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Turki Winter Vacation - Day 6: Istanbul and Bursa

Day 6 is the most anticipated day for us as we are going to the snowy peak in Bursa!! We hit the road as early as usual and after few hours of driving, we stopped for a quick washroom visit at one of the rest area called KAMILKOC. And then we headed to our lunch place. Ahmed is still suggesting that if we could just skip our zuhur and asar prayer, it would make the timing much smoother. haha. And again we replied, " you don't need to worry about our prayer Ahmed, we know how to deal with it ". Our lunch was at HUNKAR Restaurant which took quite some time to reach there from our hotel. We could feel the chilliness in the air when we stepped out of the car. I asked Xiyad to eat a lot by saying he would be freezing up there in the snow if he did not want to eat more. hahaha. We did not take our prayer time after the lunch and went straight to the cable car place. This is the place that we wanted to go the most. The snow experience...yeayyy!!! Ayoh and Mok dec