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Yahaya Family's KK Trip v2.0

Alright..when we reached Kundasang, we headed and stopped by the Kinabalu Park. Pusing2, kencing2 and went to see the entrance gate where the hikers would start their journey to conquer Kinabalu Mountain. Alhamdulillah the Innova is strong enough to climb the route in the Kinabalu Park. When we were at the Exit Gate of Mount Kinabalu, where most of the hikers will be ending their hike and emerged here, there was a group of Korean Hikers who were getting ready to leave the place and was sorting out their equipment. And this one Korean Lady approached Fiya and told us "Cantik". Hehehe. Korean usually use "Ippo" for the word cantik or comel. I didn't remember any korean words to have a simple reply to it. hahahaha. We left the park after around an hour of pusing2 and went towards the Rohana Cabin. But we stopped to have our lunch at Restoran Intan. One of the infamous restaurant to dine in Kundasang. Situated right by the Kundasang Roundabout. Ac

Yahaya Family's KK trip v1.0

Late entry for my KK trip with my in-law family. Hehehe. I just feel want to write something. So here it is. We went to KK for our family trip on 27th Oct - 30th Oct. Deepavali and Xiyad's birthday. Xiyad has been talking about going on a flight, aeroplane..since the day we drove Linda Zona to the airport during the last Memuah Seoul Garden. So we've been saying that he needs to behave and we will make it come true. SO here it is, Xiyad's first flight which he really wanted it. The rest of the flight experiences in the past were just mere flight without him knowing the meaning of it. So it was a bit special for him this time.  Punya la we all eat as fast as we can as the gate open in 1 hour..sekali delay..vavi vu ve ve vo Alhamdulillah Asfiya tidur dengan nyenyak je sepanjang flight...memudahkan kami sungguh I came home early and went to the airport by 2 taxis that we have booked days before. The challenge for a trip of 8 is surely the mobility that needs mo