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Ramadhan is ending

Without you even realize it, Ramadhan is approaching the end. all the other Ramadhans, I have wasted the precious 30 days without succumbing myself before HIM asking every best things from him to happen, every possible blessing from him and every single forgiveness from HIM. Oh Allah, please let me be the one who would embrace Ramadhan again next year and hopefully it would be a better Ramadhan next time. Amiiinnn.. Today, is supposed to be the last day of my 10-day contract job with MAHB. Alhamdulillah, started day 1 with a very blurry mode after not practicing SAP HR for years. After the 3rd day, everything went better. From trying hard to make poker face giving the impression of "Yes, I know my thing", I started to walk the talk. The transactions, the processes, the flow and the concepts are surging into my rusted brain and started to shine brighter and brighter everyday. Alhamdulillah now I can initiate the discussion, proposed solutions, challenge the