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Sedih..tapi salah sendiri juge diperkosa dirogol...

Mungkin ramai dh baca paper ari ni pasal budak pempuan 14 tahun yg dirogol 20 kali oleh pasangan kakak angkat mangsa. Hmmm..kalau anda tak baca pn, takpe la..sbb benda dan berita camni byk terjadi skang ni. Sblum ni aku baca pasal budak kolej dirogol oleh 4 orang laki, ketua dia kekasih sendiri. Hari ni baru sempat nk tulis skit pasal isu ni. Bila baca pasal budak 14 tahun pagi tadi, aku terpk sume cerita2 industan ke, english ke, melayu ke yg berkisar pasal cinta terhalang. Mesti ramai penah tgok citer dengan jln citer camni kan? Tp sedar tak sedar citer camni la yg mempengaruhi budak2 skang utk derhaka pada ibu bapa dan turutkan hati dan so called CINTA. Lari dari Lombok, Johor ikutkan kekasih hati warga indonesia, org kubang kerian? Bangla..apa apa lah. Korg tak perasan? Cerita cmni ni kadang mmg la nk ketengahkan yg cinta tu biar la empunya diri yg byk juga negatif nye. Mak ayah kita yg besar kan kita puluhan tahun dengan penuh kasih sayang..kamu tinggalkan

The bond of a friendship

  Arghh~~~ Holiday mood..maybe not for most of you, but for some of us..ngahahaha!! Tomorrow would be in-leu holiday due to Thaipusam falls on Saturday. Hehehe~~ Jangan jeles. You guys can keep on working as efficient as you are always be..=]. Pat your own shoulders guys.. I stumbled upon this picture, uploaded it last night. The married couple are my friends. Have been posting their pictures here before. This was taken after the outdoor session ended. The most right one is the videographer, Ajak. The one that would replace A.Razak Mohaiden one day. Ehehehe~~ Hail Ajak!! Ajak is one of my best friend. We had a long years of memories that we shared together. One afternoon, He carried me on my bicycle cycling towards my home. Remember co-curricular day?? Mine was on Wednesday. So, rather than waiting at the school till 3P.M, I invited Ajak to take a rest at my house. Ajak lives way far from the school. He came by bus every morning. On our way to my house, we spotted a van trapped

26th Jan has passed with memories that would never wither

Hehehe~~~ Yesterday was 26th Jan..I forgot something sweet about the date. It's my elder sister's birthday and a year of my engagement. Waaahhh~~ It has been a year already since my first time going to Seberang Takir to meet the parents. Kikiki..I was planning to wish my sister and phone Cembam last night. But I played tennis till 10:15, had my late dinner at the mamak stall feeling famished and sleepy when I reached home. And all the plans were forgotten.   Happy Belated Birthday sis. May Allah bless you with soleh and solehah children and lead your life a happy one despite off all the challenges you have gone through. It was this morning when I were writing today's date for my meeting it strucked me. I punched my keypad, and sent SMS to my sister wishing her a happy belated birthday. Huhu...Cembam...?? Hmmm~~ I think she doesn't remember at all. Ekekeke.I'm still thinking on how to text her something different later. =]. But anyway, a year of engagement is su

tooth fairy berbaloi baloi~~~~

Hehehehe~~~~. I've already watched this movie..yeahhh~~. Penyubiru has asked me to write a review on this movie. So here it is; Absolutely a nice movie to be watched with your kids. It's a fun comedy movie with lots of laughing till the end of the movie. Seriously entertaining and a fun one which you don't need to think about the story line because it's a simple one and predictable. But the director surely knows about, there's a twist at the end of the movie. Ahahahaha!!! damn funny when the fairy needs to use somekind of bazooka mounted on the ice rink sweeper to shoot the amnesia dust to the whole crowds in the stadium..ekekeke~~~~ Not gonna spoil more..go go!! watch it...

It's our thing~~

Staring emptily into the monitor, the 'new post' page of blogger thinking of what should be written and shared with my readers. My fingers are itching to dance all over the keyboard and punching the alphabets one by one. For the first time in my relationship with Cembam, last 2 nights I was on the phone with her for 53 minutes. Now, that's a new record. For the past 2 months after we subscribed under maxis value plus plan which enables us to call among us for free, the 2 bills that I've received so far indicated that for the first month, total talk time was 15 minutes and for the 2nd month, it was 18 minutes. It seems, regardless of the free-to-talk package with Cembam, we didn't really use it that much..ahahaha~~~ The total talk time is including the other talk time to other friends and family. Ekkekeke~~ Everytime I talked about Cembam and I haven't really gayut that much or sometimes in a month..neverrr, most of my friends especially the girl and even my

weekend that's just ended~~

After the thwarted planned hangout at FRIM, the Saturday was just hours in front of my laptop surfing, designing and watching DVD movies. Watched Avatar for the 2nd time, UP and Race to the Witch Mountain. All of the movies are nice to watch. I looove the romantic love story of the 2 couple till they got old in Up. Its so nice and how I hope my love story would end like it in the future. The evening was raining~~. Managed to play sepak takraw for 2 sets before the rain poured down so heavy. Sunday was just an empty lazing day lying on the sofa watching Nadal in action. Then I met with my friends to hand them the 2 of their wedding albums and also met my godson Najmi!!! The last time I saw him was when he was just few days of age. He has a very fairrr skin~~~. red lips and like to stare emptily towards random things rather than looking at anyone who tried to make him smile. hehehe. Ahh~~~. There goes my weekend~~.

Rancangan terbantut bila sengal mengulit benak fikiran

Malam tadi mata aku masih terkebil2 menonton ulangan Raja Lawak minggu ketiga. Aku mahu lihat persembahan Alex yg kebetulannya persembhn terakhir utk malam itu. Esok paginya mahu ke FRIM. Teruja sungguh sebab lama semenjak kali terakhir aku berendam dlm air sejuk yg mengalir laju di Ulu Yam berbulan dulu. Jadi mmg aku nk sangat la ke FRIM ni. Pagi tadi lepas puas bergelut dengan toto aku..aku sedar2 dh 8.30 pagi..aku pun siap2 dengan sesegera mungkin. Capai beg kamera yg dh disumbat dengan external hard disk sbb niat aku lepas ke FRIM nk singgah umah kawan utk menyedut movie2 yg beliau download..huhu Dlm pjlnn baru teringat nk meseg member ku Adesh takut dia tertunggu2. Aku dh anta satu meseg mengatkn aku lambat dan dlm pjlnn. Aku nk meseg suh gerak je canopy walk tu dulu tanpa aku. Tp baru nk tekan meseg ada call masuk. Aku agkt call dari adik aku; "Bang, IC suami aku kat ko ek?" "Eh, haah la...aku ada ingatkan ko ari tu utk amek..ko tak ingat aku pn tak ingat..a

List Jemputan~~~

Oleh kerana aku ni wat preparation steadily slow2..aku nk start list nama2 kawan yg nk dijemput. Kalau le korang nye nama takde n mau menghadiri kenduri kawin aku pada 14Mac di terengganu atau 20Mac di Sabak Bernam..sila bgtu di ruangan komen ye. Sapa yg rasa tak available pn bgtu..sbb nk estimate kad juge..mekaseyyy~~~ Dak Blog yg rasa mcm nk datang je kalau dijemput; -Manje Wafa -Masy Montok & Anne -Wanie specteles, syahshah, sharamli, imheppie -Zonaku, Jard, Mak Su, ~0~, Keri, Bella Opismate; -Hasnor, Amer, Elly, Swee Theng -Adesh, Donut, Syu, Azel, Ayu -Najib, Shahir, Fairuz dua org, Zuhaizy n wife, khair anwar -Kak Tie, Karen, Zaliza, Hendro, Raymond -Fifi, Syaz, syahidayah, Elyani, Marlena, Izam, Herley -Am, Aman, Pradis, Nani, Fiza, sharleena, arfah, dian Kawan2 sekolah; -Kak Linda, Pangak, Juih, Butat, Hatif, -Fariz, Nora, Iza, Hanif, Leez, Ajak, Intan (adik), Intan azmira -Hafiz, FarizMM, Fairuz, Irman, Suadah Kawan2 streamyx n Aqil ; -Bos, Kak tie,

FRIM greene scenery and Ulu Yam cool water~~~

Another morning that fulfills my resolution to stay awake after subuh prayer. Managed to let my eyes freshly open by sorting some of my friends' wedding pictures into the album that I got from my sis' wedding gift. Hehehe. I'm gonna use it as my portfolio. You know, meeting some potential client, have them look at it. Something like that. I still have another 2pcs of 8inchx6inch album to be finished. And another one 8inchx12inch wedding album of my sisters. Please be patient yah everyone...Ekekeke. My night is a bit limited due to my tennis session. I would need the weekend to finish them..hopefully. Ahh..speaking of weekend, my office mates suggested to have a morning canopy walk at the FRIM Kepong. It's around MRR2 highway. You can enjoy green scenery and we also planned to have a cool refreshing dip at Ulu Yam waterfall right after that. Anyone fancy of meeting and spending time with the nature?? The plan is to gather around 8.30A.M around there, having breakfast

Why I like it longer

Masy and Toby are a newly married couple. After 3 years of love journey filled with sulking, tears, laughter and all other emotions known to the human being, they decided to tie the knot and moved into their 30year-installment-semi-D around KL area. Well, old people say that once you are married, it's when the real behaviors of the both of the couple would be fully unleashed!! They are damn right. This is where the story begins. One night, when Masy and Toby were making out, Masy was praising Toby with a gleeful glimmering on her face. "Wow Hon~~~~ That's why I like it longer~~~" "Damn right cupcake. I know you would like it. Thanks to ' produk orang kampung' !!" Ihik ihik..they both did their thing till they exhausted. While lying side to side on the bed gasping for some air, Masy suggested something "Hon, could you please grow your hair longer. Like those Korean actors. Please~~~. Your working place allows their employees to have long

Without Borders Contest

Nak join contest yg dianjurkan oleh cik edriena ni. Hadiah boleh tahannn...berbaloi2!!! Apa yg perlu anda buat? upload gambar anda tapi pastikan ianya telah diedit ye. Cik edriena ni nk tgok kreativiti mengedit atau mencatikkan lagi gambar..leh la letak kapsyen, kuda, tahi cacing atau apa saja pada gambar anda asalkan memuahhh yee!!! Nak tau lebih lanjut pasal contest ni??? terjah blog cik edriena ni yeee ~~~~. Kalau ikutkan hati aku nk pos entri contest ni kat blog lain..tknak kasi korg tau..biar chance aku lebih takpe la..Untuk kasi promote bog cik edriena ni sekali la (harap ada markah bonus utk kesucian niat aku ni yee~~) Okeh..dh pukul 2.40 pagi..nk tido..aku sempat edit gambar ni gitu2..asal edit lah kire..ahahaha!!! Jangan lupa ye..sapa yg dpat tiket tooth fairy free bgtu gueeee~~~ Terimalah!!!! Sepakan teras singa tunggal pupus peringkat sarjana muda perenggan ketiga note C minus!!!!! Hiyarghhhh!!!! Ok..Cik edriena..harapnya le menang ye~~~. Saya pert

Tooth Fairy..layannn~~~

Dear Nuffnanger, You're cordially invited to the Premiere Screening of Tooth Fairy happening on; Date : 25 January 2010 (Monday) Time :9.00pm Venue : TGV 1 Utama Tergerak hati nk cek emel yahoo aku tadi. Hehehe..guess what?? Aku dpt tiket percuma tooth fairy.ehehehe!!! Sapa lagi yg dapat weh?? Jard ko dapat tak?? Leh kita lepak sama2 lagi.kali ni. Amacam?? Sila bgtu ye sapa lagi yg dapat free tiket tooth fairy ni..isnin plak kali ni..olrite sgt la nk layan lepas monday blues kat tempat keje kannn...

Congrats Irman n Anis

12:30 P.M, I should have been having my lunch by now. But instead, I'm still at my desk trying to execute some program to make my life a bit easier literally in term of my daily work-task. Ekekeke.I received a text message from my friend last night ; Alhamdulillah..syukur, isteri sy selamat melahirkan seorg bayi perempuan yg comel lebih kurang pukul 9.30mlm. Harap dapat disampaikan pd rakan2 yg lain..;p  Yep..another one of my dearest friend has just been bestowed by Him the gem of their shared life. A baby girl whose name is not yet known. I feel happy for them. The last time I met with Irman, the guy was during the Friday prayer on the new year if I'm not mistaken. A friday that was public holiday, that's for sure. I forwarded his message to some of my friends but forgot to let them know who's baby it was. So the text would be read as I'm the one having the baby. Ahahaha~~~. I got so many missed call asking about it. Some replied the message asking "

Mixed entry on Monday Morning

Supposed to be a busy Monday for me. But the busyness needs to be delayed till this afternoon because the access that I need to do those tasks are not yet authorized to me. They said I need to wait till afternoon. Hmmm..Ok Then. Why not I blog a bit first huh?? Ehehehe.. Just uploaded the picture below. It was taken on 1st November last year after we won 1st place of the takraw game at Sungai Besi. The 2 guys at the back were my team mate. We played against each other in the final. The 2 guys on the front left were our opponent. The other guy have already went home. Hehehe. We sent 2 teams on both made it to the final. Owkh...While I was driving towards Cyberjaya from my hometown, a text message came in. I read it and it was from my client. Remember the one who hasn't paid me yet? " Boleh sy mintak gambar sy please ".  The way I read it. It's like I'm the one who is causing her trouble with her album. So I texted her back, " Saya just tunggu payment je

Rakan ku yg bisu..kami bersembg bagai kawan lama

Pagi itu mmg yg dirancang adalah utk membetulkan zip beg tenis pemberian rakan seperti yg aku kongsi pada entri sebelum ini. Sedang aku menunggu duduk2 membelek2 kasut2 yang dihantar di kedai tersebut, aku perasan satu wajah yg lama aku kenal..aku biar saja pndangannya bertentang dengan aku. Sejurus mata kami bertentang, ku lambai tangan tanda menyapa, dia berbuat sama dan terus turun dari motosikalnya yg asalnya sudah mau ditunggang utk berlalu dari situ. Aku juga bangun dr tmpt duduk aku tadi dan bersalam dengan beliau. Aku kenalinya dengan nama Basir. Beliau insan isitimewa, tidak boleh boleh membaca. Aku kenal beliau sejak usia ku belasan tahun lagi bila dikenalkan oleh ayah selaku rakan ayah suatu petang tika aku pergi menuruti ayah di hentian bas kerana ada tetamu menunggu di rumah mahu berurut. Sejak dari petang itu aku kenali Basir. Aku bersembang dengan bahasa isyarat campur aduk dengan Basir. Hidungya mancung, berkulit cerah dn agak tampan orangnya. Entah mca

Dok kampung meniarap sambil menyembang kepala pusing

Sampai rumah dlm pukul 11.30 malam semalam lepas aku agak sebel (melayunya : fedup) tatkala aku dh nk smpai dh ngan umah ada plak roadblock..huu~~~ Panjang je jadi. Dari KL sepanjang2 jln tak jem..smpi kmpung lak jem. Lapar amat terus radak je apa yg ada kat dapur..hehe..Ikan puyu masak lemak tu~~~ . Nyum!Nyum!! Dulu ikan ni la aku skali pancing n mintak mak goreng n wat lauk. Hehehe..Teringat zaman2 tu. Aku balik nek kereta sbb nk betulkan zip beg tenis yg kawan aku bagi kat aku ari tu. Dh rosak zip dia...beliau terus membeli baru..Masa dia bukak bonet amek beg baru...aku gi la tepi dia; " wahhh!!! cantiknya beg baruuu!!! " sambil pandang beg lama dan pandang kawan aku " .......................... ", kawan aku senym je " wahhh!!! cantiknya beg baruuuu!!!! ", sambil pandang beg lama dan pandang kawan aku lagi " ........................ " " wahhh!!!! cantiknya beg baruuuu!!!!! ", sambil pandang beg lama dan pandang lagi kawan aku

Contest 3G

Alaaaaa...aku tak sempat nk publish entri baru utk arini..nk wat entri siyes sebenarnya tadi..tapi teralit ngan keje2 aku...maklumla pekerja berhemah..nyehehee. Tp pas aku jenguk blog sorg member ni, terjumpa kontes ni..yeahh..contest lagi..aku ada jumpa sebelum tak buat. Mcm contest black n white tu la..lupa terus. Jadi demi menghapdet blog ku utk hari ni..aku dengan ini mengambil bahagian dlm kontest ini. Gambar yg dipertaruhkan?? Mcm besa..aku kodek je mana yg ada dlm flickr aku. Terima lahhh!!!!!!;   Gambar mak ngan adik laki aku. Adik aku gi usik mak aku..aku kena cepat amek..jadi aku terus snap je...agak blur skit masih cun gitewwww~~~~ Yeah..mak, kalau menang lagi mmg adiah bagi mak punye..jangan wisau..ahahaha!!!! Lobang hidung mu tetap menjadi pojaan hatikuuu~~~~~ Sekian utk hari jumaat ni...bubbye~~~~

Menang contest oh yeah~~~

Tuah ayam nampak di kaki..tuah Montok?? Lu org jawab la sendiri ye...Aku ke blog mak su tadi. Dia tulis pasal dia menang saguhati utk contest caption. Aku baru teringat pasal contest tu. Aku pn ke situ la tadi. Tgok2 ada gambar montok??? Maka aku baca entri tu..apa?? No.1??? Ahahaha!!! Nmpknya tuah montok dan anne mmg memuahhh!!! mwah mwah mwah!!!! Topup tu aku n Montok mmg takleh guna sbb kami postpaid. Aku mmg nk bagi mak masa masuk contest tu. Makanya dengan penuh sebak sy ingin memberi ucapan, " ibu..terima lah anugerah ini utk ibu..topup RM50 ibu..ibu call le kawan2, adik beradik, pak guard sekolah sume tu. Juga pada pihak2 yg perlu ibu liaise nk utuskan kenduri kawin saya ye " Mekasih juge pada blog contesto de lour krna sudi menganjurkan kontest seumpama ini ye. Contest black and white aku tak masuk plak rasanya...hmm hmm..Utk senarai pemenang yg lain..korg ke blog dia la yeeee. Inilah gambar yg dipertandingkan dan berjaya mengguris hati penganjur..ekekeke

Enhance your photos~~~Dave Hill style

  I was browsing fotomedia forum while looking at my incident tickets, waiting for the system to run something I wanted and bumped into the topic of 'Dave Hill' style of editing. From what I see, some readers of my blog are those with interest in photography and editing photos. Maybe I could share this effect with you. It's called  Dave Hill style because that's the guy's name who started using this kind of photo retouching. If it's started by Masy, the name would be Montok syle la of course, not Dave Hill. AHahahaha~~~. This style brings out the detail of your picture. I don't have the original version of the photo above, but you can imagine yourselves how a normal picture would look like. The saturation is decreased to 40% of it's original, but of course this can be changed based on your interest. It helps to enhance some poorly taken pictures or to produce a better version of a nicely taken photos. Nah..I'm not gonna share the link here. You

I’m a Tooth Fairy..

Yes. I'm a tooth fairy. Let us skip on the detail how I was chosen to be one. Definitely you need an impressive CV to begin with. As a tooth fairy, my work begins at night. I would brush my teeth, read the newspaper while attending to my white silky wings. I like my wings clean everytime coz it's important to the kids I about to visit everynight. I don't want to taint their fairy image with someone with a lousy pair of wings, stain here and there. That's not faiool ok!! (Faiool is the 'cool' word among us fairies) When the midnight approaches, I would start browsing through my list of kids for the night. I'll start flapping my wings and up up I go~~. Well, you see dealing with kids is always special but it could turn out to be ugly too. So, for the ugly version, I would always have my own gadget - The Tranquilizer !! Once I'm almost reaching these kids' house, I would turn my Flap-Silencer ON. I don't want my flapping wings to awake their pa

Brrr...sejukkkk..kebas jari jemari aku

Hmm~~~ Finished with my tickets, done some testing but yet to replicate the error reported by the users. The thing that makes you wanna chew your own hands or even better your wife or partner is when you got an error reported by the user, you even had a meeting with the user and you can see with your very own eyes that there was an error but when you tried yourself, it works just fine..Arghhh!!!!! I've been trying and keep on trying to stay awake after my subuh prayer by doing things that could prevent me from dozing off and late for my office hours. I've bathed early morning, I washed my clothes, I even did push-ups, watched astro and surf the net. But most of the time, specifically this year this small resolution is not yet accomplished!! Hahaha~~~ I managed to stay awake till 8A.M yesterday before I dozed off and woke up 2 hours after. This morning?? I don't wanna talk about it.. ================================================ Erkkk..I'm at home now. Baru je

Hahahaha!!!!! Wowww..I like sarimahhhh~~~

I'm working from home half day today. I skipped my lunch and went home towards the government clinic around 1.50P.M for my HIV test. I've already asked my team lead's permission to work from home after my medical appointment as the clinic is not far from my house. Stopped at the traffic light, I spotted a baby in her mom's hands looking outside the window from the sedan car. She (I assumed the baby is a girl) was giggling every now and then when she suddenly started looking at me. I mimicked her face expression. When she laughed, I laughed. When she smiled, I smiled. The baby was so happy playing the mocking-face with me. And I enjoyed that brief minute interacting with her. Her mom suddenly realized that her baby was looking outside when she was giggling. Her mom looked at me and smiled. She then asked her baby to bye-bye (waive) at me. The girl waived at me, I waived back and the light went green. Hehehe..a brief accidental occasion sometimes is more than enough t

Faizal Tahir housemate ku dapat no.3!!!!

Dah habes dh AJL..aku rasa mmg ramai punya la wat entri utk AJL. Aku pun nk wat gak entri..EHehhehehe.. Lagu Pergi menang eh..aku tak tau pn pa tajuk selama ni..dok dengar je kat radio. Haaa..tapi yg suara maaaaa ngaaaaa awal2 lagu tu mmg kasi lagi impak beb...Yuna punya performance pn ngam. Tapi!!!! Apa yg lainnya entri aku dengan entri2 AJL korang?? Haaaa!!! Aku nk bgtu Faizal Tahir tu seumah ngan aku ok... Walaupun Faizal Tahir no.3, lu tetap best. Tau sebab apa?? Sebab Faizal Tahir Zaher ni dok seumah ngan aku beb..apa de hal..tongkat tu aku belikan tau..abeh AJL ni mmg kitorg wakaf kat surau utk yg kurang upaya sembahyang. Haaaa.. So ko mmg best Faizal Zaher!!! Ko mmg power, baik hati, kacak dan Super POWEERRRRRR!!!! Kau lah idola kami umah No15. Hehehehe~~~~

comel aku ni tauuu~~~~

Ok~~~ we'll see next and what's the court order regarding the use of the name of Allah for other religion's god. Despite the doubt in each of our heart, let us give the chance to the government to control this issue. And please to all my fellow muslims, please don't do such ruckus and violence because it would give a bad image on our sacred Islam. I learn a few things by just posting up my previous entry just to update my blog. Some might say I'm so angry by reading the entry. Hehehe..after all words cannot deliver the emotion sometimes. And for Mr Topex, your view is considerable as well. The god, Allah is just the only ONE. It's a good thing in a way if other religions start using Allah for their god. But this 'good thing' is soo small to compare with the 'bad things' that come along with it. Tapi ayat quran tu cek balik ek...bahaya tau..mudah kita ni nk terpesong kalau main bedal. That's why I prefer throwing my thought as just a thought

Diorang punya tuhan takde nama sendiri ke??

Hari ni berita riuh la pasal gereje kena bakar atau cubaan dibakar..hmm hmm..Benda pertama yg aku pk selain fakta nyata yg boleh anda dengar dari  berita itu ialah ; "ntah2 bukan org kita (islam) yg agama lain yg saja nk kasi jatuh imej kita (islam)". Tp kalau difikir2kan perangai manusia ni..tak mustahil juga yg buat pn mmg org kita (islam). Cuma aku harap kalau mmg orang kita..biar la dia yg jenis berpegang pada agama..bukan saja bakar tp semayang pn tak. Aku dok tgok banyak yg join group "bantah penggunaan nama Allah" la, byk lagi la..aku terfikir..yg diorg dok hebat2 menentang ni diorang semayang ke tak? Sbb perangai manusia ni sllnya cuma sronok nk jadi sbhgian dari sejarah, aktiviti, rusuhan apa sume. Tp tak tau pn apa erti sebenar perjuangan tu. Hmmm~~~ Tp yg katolik ni pun satu hal..hangpa punya agama, tuhan hangpa takde nama sendiri ke??apa punya lekeh tuhan hangpa ni? Nak pakai jugak nama Allah tu buat apa?? Guna la nama Christ, coperfield ke

What I would do for my breaks??

I was working from home just now when I was suddenly kicked out of my office VPN network and irritating error pop up displayed everytime I tried to connect again. I was just finished my lunch after getting back from the clinic to make an appointment for my HIV test. Feeling sleepy because of the meal I've just consumed, I went to the office and here I am feeling sleepy and doing some investigation for each of my tickets. Arrr~~ It's time for a breakNblog. Hahaha~~~~ Ok, today I wanna share things that I do everyday during my break. Firstly, there's always because of something. Nature call, freezing cold, so sleepy, hungry and last but not least need to stare away from the monitor to get rid of the radiation. Well, usually I would go out for a while when I feel sooo cold because of the aircond. I would sit on the huge vase at the lobby while letting the sun warming up my body. Sometimes there would be some of my colleagues taking a break together. We would chat, smoke (n

Dari jantung berlubang kepada seorang badang

  Ingat entri yg baru lepas?? Gambar kanak2 daku yg suci comel?? Hahaha..tergodek n nampak gambar sblum kami amek gambar adik beradik tu..Haaa..ini la adik laki aku yg kat Atma badan macam jacob tu..ekeke. Tak padan betul ngn masa kecik dia..gembeng. Nangis je keje. Nk amek gambar hepi2 pn nangis. Tu aku kat tepi tu tunggu peluang nk seligi kepala ke, sepak bontot dia je tu..ahaha Kat tepi adalah moto kami suatu masa dahulu sblum dijual kat org dengan rega Rm600. Moto yg aku try naik curi2 masa mak ayah takde dirumah dan meradak pokok pisang sbb handle dia berat..Moto tu jugak la yg bawak kami adik beradik membonceng smpi 4 orang pergi sekolah. Aku tak rasa malu pun. Ok je. Adik ni jugak la yg dulunya sakit jantung berlubang. Time sukan sekolah aku kala dia masih di umur 5-6 tahun, pasti ada acara utk mereka2 ni. Sllnya tiup belon smpi pecah. Adik aku ni tak boleh nk tiup smpi besar pn. Sll aku la yg tiupkan. Tak tau la masa kecik dulu disbbkn sakit ni dia tak boleh atau mmg dia

Dia cacat, kau sempurna..apa lagi mau mu??

Aku duduk diam seorg diri di situ sambil mentari panas kubiarkan membakar suam seluruh tubuh aku yg sejuk kejang dek kerana penyaman udara syarikat yg tampaknya terlampau nyaman. Aku lihat dia seperti biasa di atas kerusi roda elektrik nya. Handsfree yg sering dipakai oleh beliau. Tidak lama kemudian sebuah teksi smpi dan berhenti betul2 di hadapan aku. Aku lihat lelaki atas kerusi roda tadi masuk ke dlm semula dan muncul tidak lama selepas itu dengan pak guard yg bertugas. Aku tau apa tujuannya. Aku amiti sahaja apa yg berlaku. Pemandu teksi tadi sudah pn keluar dan mengambil posisi di bhgn blkg kerusi roda tadi. Pak guard pula sudah siap memegang kemas kaki pemuda tadi. "Ok  ye..ready...1, 2, hupppp!!!" Mereka berdua mengangkat pemuda tadi masuk ke dlam teksi dengan kemas. Pak guard tadi terus pergi mendapatkan kerusi roda elektrik pemuda itu dan membawanya masuk ke dalam ofis semula. Pemandu teksi tadi memasangkan tali pinggang keselamatan utk pemuda itu dan terus me

which type of bloggers you are???

huhhh~~~. Still not authorized to access the system. My manager has already escalated to the responsible team on the urgency of us to have the access. So, I just took the opportunity to groom my blog just now. After years of blogging, I can identify types of bloggers. 1) Those who write for fun, anyone doesn't read..I don't mind but open for public 2) Those who write for fun, personal and make their blogs private 3) Those who write for glamour, traffic feed is damn important for advertising and want to earn some money 4) Those who write and have the intention to be a real-friend of their blog friends by meeting up outside 5) Those who would just drop by and say hi in the chat box hoping to generate traffic when someone paid their visits 6) Those who would read the entire entry or just browse through it, leave comment and might come again or might not. Subject to interesting blog/entry. 7) Those who would follow silently or anonymously because they really interested on s

saya budak cantik berbaju kurunggg~~~

The very first thing I discovered this morning to start my daily job for a piece of paycheck every end of the month was unauthorized access into our daily system. It said that the validity date is expired. Wooww..there's no way we can do our job without the access. The helpdesk shot an email straightaway to inform the authorization team about it. Till now, we still couldn't log in. Huhu..Maybe we just need one more day of rest =] Just updated my efendism blog to display some of the latest shots and some view to any of you who is wondering all the 'editing' that I've mentioned in some of the previous entries. Like usual, contact me if any of your friends are looking for their wedding photographer. Lead them to my website and book me if they are interested with my touch =] Reading through Erina's comment about her childhood, wearing the same clothes as her sister almost everytime..It reminds me of my childhood. Apart of the clothes contributed by our neighbo

org suh bergambar ko menangis apasal???

  Baru setel design 2 lagi page wedding album kawan aku...ada lagi 6. Aku nk cuba siapkan lagi 2 ni n gi print dlm hari kamis selewat2nya supaya aku dpt ambik album tu ujung minggu, set masa n tempat utk jumpa kawan aku ni and bagi diorg sumenya..hmm..pastu baru leh post gambar2 lain. Ni pn bila aku dh tak larat nkngadap gambar2 tu aku amek satu gambar n upload ke flickr. Upload sll problem, streamyx pn sama. Mcm ISp provider ni concentrate speed pada dload saja utk smooth kan browsing kita. Yeahh..aku nk share satu gambar nostalgik ni. Kompem korg leh tau mana satu aku kan...tak beza byk pn aku skang ngn aku masa kecik...tetap comel dan periang...ekekeke..Tk pasti ini a satu2nya baju raya yg aku ingat mak ayah aku belikan. Rasa nya mak ayah aku ada belikan yg lain tp aku cuma ingat yg ini je. Beli ngn ksut sekali. Ini pn gambar yg diambil masa raya tak silap aku. Kat taman blkg masjid jamik Pekan Sabak Bernam. Tmpt tu skang dh jadi kolej Komuniti dh. Dengan berbonceng

Simple weekend mostly on my chest~~~

  Ergghh~~~ Sebel wes meripatku gawe kerjan koro gambar batir ku ki...Huuuhh~~~~(Translation : My eyes were already itching doing my designing for my friends' pictures). It's time for a break and time for my new entry. Hehehe..Thanks to those who have voted for me for the Foto Chenta suci contest. I've just visited the website just now and it seems my number is not the one that keep on appearing in the comments. Hmm..thanks anyway. You can actually put the vote by using link n name only for numerous votes..but, who cares. It's just for fun, grateful if I win and at least a new entry if I don't. Right?? Yeah, this is one of my latest editing. I'm still looking on any tutorial online or at least a bit of a hint on how Rarindra editted all of his photos. He creates miracles by his editing art. Many people out there were asking how he actually do it and of course this kind of art, you can't expect the creator would share it with the likes of us..hehe. It'

Edit Photo Contest

Wanna join the "Edit Photo Contest" organized by Miss Ros in her blog . You can click the banner on my sidebar for the further instruction. Tak rajin nk edit special picture of me for this very contest, so as usual  just browsed through my flickr archive and find this picture. Hehehe..It was an editing just for fun to try the new wing brushes that I've downloaded at that time. So, this is my picture for this contest. Not sure if this one needs voting as well to select the winner..Hmmm.. For those who loves to add sparkling, shining curls on your pictures. This is the time to show-off your editing addiction..=]

Kena undi2 la plak~~~ Undi la saya ye..No.33!!

Contest Photo Chenta Suci's vote is going to commence at 12.01AM 1st of Jan till 12.00AM 10th of Jan2010. I don't really fancy contests that need voting as the way to select the winner because that's more depending on the person's popularity rather than what he/she has for contest. But anyway, I've already joined it. So, if you think I deserve to win, kindly visit the website to vote for my picture. My lucky number is 33!! And there's no word to convey how grateful I'd be other than my humble THANKS. Do vote for me **wink!!**