick type

Oww...stucked at the office. It's really dark outside..Not sure whether it's raining or not, heavily or starting to cease down. Like usual, I'm gonna ask for a lift from Ayman yg baik lagi kacaks..hehehe!! Remember I shared in the previous entry that I won first place for the CNY calligraphy contest held by my management? Hehehe..I won RM50 Jusco voucher for that fake art..wahahaha!! I spent it for a tumbler (I got another small one for free) - Rm29.50 and crocodile socks - Rm12.90. Huhu!! I still have RM10 voucher left..yeaaaa!!! Hmm..I'm a bit unlucky today. I went to the printing shop to fetch my printed pictures. It costs me RM58. I handed the woman Rm100 and I got RM2 for the change. Well, being as clumsy as I am..I forgot that I actually gave her RM100. Maybe because during that moment, my mind was on the pictures. I only realized it when I've already arrived at the office. I called the lady and she said she did remember she handed me only RM2m but she did

Sengal2 moments

Huuu~~~~ How's everyone's weekends?? Nice? Gruesome? Boring? Exhausting?? WHatever feelings the weekends have left you guys, it was still your weekends..ekeke I tried looking for my pendrive last night to save some of the pictures for the entries, however my misplace disease is still not cured since the day I was born. I found it just this morning in my car, on the backseat..deng yuuu!! So you know what it means..I'll share with you guys what happened in the weekends in my next entries. ------------------------------------------------------------------- story. I was texting to Cembam one night while watching the Rozana drama starring by Rita Rita apa??her husband. Lantak la Aku : Tgh tgok Rozana gak ni Cembam : Laki kalau kawin dua mesti menipu ek. referring to the drama. Aku : mmg la tipu. Kalau jujur kang, walaupun hepi mcm citer ni...mintak cerai. Hepi bila jujur terus mintak cerai..baik menipu je. Cembam : Eleh..tu sume nafsu la tu

Cina raya limau saya punyaaa...

Yesterday we had a special CNY team lunch at Oriental Spoon, Sooka bulding next to KL Sentral. First time being there. The you all should know were served one by one. We ate the cham cha?? I forgot the name..the one where everyone use their chopstik and started to mix the food ramai2.. Then the other food were served..butter prawns, popia, steamed fish and many more with the dessert for the finishing, syrup with jelly or lengkong in javanese..hehe. The lunch started at 10 a.m and ended at 2 p.m. While everyone were so sleepy because of the meal, another event was going to begin. Another CNY celebration in the office with orange peeling and eating and calligraphy competitions. I took part in the calligraphy competition after I didn't manage to enter the orange peeling n eating competition because I was performing my prayer when they started the event..damn. But you know what??I won first prize for the calligraphy competition for the non-chinese category...ahahaha!


Oh...I wear my pink shirt from the engagement gift today. Ehehehe.. Yes!! It's already Thursday...One more day n it's another weekend to be spent. Another 3-day off!! I've already have some plans for the weekend. Potluck in Putrajaya on Saturday evening and might be giving a visit to my friend's newly born son after that. I hope it's not going to rain that day. This is a bit difficult. I have 5 plans; 1. FRIM photocontest. Adesh asked me to have fun here together.. 2. Photomama first outing organize by Saiful Nang at TTDI. 3. My friend's wedding at Sabak Bernam 4. Photography outing at Batu Caves, Thaipusam festival. 5. Sepak Takraw league at Sepang OMG!!! The only event I could easily scratch is the 3rd one because the next weekend, I can still come for the groom's side. THe rest of them...I sooo want to be there. ah?? Aiyaa..if the places are a bit near from each other, I might have the chance to attend all. Hmm Hmm.. Apolog

Ko gi smyg camni??

Yah..aku rasa aku akan stick kat template ni. sbb aku dh paham koding dia..header tu leh tukar2 nnt..background leh tmbh..absorber leh kasi rendah..cerman kasi tinted. Hahahaha!!! Aku blaja byk gak la pasal koding smlm smpi senak2 mata. Ok..citer asal entri ni. Aku sll main takraw lepas keje petang2. N biasa la mesti smpi maghrib. Pas maghrib sambung plak tu sllnya smpi tak nmpk bola baru berenti. N bila dh abih tu..kadang gi lepak minum plak kat warung. Sll nya lepak agak lama la kan. Jadi aku mmg dh tau kalu balik umah tak smpt..aku trus je smyg maghrib kat surau flat tu. Byk kali la aku wat camtu. Tp kadang kain tak disediakan. Nasib la aku pakai suar tight..kadang yg paras lepas lutut..kadang smpi bawah. Ada skali tu aku blik dr surau, join balik minum ngan diorg. "ko gi smyg ke?", tnya kawan aku "taklah..aku gi alang2 aku smyg skali la" "ko pakai camni?" "nape?" "kotor2 ni lepas main" "peluh je..time smyg ad

aduu senak mata!!!

senak weh mata aku dok pilih template...pastu download..upload.. Tgok, tak cantik, delete. Carik lain. Ada la dekat 14 kali aku tukar2. Last2 jumpa template ni. Menarik. Tapi dia wat ala sekerat camtu ada skrol2 tak besh plak. Wat masa le kot template haku..Aku akan cuba lagi template yg lain. Mungkin pas publish entri ni akan bertukar lagi template. Aku nk carik yg aku leh edit header or background nnt. Susah gak. byk template yg background dia dh fix..header pn dh fix..hmm aku yg bebal??hahaha Wa masih kat opis ni..jam dh 8.15p.m. Haaa..rajin tak gua???Haaa..gua tempurung pn tak rajin macam haku!!!!


Ossuuu!!! I'm in the middle of refurbishing, customizing, upgrading, post-processing or whatever word should fit a process of making something that looks always the same to something a bit different. Well, you can see the toon-banner thingy for now..I'll design something nicer after this. I have to delete all the widgets before I upload the template because I kept on getting blog-error and when I track the word, someone advised to delete all the widgets first before uploading the template. And it works. So now, I don't have anything for my sidebar widget...Please bear with it for a while yah guys..Fortunately I've subscribed as a follower for most of your blogs. Some, I even subscribed anonymously so U guys won't notice that I'm one of your follower=p. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok..lots to write. But I'm gonna share something funny yet pissy at the sametime at the gents room just n