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Petua memancing ikan pari

Cuti raya cina yang lalu, aku balik ke terengganu. Cuti panjang lebih 3 hari biasanya akan diluangkan di kampung isteri. Perjalanan melalui LPT2 yang 1/3 siap tu sedikit sebanyak menghilangkan rasa sebhel (baca : meluat) untuk memandu berbanding jalan lama yang siap lalu Kampung Durian Kassim.  Petang2 biasanya memang sudah jadi aktiviti wajib untuk melawat ke rumah Tok. Bahasa orang umah aku 'turun'. Kalau ajak turun maknanya ke umah Tok kat tepi pantai Seberang Takir ni lah. Kebetulan balik tempoh hari, ayah ke laut tahan pukat. Merasa la aku ikan fresh2..ikan parang, gelama..niceeee. Memang kalau balik ke Terengganu aku puasa ayam. Ahahahaha. Cun gak hasil shot 4S ni...Ni pun gambar upload blogger dah jatuh kualiti 50% haa Bila akak ipar aku abeh round benteng naik moto smpi ujung, turn aku, Cembam n ekal plak nek moto ke ujung benteng. Nampak macam2 gelagat orang...layan ipad tepi pantai, layan laptop, jogging, merendek. Kat ujung ramai yang mancing. Aku benti and spot

Riazaizi Aiman Zulkarnain

Alright..baru dapat chance to update this dear blog. The pictures have been uploaded days back, but I didn't manage to allocate some time to properly draft an entry. =]. Anywhere here it is. Last week, when I was at Ganu, I managed to pay a visit to Aima and her first son Riazaizai Aiman Zulkarnain. After we shopped at Sabasun, I texted Aima that we were coming.  Once we were at her doorstep, I texted her after salam and she replied to wait as she was changing Ria's diaper. After a moment, her brother opened the door and we went in. There he was..Ria!!! Just awake from his sleep. Xiyad and Ria paying attention to Aima's story The first moment when they started to talk with each other..ahahahaaahaha Here it is. The cute small boy who likes to be on his chest The sofa, err sofa ke? was really nice. Xiyad can lie down and did his thing, sucking his fingers. We were served with a nice chocolate cake, cupcakes, buah duku..!! But memang aku blasah duku tu je la..ahahahah


Bayangkan kalau yang sembahyangkan jenazah mak atau ayah dia tu anak dia sendiri. Kamu rasa dia akan doa lebih kurang je? Paling kurang anak tu menangis2 berdoa mohon mak ayah dia ditempatkan di kalangan orang yang beriman. Anda rasa doa dalam keadaan yang begitu sedih dan begitu meminta pada Allah, adakah Allah akan tolak doa anak itu? Mustahil..mustahil Allah yang maha pemurah lagi maha penyayang akan menolak doa anak yang begitu sedih atas pemergian ibu bapanya seriyes aku nangis sebak dengar..(takde la siap air mata..bergenang je) and terus rasa nak pandai uruskan jenazah...Tengah blajar online skang

Wordless Wednesday

Xiyad and his gaming observation

We gonna get back to KL tomorrow. I really wanna kick off right after subuh prayer or latest after breakfast, but the keropok lekor BTB that we've booked will only be ready around 10a.m. Hmm..I really really hope it's still not late that will cause us stuck once again in a long line of cars heading towards KL like last year..(==) Xiyad now would prefer a very short series of naps through out the day. Less than 1 hour, and then he would enjoy himself in his own-created world, making sounds every now and then and if he felt so bored, he would just cry to get his Mom's milk =] He can now be left with others, just let him be by himself while we have our lunch. The secret lies behind his fingers!! He really love to suck his own fingers. CUUUTTT PCCUUTTT ..the sound that he makes whenever he was sucking that fingers of his so gleefully. Even his Pok Su Ekal can be trusted to look after him. They can play PES (pre evolution soccer) at Cembam's Iphone together..err..well me

Raya cina di ganu

Tahun lepas balik ganu raya cina, otw balik KL tersangkut jem Karak smpi ke Gombak..memang rasa tobat nak balik ganu dah. Smpi terpaksa kencing tepi keta sebab terlalu sesak. Cuti umum smpi 4 hari mmg jadi pilihan la kampung jauh2 utara, selatan, pantai timur nak balik kan. Yang melayu pn tak lepas peluang. Jadi tahun ni pn sama, balik ganu. Kami tolak pagi sabtu kul 5. Disebabkan jumaat ada meeting, takleh nk balik pas semayang jumaat macam kebiasaan. Tp ok gak sebab leh layan tenis dulu jumaat malam tu. Adik ipar aku start drive dari kl smpi ke Kuantan. Best..ada tukang ganti. Then dari Kuantan ke Ganu lalu Jabor aku bawak macam biasa. Singgah Shell Cheneh macam biasa. Gerai jambu tu naikkan rega lagi. Air jambu tu 2 hengget secawan. Ke kuantan sebab singgah tempat keje my other SIL si ateh ni haa..dia nak bagi barang Mary Kay..ate kalau korang pakai Mary Kay, adik ipar aku ni agen gak..dia leh bagi lagi murah seposen dari pasaran..amacam? Kekekekeke. Then dapat udang and limau 2

Little bit about Cameron

The New Year Eve was being celebrated by us at Cameron Highland. My sis and I were thinking about having a holiday together with our family during the school holiday. Even Cembam asked to have jalan-jalan time during the last weekend of the school holiday. So I browsed Agoda, booked the Parkland Apartment for RM450 a night and we headed there around 4P.M. Some said that the route from Simpang Pulai is wider and much smoother. But if you come from KL, Simpang Pulai is the next exit after the Tapah route. So you would even drive farther away from Tapah route/exit and Simpang Pulai route is waaayyyyy longer than Tapah route. Seriously. We kinda regretted the decision sooo fartin hard. We also got stucked in the jam for couple of KMs. We reached the apartment around 9P.M and after we refreshed ourselves, feeling rejuvenated, we went out to the night market which was almost closing. Mom stayed at the apartment looking over the sleeping Xiyad. We bought a sweater and leggings for Xiyad w

Laptopless Wednesday

Being a parent with something that u have to do of ur own really needs to master a mutltitasking skill so that u can still do whatever u want and at the same time sharing the attention to ur loved one!!!

Cradle Cap - kerak kepala

Aku xleh akses laptop sdri. Login dh disable. Mujur dh ada smartphone. Leh la wat macam2 bila jd kes camni. Alang2 mari update blog via phone ye. Heheh!! Waktu last blik ganu ari tu, mmg niat nk mintak ayah mertua aku cukur kn rambut xiyad. Amek berkat dr tok ki dia. So mlm nya tu siap bli pencukur. Pagi tu mintak ayah cukurkn. Bila tgok gmbr ni bru la teringat camne rupa xiyad ada rambut. Susah gak cukur rambut bayi ni. Rambut haluusss. Nk tekan kuat sgt pn tkut. Kulit nipis je kan. Jadi hampir sejam gak la. Ayaj tk abihkn cukur, aku smbug. Lenguh gak ayah mencukur. Tp part atas tu xdpt nk cukur clean sbb tersangkut2 dek kerak kepala xiyad. Tp masa ni xteruk mana pn. Orang tua suh sapukn bedak sejuk aku pn beli n sapu kt pipi n kepala. Dh mcm raja kapur dh haa. Kami bg nipis gak sbb tknk dia gugur msuk mata or mulut kn. Tp mmg prasan makin teruk lepas cukur n tepek bedak sejuk tu. Maybe x sume petua kena dgn sume org. Mcm aku citer sblum ni, blik dr ganu nmpk dh sbiji ruam berna

Bruce Willis to invite heroine Wafa in his next movie

Ekekekeke. Wafa with Bruce Willis...There are gonna be the shining duo in the movie Chocolate Toll.   Hehehe..the picture taken from the past encounter with Wafa at Lachang toll going back to KL from Ganu. Wafa texted me couple days before to buy her some keropok lekor BTB, so we set the place and time to meet. It was the first MemuahAh Xiyad ever met!!! Xiyad looked so comfy in Wafa's hands. During this time you could see Xiyad's cheek was still clean and clear. But he had his first yellowish spot on his cheek at this time. I spotted it during our last day at Ganu. At that time I sighed inside my heart "Damn..this gonna gets ugly". And I've predicted, the rash flared up horribly during our cameron trip the next day. I got a nice box box of chocolate from wafa. They were round with blue..err..sugar ka? on top of them. There were so delicious!!! Serious. Like buying it from the chocolate shop. There were also nuts inside. I don't really know if

Traumatic experience

Your babies' fingers grow much more rapid then yours. The fact that their finger nails are really soft is truly a nightmare for parents like me because there would be no "TEK", "TUCK" sounds when you cut them off. And you're so scared that at the end of the process, there would be blood coming out from the tip of your babies' fingers!!! Traumatic experience for both the baby and the parents ==' I bought the baby nail clippers couple of weeks back to make our life easier =p. It really gives a small help with the design to minimize the risk of cutting the flesh, but still up to now I've mistakenly cut my son's flesh 2 times. And this morning was the worst incident ever. The blood was slowly coming out from the cut and he was crying in a high pitch voice. Thanks to the Mummy's breasts, he managed to calm himself by breastfeeding. I applied gamat oil to the cut using a piece of tissue to stop the bleeding. So pity == Huwaa..Now I reall


I've finished watching Ra.One last night. Apparently the subtitle that I managed to download yesterday in the office (1MB je, tak effect the office's network performance pun) works!! My rating? It's like watching our own superhero movie Cicakman but with one thing plus - sexy abs ladies..ahahahaha!!! ---------------------------------------------- I have a presentation that needs to be made tomorrow to the client. It's a mean of selling our service and hoping to seal the deal and brings money to the company. Well I know this is part of being a consultant but it's my first time ever doing this since the day I was called a consultant. It brings chill through my spine but at the same time, I glad that I've been given this opportunity to bring myself up another level of my life experience. So just now, my colleagues and I were summoned into the manager's room and with us was also the sales manager as a listener to our pre-run presentation. After 2 of us have p

Ra One english subs

The movie has been downloaded from youtube couple of days back. But now, I'm looking for Ra One english subtitle for it's SRT format. The subs is already embedded in the youtube video but I don't really know how to make it appears after it has been downloaded. Hmmm..Damn it!! Anyone knows how to enable the subtitle from the youtube video that you've downloaded? Nice Poster!!!

Wife punya pasal hilang sejuta...

Tadi bangun tido kul 10.15. Tidor lepas maghrib dengan niat dodoikan anak..bapak2 dia skali lelap. Bangun2 sambil makan malam layan Money Drop tu kali ketiga aku tgok. Yang menarik pasangan couple muda ni haaa... Tetobe sampai kat satu soklan ni. "filem apa yang diarahkan bersama Ahmad Idham dan David Teoh" . So pilihan jawapan dia; 1. I'm not single 2. Damping Malam 3. tak ingat 4. tak ingat Kalau korang masih ingat kat blog ni aku citer, ada 2 events yg klakar bila diingat balik pasal si Cembam ni. Pasal kepercayaan. Bukan dalam relationship, tapi benda lain. Ingat lagi citer dok caya kat Cembam mana letak parking sudahnya floor lain rupanya. Ingat tak citer dia kata ada stesen minyak siap merajuk aku tak percaya upanya memang takde. Haaa...Ekekeke. Ni bukan niat kutuk saja seloka laki bini. Cembam pn citer " dah tgok dah ni ulangan yang ni...jawapan dia I'm not single ". "Ye eh?" aku pun percaya la..sapa lagi nk percaya kalau bukan

The Car-seat training - A brilliant session!!!

This weekend feels like the end of the best days ever spent!! Yaa..I supposed to have a 3-week leave or even longer. But there's a new project already waiting for me and I would be one of the main resource. So long story shortened, the client wanted me to present about the system to them =='. So cuakkkss~~~ and so malas to start working again~~~~ I left my camera and Xiyad's bag full of his clothes during our a-week balik kampung session at my sis' place. So whether we like it or not, we had to go out this weekend to fetch it back plus my sister's medical card was also mistakenly kept by me. So this time it was a very nice saiillll!!!!! We've been trying to train Xiyad to get accustomed to his car-seat coz it will be an enormous advantage if we could do so. Cembam can drive with Xiyad next to her in the car-seat without needing someone to hold him. It had been the third attempt after both of the previous attempt were only manage to retain him 15 minutes long

satu ayat tak memberi makna yang tepat

Salam semua... Baru balik dari dapatkan imunisasi kedua Xiyad Asytar ni. Alhamdulillah dia nangis kejap masa orang dok pegang kaki dia. Nurse cakap kuat kaki dia. Ate dok berayun sokmo..darah keturunan raja libas le katakan..tu blum tangan tu..darah taekwondo tu. Tiap pagi dok training karate sisi bath tub tu dang dang...ahahahaha!!! Ari ni nak citer pasal reference...rujukan...yeeee Sebagai orang islam kita perlu sentiasa berbalik pada al-quran dan hadis sebagai reference bila kita nak pastikan sesuatu. Then rujuk ulama', rujuk ustaz, berguru...maknanya kalau google kat tenet tu pastikan google dua tiga sumber sebab kita takleh nak  main petik dari satu sumber je. Ate kat tenet tu kalau yg pandai main keyword CSO ke apa jadah. Yang takde ilmu pn leh dpt top carian google utk entri dia berkaitan apa yang kita cari. Aku ternampak satu blog yg lemparkan fitnah pada Ustaz Azhar Idrus yang kian popular malah remaja dan golongan muda pn mula pergi ke majlis ilmu dia. Sampai lebi

Eczema?? (==)

Ingat x ruam2 yg xiyad kena kat pipi aki citer the other day? aku post status fb tny kwan2 krim yg bole disyorkan n mmg kwn2 masing2 share krim yg depa penah pakai n berkesan utk anak diorg. Tp kalu lain punca dia, lain puka ubatnya. So aku try bedak ruam dulu. Pakai pas mandi n waktu mlm nk tydo. Alhamdulillah dia kurang skit. Xdela terus ilang tp kurang byk. Cumanya cuti ni bila last day kt ganu aku prasan ada naik ruam baru. Hmm.. Padahal sejuk kt ganu tu. Jadi probably ruam alergi n bukan pasal panas la kan? And the worst thing masa nk blik kl aku spot ada ruam baru yg mcm nanah sebijik dh hinggap pipi xiyad. Mmg stat risau la dh aku. Terus bgtu cembam smpi2 kl nk singgah az-zahrah utk dptkn nasihat krim plg seswai utk ruam xiyad ni. Tp sbb dh penat, tertangguh. Nk pegi pg sbtu sblum ke cameron pn xjd sbb ramai sgt. Kami ke klinik salam kt s.alam je. Dptla krim. Tp doktor advised jumpa pakar gak. By this time mkin byk naik kat muka. Kerak kepala xiyad pn makin teruk. Alahaiii n