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Digital Artwork : Strider (capcom) + Spiderman (marvel)

This is the 2nd artwork that I did for Character Redesign Battle that comprises of Strider from Capcom + Spiderman from Marvel.       + This is the orginal Strider character from Capcom (left). Errr I dont really know if this is the original version. Maybe it's a fan art as well. But this is how Strider looks basically. And who doesn't know Spiderman (right). So I mixed these 2 characters to create my own. This is the lineart.   And this is the final artwork. I flipped the original lineart to the rightside without any reason. And here it is the final version of mine. The SPRIDERMAN!! Hope u like it!!

Digital Artwork : Capcom Vs Marvel

Capcom is one of the icon in console gaming...There are lotsa characters created under Capcom..U would probably know Ryu, Ken, Chun Li from street fighter, King of Fighters and lots more. Marvel is the western brand with characters like Ironman, Captain America, Spiderman etc. So this artwork's challenge is to have a character from both Marvel and Capcom to be combined and give birth to a new character of my own. This is the lineart This is 60% complete. Just need to add shadowing, detailing and background This is Gouki/Akuma + Red Hulk VS Ken + Mr Fantastic (Elasticman). Below are the characters that made up this artwork.            + VS                 + And this is the final result..Well I'm still so noob in digital art and background is really a pain in the ass for me right now. SO the background for this artwork is a googled image which I inserted as the background. Hope you guys like it.

KPOC Annual Dinner 2014 - Golden Palm Tree Resort

Trying to be active back in blogging. I think I should be writing entries in english again now coz my office days has been lacking on english conversation for the past year. The reason is because the folks here are mostly malays and even the chinese prefer to converse in malay once somebody started it.  Even the meeting would not be conducted in full english and I didn't get the chance to talk, converse in english with other peers or clients or users like when I was doing support for my previous job. So I do think my dull english has becoming more and much duller to date. Hope by writing, it would somehow not improving, but keep it in check. Last 2 weeks, on December 7, my company held our annual dinner at Sepang Gold Coast. We had the privilege to spend the night at the Golden Palm Tree Resort courtesy of the annual dinner committee that had done such a fantastic job organizing the event and taking care of our hospitality. My wife and I arrived there around 5PM after an u

War Museum Pulau Pinang

Dah lama tak berblogging..bila dh stop lama nak start balik mmg susah. Tapi takpe lah..skang blog dh semakin private secara sendirinya..jadi takde isu nk update utk reader kappe..kekeke Cuti Deepavali hari tu kami ke Pulau Pinang. Ni kira cuti2 dengan keluarga mertua aku. Famili mertua aku singgah umah aku dulu  hari khamis tu..n jumaat petang kami bertolak ke penang. Mujur la tak jem menghala ke Utara masa tu. Perjalanan pun smooth je. Dalam kul 9:30 malam kami sampai Penang umah akak ipar aku. Dia lepas je jambatan, menghala ke georgetown perumahan yg dekat ngn Tesco tu. Hari pertama kami ke War Museum. Berapa inggit ntah tak ingat..Rm20 kot masuk. Alang2 dh smpi, pejam sebelah mata je la bayaran. Lagipun masa ngan memuah tak masuk kan. So kami masuk la. Ayah mertua aku tengah in jolly mode terus posing ngn jaket, topi ngn senapang yg dia letak kat pintu masuk muzium tu. Bergambar famili sebelum masuk. Xiyad time ni ngade taik kuda nak berdokong plak..mujur la acik nu