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When my family went wild!!

It's Wednesday..can't wait for tomorrow for the 4-day leave..hehe. I really hope I could do something nice this time. My family said they would come to KL as they need to drive Biba back to UPM for the new semester. Last night I managed to prepare some pictures that would be used in this entry while watching Heroes S3. The restaurant at Sg Besar where we had one of our dinner the pose after we full. Remember I mentioned bout my family and their wetworld adventure. I don't have any picture on it coz I didn't join them sliding and splashing. But after they had their fun, we gathered at Jusco Bukit Raja and then had our dinner at Tesco Bukit Raja. After dinner, we went to the game arcade. There's no bowling arena there so we just hope we could enjoy ourselves playing light games at the arcade. Dad and Mom played the croc-hammer. I dont know what it is called. You just have to hit the crocs with the hammer. Then we raced for a while before the whole Tesco bl

Majlis Persandingan Nora dan Jimmy

Lama sangat ni tak hapdet...besa la ada connection kat umah sebeno eh..Namun disebabkn aku begitu maleh dan ada mende lain nk buat yg mana lebih masa diberikan utk album si Nora ni. hehehee!!! Byk bende nk tu la..tak sempat takpe la aku apdet je la jugak ari ni. Untk yg dok tunggu gambar2 sekitar majlis persandingan Nora.leh la ke sini.. Aku takleh nk post byk2 gambar..nnt masuk angin gambar tu bila smpi kat tangan nora..dh tak memuah saspen nye..hehehe.. So..leh la tgok di situ ye pada yg mahu tgok.. Ok..nk wat album..ada lg 7 pages nk buat...yeahhhh...Pada kawan2 yg dok tunggu muka korang kat kenduri tu..sabor le ye..ahaahaa...


Today is another day that I've managed to skip my ritual after-subuh nap. The only thing is that how the hours waiting for the clocked ticking to 9 was rather spent by watching episode 8 of smallville than doing anything more beneficial by anyone else's definition. Unlike other TV series that I've been collecting, I didn't have the urge to burn all these smallville's episodes from the first season. It's already 8th season and it's started way back since before I entered the college. The pattern of the episodes are almost the same in each. But the storyline is still something that needs to be followed from the first season to make sure you really understand about the guy with the blue shirt and red sweater's life on his journey of becoming a superhero who likes to fly and likes to wear tight weared with an underwear on the outside. " Living among the humans and inspired mankinds ". The path of ClarK kent.. to go now. office is wait


Huuu~~~~~ How's ur weekend guys? MIne is pretty hectic. Some of you might have already start your long holiday till next year and I am looking forward to the same thing as well. However, the work still needs to be attended by someone in the team and I guess It's Gonna Be Me (read it like the N'sync song). I went to Nora's wedding as her photographer on Saturday and Sunday. Then after the wedding I went to S.Alam to join my family as on Sunday morning my whole family went to S.Alam lead by my sis and Fikri. They went to the wet world there. My father was so excited..totally excited. Lot of pictures taken. My family gathering and also Nora's wedding of course. But I didn't have time to transfer it last night. So tired and sleepy after the long day. I didn't even managed to watch till the end of last night's Kyle Xy's episode. Remember..I love to watch Andy J character..hehe. I was going to bring my laptop and select the pictures to be uploaded tod

Yaya??mana kamu?

Jumaat sudah... Malam ni nk balik kampung. Maka menywipe lg la aku ni...Kena nek keta sendiri ini kali. Aku diamanahkn utk mengabadikan detik2 indah kawan baik aku sabtu ahad ni. Lama dh tak amik gambar kawin, sanding...Last yg ANas n Ayu tu la. Masa tunang ari tu sgt tak sempat. Yg laki nk gerak cepat anta mak ayah ke ganu plak. SO kali ni aku harap gambar lebih memuah dan tak akan mengecewakan kawan aku. Hmm hmm..sbnrya aku teringat kawan sepermainan aku masa kecik2 dulu. Tetiba je teringat. Anak jiran yg duduk blkg umah aku. Kena jln masuk lorong la kira. Depan lorong plak pokok besar yg menyeramkan gak la. Tp sll lalu jln kebun blkg je nk ke umah dia. Yela..dulu umah takde TV..nk tgok katun KICKERS, pasal bola sepak jepun tu gi umah dia la. Kadang abang dia dajal saja tak kasi bukak TV time kitorg dtg. Binci. Tp aku pn penah kasi cedera abg dia tu tolak dr tangga..ahaha!! Tak sengaja. Nama kawan aku ni Yaya. Dia pompuan la. muda setahun. Sll main sama2 dulu kecik2..kalau ta

Mana anak aku??

Petang smlm seprti petang2 tanpa hujan yg biase, aku menyabung nyawa menyelit di celahan barisan kereta yg memanjang tanpa penghujung menuju ke gelanggang tmpt aku melompat2 setiap petang. Skrg sudah ramai berkunjung ke situ utk bermain sama. Selepas geng2 flat tu menyediakan 4 court sempena tournament yg lepas, tmpt tu jadi smkin selesa utk disinggahi org luar yg turut ingin bermain. Best2. Smlm kelakar bercampur panik. Kawan aku yg sll bawak anak dia, Ika. Dulu Ika ni diam duduk je smpi ayah dia abih main. Tp sbb ramai yg dah layan dia..lebih2 lg aku. Aku kan sgt suke Ika ni dh mula selesa la. DIa dok main2 ngan kawan2 lain. Tp ptg smlm tiba2.." eh, mana anak kau syer?? ". Kitorg mula pandang sekitar kawasn. Kelibat Ika tak kelihatan. "ada yg bawak main kot ke taman" "aku nmpk dengan budak2 tadi main burung dlm sangkar" "Bini ko bawak naik kot" Syer main pn cm dh tknak main. tp sbb msg2 kata takde pape dia main gak la. Aku pn dh tak

ANother day passed

Huhh.. Another day passed. It's 17th December today. Survive-with-RM200 plan, balance = Rm62. Huhu..I bought maxis topup RM30 yesterday..that's why the budget drained a lot more. I even used cash to fill up my bike. If I were to buy the RM10 one, the expiry date would come earlier than the RM10 spent. Wasting, not smart..I didnt SMS much. Even CEmbam sometimes felt not being loved by me..but she knows me better=]. To sum up, I need a long expiry date. Rm10 for the share of our colleague's wedding present and RM10 for Anwar's small gift. Not that I purposedly let u guys know I'm doing a favor or etc. Just stating where the budget of my Survive-with-Rm200 plan went. Means, I'm not just using it to buy my meal..Arachii?? I sold one of my adidas shoe to my friend yesterday. I bought it in 2004 I think. I sold to him with the price of RM50. I was just jokingly offering it, but he took it seriously and paid the RM50 straight away. Kiki..Nevermind then. It's gonna

A tag and an unfortunate event

I was just got back from Putrajaya Hospital visiting my colleague, Anwar (remember my entry 'Anwar n Mahathir berbaik semula'?) who was submitted yesterday after he involved in an accident near MEASAT Cyberjaya. I got a phone call from his wife yesterday's noon mentioning about the unfortunate event. I emailed most of the project members and our office to let them know his condition. I went there with my TL and another colleague who sits next to him. We already bought some biscuits and junk food. When I know that he broke his leg, we bought him Calci-Yum and some Anlene milk to cheer him up. He is one happy-go-lucky friend of mine. He injured his face, some stitches on his head and his broken leg. How it happened remains unanswered as Anwar didn't recall himself. The person who sent him to the hospital was so kind. All his belonging were handed to the nurse so his wife managed to inform me using my number inside Anwar's mobile phone. I just hope he would be recu

Weekend update

Another weekend ended making the days closer to the end of 2008. Saturday - Nothing much happened as I woke up around 12 noon. My housemates have already doing some errands and getting ready for a date. I lazily cleaned up myself and checked my SMS. My friend wanted to come by for the One Piece DVD. The time he arrived, I was preparing my meal. White rice that I cooked the night before and 2 pieces of burger beefs. Suddenly heavy rain poured down, I prepared hot tea for my friend and we watched History's Strongest Disciple, Kenichi's anime while waiting the last drop of the rain. Sunday - I have more than 1 plan at the same time. There's a sepaktakraw tournament organised by us that morning. We have already prepared the courts, made a small drain to lead the water into the big drain so the courts will easily dried after the rain and all the related things. The original plan was to come to my colleague's wedding. But after being talked by my friends who really wants


I am having a mix feeling right now. Anxious, thrilled, grateful, scared and lots more... I woke up early in the morning (not that early anyway) and watched season 8 smallville to make sure I won't sleep back after the prayer. I had to withdraw some money. Not because of the Rm200 has already ran out, but for something else. Something that I hope would change my life a bit. I still have Rm105 for this month. Credit card for this month's petrol and I still have a hang on it. I really confident that this month will ended with my only Rm200. We'll see about that. I even managed to contribute my share for the food during Aiduladha. Not bad huh?? What I'm gonna do this weekend?? hmm hmmm

Selamat Hari Jadi ye..

Today is Sultan Selangor's birthday. Of course most of selangorians would be happy as they get a one-day leave for that. Me, on the other hand just working like usual and that's the sole reason why you guys could see this entry is published =]. The media is covering the incident of Bukit Antarabangsa's landslide for almost a week now. A lot of stories have been told verbally, by writing or from the news in the television. And surely there's a lot of opinions, unsatisfactions, irritations and some other emotions while we were listening or reading it. There has been complaints lodged by the victims about the treatments that they received. But from other side of the story a lot of people talking about it and assuming things. Some says it's a warning from the Almighty, a lesson to be extracted from the gruesome incident. They have to stay in a school and they might know that if they donate a bit for the school, the school might be a better place for the kids.

Tragis kisah hidup

Waktu aku di bangku tingkatan 3, yg mana sll pulang lewat sebab kelas bahasa arab dibuat selepas waktu sekolah biasa tamat, kami sll ushar2 awek2 sekolah STARP yg balik naik van menunggu di pagar skolah kami. Ada satu awek ni cantik budaknya..kami dok usha gitu2 je..kami ni pemalu. Tak lama lepas tu dpt tau yg dia ni adik pada kawan sekolah kami. Dan juga sedara aku. Masa raya diorg datang umah..owkh..sedara rupanya. Lama sudah tak tau, tak amik tau n tak dengar kabar berita pasal awek ni. Smpi la smlm mak citer pasal sedara kami yg satu ni. Kuarga medreka amik sorg warga indon sbg anak angkat la. Tak tau camne proses angkat katanya anak agkt la. Baik katanya, tolong upahkan utk mengerjakan kebun diorg. Mungkin sbb baik ni la wat anak agkt. Tp kebaikan tak semuanya di balas dgn kebaikn. Kepercayaan dikhianati bila nafsu jelek manusia mula menguasai. Kuarga sedara aku ni dipukau dgn warga Indon ni. Awek yg ku sebut td ditiduri mcm isteri saban hari. Kawan sekolah aku je yg ta

Ulu Yam before the disastreous landslide

Late Update~~~ 29th Nov, On Saturday last week - Nora was asking if I wanted to spend the day at Ulu Yam. I just went to gabai with Cembam that Thursday, but the cold water never bored me. As Cembam was having her own plan that day, I decided to join them. Other than us, were Sara n Yaman, Nora's colleague. The plan didn't went well at first. When I was driving to the meeting location, Sara and Nora were just woke up. I waited at Ukay Perdana's Petronas for about an hour. The area was blacked out. Making it even worse as waiting for them inside the station was barely cooling me off. When they arrived, I parked my car at Taman Melati and joined them. We reached there around 12.30p.m. When we went here the last time, we walked up a bit to find our spot. But that day I found out a nice spot just in front of the entrance. We need to cross the stream a bit for the nice spot for our luggage. It looks safer as someone can't just walked by and snatch our belongings. I rea

With family

It was the longest journey back to my hometown... As U all have already knew that I'm in the middle of a very tight budget after Benaffey's operation, I decided to carpool with my friend, Irman. I texted him on Friday night. He fetched me up from my house as I need to bring in my motorcycle into the house. I don't have any solex for Benaffey. So it would be really generous to just left it outside while most of the folks around my place were already gone heading towards their hometowns. We kicked off from my house at 1.05p.m and arrived home at 4.35p.m. What a long journey this time. Usually it took around 2-2 and a half hour to reach my house. (No pit stop) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just finished helping my mom and the rest of the siblings with the cooking errands. I helped with crushing the groundnuts for our Kuah Kacang, Parut kelapa (camne nk sebut BI ni?) and weaving the Ketupat. I was about to tag along wi


Owkh..It's Friday!! Most of us have already preparing for the upcoming eid. The roads will be flooded not just by water, but with all the cars. I'm not sure whether the flood caused by the rain in some of the states would affecting their balik kampung plan. But for those who will be going back to your safely yah. Like usual, Friday is the day when the time seems to be ticking so slow. I don't really know what should I do to entertain me anymore while waiting the office hours ended. Outside seems dark. I am having a really free time today. I think I should do what I wanted to do since last week. I found out that my blog has a follower!!! Ahahha..this crappy yet cute blog has a follower!! I really appreciate it. And even more appreciated as she's the only follower!!! Ahahaha!! So, to appreciate your effort to follow my blog..I hereby present U the award that U have won..yesss!!! YOU!! you MAK SU!! Here.. Jeng jeng!!!! Thanks for the support!! Do

Benaffey ku wat health treatment RM800!!

Arghh...pusar pusar Pinar2 mata aku. Dunia seakan berlari zig zag Tanah ku berpijak seperti hilang tiba-tiba meninggalkan aku kaku terawang awangan Poket ku batuk berdarah, bernanah Aduss..adusss... Huuuhhhhh..............haaaaaahhhhhhhhh.........Hip hip Hooray!!! Kelakung!! Niat asal nk tukar sprocket. Bila ku pulas Benaffey, rantainya sprti menarik balik roda. Aku khuatir tersungkur sungkap memamah pasir tersagat dagu kalau dibiarkan. Ku pikir sbb sprocket. Aku bawak ke ICU. Doktor kata bearing beneffey sudah pecah smbil menunjal2 bearing tersebut. AKu pn nmpk pecah. Aku tau kalu terus out nnt, nk tolak pn takleh si Benaffey. Bearing tu jem..kalau jem nanas ok juge. Dgn berat hati aku pinta si doktor opret Benaffey. Smbil aku dibawa ke kamar menunggu. Sang doktor menunjukkan organ2 Benaffey yg perlu ditukar..pecah belaka organ2 benaffey. 8 bearing, 1 rod, piston, ribor, gasket, oil seal, bla bla..terus masuk dlm senarai. Bila kira2.. Berapa? 987 hengget...kata sang doktor.


Friday 28th Nov I posted the awareness entry last Friday about the idiot-style parking around friday prayer time. There's bigger thing happened that day actually. Due to Friday prayer, Friday seems to be a bit short in terms of time to be spent with other activity. Not that I'm blaming or whining about the prayer, but any plan needs to comprehend the priority of the prayer. So, I decided to just hang out with Cembam at Restoran Amer chatting about many things. I picked her up around 11 and dropped her at Warta Bangi after we went to the cobbler to fix Cembam's Sandal. I picked her up right after the prayer and went to have our lunch at Amer's. Around 4, I drove her back to her apartment and went to fetch Ayman. We were going to our company's flyback that evening. Unfortunately Ayman's car was off-service that evening so we went there together. Flyback is an event where all the employees of our company gathered around updated with the latest news of what has

Raya haji???

Tgn mak menjahit Raya haji datang menyinggah lagi. Tidak lah begitu istimewa bg aku raya haji ini. Apatah lagi aku pernah tidak merayakannya bersama keluarga ketika aku di matrikulasi dahulu dek kerana musim peperiksaan akhir. Di kolej pn pernah sekali tidak merayakan bersama keluarga. Raya haji dianggap tidak berapa penting mungkin pada semua org. Hehehe..Apa pn nampkya aku akan balik sprt yg lain ujung minggu ni utk bersama keluarga. Pastinya seronok menghabiskn masa dgn mereka. Melihat telatah mak melatah, menolong mak (kalau penyakit malas tak menghinggap) dan lain2. Tahun lepas kami begitu letih pulang dr kampung nenek, sehingga terus tertidur seisi keluarga tanpa menghiraukan aktiviti penyembelihan di surau sebelah rumah. Tahu2, pak hassan jiran kami sudah terjengul (btul ke bhs aku ni) di depan pintu dengan daging korban bhgian kami. Tahun2 yg lain, aku membantu org kmpg yg lain menumbgkan lembu2 korban. Melapah dan sbgnya..tahun ni tak pasti. Raya hari isnin, mesti tknak

Gabai dan kerabat org penting dr sentul??

Letih..namun tak bisa dipejam, puas berguling nyenyak tak kunjung, rasa perlu ku luang sejam, menaip entri utk sang pengunjung. sgt indah view dr atas. Menghijau!! Fulamak..bernovelis kejap..tu belum pk abih tu..main bedal je..akaka!! Memandangkn takleh nk tdo and sambil menonton kali kedua Kyle XY (aku dh abih tgok season ni). Tp sbb watak awek Josh dh muncul yg aku sgt suke bangetttt!!! Andy. So layan la. alang2 taip entri kot isnin ni busy. Kita citer psl cuti kamis aku la.. Aku gi gabai..tak pnh lg gi ngan cembam. Biasalah, bila ke sana destinasi terakhir tangga tinggi tu pasti jd tumpuan kerna gelongsor batu asli yg menyeronokkan. Kawsn itu mmg tumpuan sume org termsuk kami. Sprt berbaloi memanjat tangga termengah2 terkepol2.. Ni baru tgh2 prjlnn. Jauh lg nk naik Wawa tak berendam. Lalu kutugaskn saja utk menjaga bagasi kami dn menyerahkan lensa Nieyl (nama kamera aku) padanya. Pendekkan citer masa aku pinta wawa shot gambar aku menggelongsor, di sebelah aku dua org