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Instagram is cool!!

I am fairly new in Instagram. I have it in my SIRI for a while but had not use it at all. I only knew that when you used Instagram, you can upload them to twitter and FB at the same time. Nice..So I tried using it for the first time around last week taking photo of Xiyad as a curtain model. And wow!! Just like that I fall in love with it!! So this is my very first Instagram photo that I took, Xiyad the curtain model =]. And since then I started to take more photos with Instagram. Then I got this notification that Kapten commented on my picture. I thought he commented the picture in my FB but he was actually commented it in the Instagram itself. Only then I know, "Oh..can comment there". Hahaha. Well, I didn't explore it much though. When I explored it more, I can see my friends 'liked' my photos and at that point of time I know that Instagram really is fun, it's like Flickr but simpler. Nice!!! You can add friends or contacts or whatever you call it, f

Congrats to Shaiful & Diba - late entry!!

Last Saturday, June 17th, I went to my friends' wedding (friends because both are my friends that I've known from 2 different times and places) with Cembam and Xiyad at Taman Dato' Haron PJ. When I saw one of my friend posted his FB status saying that he's already there, we were still lazying in front of the television with Xiyad crawling here and there. We kicked off from our house after Zuhur and reached there around 3 P.M. Most of the guests have already went back home. I managed to meet some of my colleagues and the other Ziyad, my colleague's son who was born a couple of days earlier than Xiyad. Hehehe. A reunion after 8 months being born!! A photo from my friend's FB. I was having my dish at that time so I didn't manage to take a picture for myself. 1 muka selenge je, satu lagi cebik nak nangis. Hahahahaha!!! While we were having our dishes, a group were buzy wrapping up other tables next to us. They have started to pack things up leaving j

Mengantuk Tahap Ashabul Kahfi

Huwarghh!!! Tahik tol!! Opis blok flickr aku pn tak tau apa benefit dia dapat. Nak upload guna blogger direct asek hang je plak dah..caishhh!! Aku wat entri lain je lah dulu..SAKIT ATTTIII *gaya Ropi* Semenjak dua menjak ni, aku kalau merempit nak ke opis dari umah aku nun kat Sri Putra tu mmg dh rasa macam balik kampung time raya lalu PLUS Highway. Ditambah plak lately ni asek mengantok tahap tersengguk2 bawak moto tu. Dia punya peeling macam time puasa je haaa..Ni bukan overexaggerate dowh. Tapi mmg ngantuk gilee bawak moto tu sampai aku rasa fedap sangat nk tahan ngantuk and rasa nak mencolot (melompat) je dari moto tu, biaq pi ghaplah terkois dia la nak langgar pa, pastu jatuh guling2 and tido je kat mana pun aku berenti guling..Siyesssss annoying gile tahap ngantuk dia. Pagi tadi pun terlelap2 walaupun aku tidoq awai skit n pagi tadi macam dpt gak la tido pas subuh yg buleh tahan duration nye ngn Xiyad dok main sorang2 niarap atas lantai tu. Tapi tetaplah mengantuk s

I believe strongly on what Allah has planned for me

Hi everyone!! To those who have been reading my entries from far back years ago might remember that in my life, whenever I faced a difficult situation, I would always trust the Almighty's plan and follow the flow without any hesitation or just a very little objection. I didn't get depressed when I short a month starting my secondary school when the school term has already started but my name yet to be assigned to any school. I didn't get depressed when I get caught 'curi line' tepon when the fact was that I only used it twice to call my physic teacher. I didn't get depressed when my friends and I, a group of 3 decided to pick Prof Hasan as our final project counselor when I had a better option and ended up both of them dropped the subject leaving me alone with the professor who was super busy and hard to get a meeting I didn't get depressed when the professor said I was wasting his time when I didn't bring the presentation slide duri

Wordless Wednesday

  Amer, Erina and the adorable boys!! v(^^)v

Xiyad dok sembang ngan 'adik'

Last Saturday, kakak ipar aku berkunjung ke teratak usang aku ni nun dari penang. Dia ke kenduri kawan dia kat area Uniten tu, so alang2 singgah la sat. Tapi tak bermalam pun sebab Along bermalam kat umah adik ipar dia. Diorg smpi petang dalam kul 3 ke 4 gitu tak silap aku. Mekasih bagi buah tangan pelam besaq yg tak potong lagi sebab nk tunggu masak n buah ciku tu yee. Ni pestime tgok Along lepas beliau pregnant. Hehe. Dah nampak dah perut 5 bulan tu. Cembam dulu tak nampak pe lagi 5 bulan. Anak besar la tu gamaknye. Xiyad mulanya nangis2 gak bila abang ipar aku try pegang. Tapi lepas dah lama dia ok je. Sengih2 gak la. Tapi yang menariknya bila dia start rapat2 ngn along aku nih.  Dia meniarap smpi betul2 depan Along aku tu. Then dia dok try pegang perut Along. Memang motif sangat. Tu tgok tu, maybe dia nk cakap kat Along " anak pompuan la Mak Long. Dia kata Mak Long kuat keje sangat, dia penat ". Heehehehe Macam berinteraksi plak Xiyad dengan baby dalam kan

Warrior - my own review

2:57 A.M Huhu..Reached home after our friendly tennis match with BOMBA Cyberjaya around 1 A.M. I've already took a shower before I went home, Cembam didn't cook so I don't need to finish any meal tonight. Hence, I can use the time with Euro or surfing the net. Before I went to play earlier this evening, I watched a movie that I've copied from a friend of mine few weeks ago and it's really interesting. I've already planned to watch it till finished. So apart of watching the Euro, I watched the movie =p. It's a story about a broken family with 2 sons separated from each others. After a long time, the younger brother appeared on his father's doorstep, a father that he hated so much due to the separation. At the same time, the elder brother was having a financial issue with his own family. Cut it short, both ended up entering an MMA competition called the SPARTA. They were underdog but they climbed to the final stage with their own skill. But

Xiyad makes grandma smile and cry

Fasting month is approaching and I'm sure the last thing we know, it has already knocking on your door reminding how you supposed to take full advantage of the holiness it brings. Mom texted me the other day; Awal puas balk kg ye.mula kan puas sama2 Actually I was blurred for a moment. Puas balk kg? I thought mom wanna say that she tak puas having us in the hometown during our 2-day stay the other weekend. I read and read and was in the middle of texting my mom " tak paham mak oii ", and only then it struck me that puas means puasa. Hahahaha!!! Adeh~~ Hamek kawww!! So I replied her "insyaAllah" Mom is having a hard time being separated with Xiyad. Mom has spent almost 3 months taking care of him, listening to his nagging, to his cry, looking at him doing things and the thing that flashing every now and then in her mind is Xiyad's cry ==. She shed a tears whenever she was thinking about Xiyad. During the first week of Mom back at her

refill Coke 5times in MCD got beaten?err really?

  Stumbled upon this video. But the interesting part is this time, racism is not really provoked by the commentators of the videos. Mostly kutuk kaw2 the students. Ahahahahaha!!! But for Mcd staff, your term is "u can refill". The students might be wrong to refill too many times without any consideration and even share with 5 people. But it's a loophole in your own term. Plus you didn't get extra bonus for saving the coke man. Just give them laaa

Food for Life. Mango Floss+Fish n Chips

I have a friend, a colleague who would usually updated her foursquare, checking in at every places she went. Well if not every, should be most of the places. The interesting part of the check-ins that she made are the places she dined in.  She dines at all over the restaurants here in Gardens and Midvalley. Tony Roma's, Italiannese, Delicious and etc. You name it. And every single day she dines in a place where I could consider expensive which will cost you more than RM10 maybe everytime you dine there. I'm jealouuusssss~~~~ As she's also traveling a lot!! I mean if it's me, sure pokai already. But she can dine in at a cozy place right after she came back from her travel!! Nice right~~ Jealoussss~~ As for me, almost everyday I would dine at the cheapest foodcourt exists in this cozy place which is the Lower Ground Makan Place. There are various stalls that sells variety of food from roti canai, to 'goreng-goreng', nasi campur and other traditiona

First day with the Nanny~~

Today is the first day of sending Xiyad to his Nanny. After a week looking for the most suitable candidate, we decided to stick with our first option, Kak Ida who is currently not babysitting anyone. For us, she's the best choice because the attention will be fully towards xiyad and only xiyad. There shouldn't be any case of other kid harming him, accidentally stepped on him, scratch him or any means of physical contact because he's there alone. Eventhough the first attempt with Kak Ida ended with the worst cry ever from Xiyad, shoving Kak Ida's hand everytime she tried to hold him and he would look away from her, but the 2nd try was a success. Xiyad even managed to sleep during the 1hour plus we left him at Kak Ida's house. So this morning I started to prepare at 8A.M. Warming up Xiyad's porridge. But I put the "bilis kisar" too much and it was salty. Xiyad shoved it away everytime I tried to feed him with it. So I had to throw it away and made a

Siap dah satu!! Tapi???

Yeah!! 1:31pagi!! Siap satu album kawan aku untuk majlis Nikah tempoh hari. Memang slow sket progress. Aku pun dah tak ingat apa yang buat slow..tapi takde la slow..OK je sbnrya. Tapi mungkin aku sendiri rasa lambat sebab ni pestime utk banyak benda. Pestime kena compose 40 keping punya album. Selama ni aku nye 22 pages. Sebab my fren guna groupon deal nye kupon, so wat 40pages macam offer deal tu lah. Jadi memang lagi byk page kena buat ==. Then pestime gak guna saiz album 8.5x11 inci yg aku rasa sangat awkward. Saiz default gambar kita capture adalah 8x12. Jadi nak compose gambar2 dalam saiz canvas 8.5x11 ni jadi payah. Jadi susah nk guna semua ruang. Memang jadi tak cukup ruang or terpaksa potong kiri kanan lebar gambar. Pestime jugak kena siapkan work kita tu kat third party software printing shop tu. Bagi ukuran tapi bila kita masukkan dlm software tu masih ada lari. Kita pulak tak tau camne gaya dia punya printing. Terpotong macam mana setiap sisi tu. So lepas dh kompem

Xiyad dan perkembangan tumbesarannya

Esok balik KL. Ingat nak spend seminggu kat Ganu ni..tapi sebab adik ipar aku nak berangkat ke UK untuk lanjutkan PHD dia, maka family in-law aku ni pun ke KL lah untuk menghantar beliau yg bakal flight most probably Jumaat ni. Ni tak tido lagi sebab terlayan citer korea The Chaser plak dah..hahaha. Pasal pembunuh bersiri yg aim pelacur2. Tersangkut plak. Tu yang tak tido2 lagi ni. Aku dh bawak gambar2 wafa balik kampung ni dlm hard disk external. Tapi bila try wat album tu lambat plak dia proses. Slow sket processor laptop ni. Ilang mood plak. Lagi 4 pages je nak siapkan yg album tunang tu. Takpe la balik sok aku pulun la buat. Lepas ni kena siapkan yang solemnization plak..huhuhu...banyak lagi pages. And ada kawan mintak amek gambar aqiqah anak pada kawan dia gak later next month. So kalau tak siap cepat, bertindan2 plak la karang keje wat album. Lama dah tak bz buat album custom ni. Macam2 pilihan dh pengantin kat luar tu nak jimatkan kos. Oh..nak citer pasal Xiyad lah. Lepa

Geng Memuah - Kenduri Wafa & Iyan

Sabtu lepas, 2 Jun - Aku dan geng Memuah yang lain attend kenduri kawin one of us, Wafa kat Bahau nuuu~~~ Lama dah agenda ni diperbincangkan..tapi tinggal 2 minggu nak majlis punya plan baru betul2 diguna pakai dan dirangka serta diwancana dengan baik. Hehehehe. Aku offer dak2 ni tido umah aku malam sabtu tu utk mudahkan perjalanan. Takde la sabtu pagi tu baru nak kutip sorang2 yang bukan nye sekangkang kera jarak umah masing2. Hehehe. And lepas depa setuju, Zona, Masy, Keri and Bella pun tido umah aku le malam tu  lepas depa mai seketa dengan Swift baru yang maha angkuh dan terkenal di Highway Plus..ahahaha!!! Tapi lepas anta Unidentified Tumpang Person (UTP) tu, masuk je highway plus through Sri Putra toll tu diaaaaaa keta punya panjang, banyak, terkedek2 gerak menghala Seremban. D.E.M..Ni poblem dia..sebab nak mai sama2, satu geng kan..cumanya, antara geng2 ni dua orang adalah photographer opisyel kenduri tu. Ada anak kecik plak tu yang jadi skejul tu slow skit nk start g

Cuti sekolah!!

Fyuhh~~ penatsss Aku ada di kuala terengganu lening. Hehe. Sampai pukul 7.40 ptg tadi. It's the longest journey to KT so far, 7 hours. Maybe sbb keta byk n aku takde rasa nk speeding. Alhamdulillah xiyad maintain behaved, kena la juga agkt kuar dr carseat tu 2-3x spnjg mmg perlu pn kuarkan rvery now n then sbb panas n lenguh dia dlm tu. kalau agkt kuar tu mmg akan berbunyik2 tulang dia. Mesti dia rasa lega je bila bunyi tu. hehehe Selasa lpas, once aku dh dpt total leave balance aku, trus shoot emel kt manager mintak cuti sempena curi skola kn. alhamdulillah approved sbb aku pn tgh xde projek. Balik je kenduri wafa sabtu lepas, tertido dpn tv bila keri, bella, masy n zona dh blah dr umah aku after the tapaued dinner that we had together. Harapnya pada diorg yg sudi bermalam di umah aku yg br 2x payment ni selesa lah ye spnjg ur tenure.. =] Bangun pagi ahad,wife aku dh cargad siapkn umah, xiyad dll. Maklumlah nk balik kampung dia kan. Hehehehe. Oleh kerana cuti sm