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My financial Plan and the rest of the story

I've just finished blog hopping to all my favorite links just now.Some I left comments and some I just read their entries. Many of them are good writers. I envy them. Since I just finished my test cases for the day, the relief feeling comes with the passion to nag something on this very digital canvas. So, let's be it. Days here in Shell Damasare seems to pass quite smoothly. I manage to catch up things, the word KT, IH, etc which during the first seems to be so alienating have now being a common things to me. Everything started to fit in the puzzle and make sense to me..=]. So, 'fast learner' attribute which i put in the resume all the while is not just shitty crap i came out after looking at the other's resume. I just have lunch with my other colleagues, Zuhri, Ayman, Marlena and a special guest; Zuhri's old friend, Megat who intended to introduce us to a Prudential Takaful plan which caters ur Health Fund, Investment, Critical Illness so on so forth. Well t

MOnday Fever

Hee..just finished my Test cases given by my mentor, Rina. Quite smooth for the first official day I start testing. It's not as hard or as difficult as I've imagined. The test cases are series of steps they ask us to try n see whether the system will do the same thing as mentioned in the test cases. In english, u follow the steps and raise a question for any peculiar things u discovered to the one giving the test cases..=]. Then the SAP consultant will react to the comments and improvise the system to meet the req. It was raining heavily this morning. I arrived at the office quite late. But, I've already sent sms to my project manager. ingat kita suka datang lambat ke?!!ahaha!! It's not that I can't just wear my raincoat and kick off to the office but it really dangerous guys riding in the middle of the rain with cars everywhere on the road. I kicked off from my home after the rain has ceased. On the way to the office, suddenly there was an area which the rain st

New days await!!

I've tried to post an entry yesterday. But due to some reasons which is 1) I was sitting next to my senior to observe Malysia's payroll process and China's as well, so a bit shy lor coz she can see what i was doing and 2)My Pc restarted by itself which spoiled my mood to type. So, today I've just deleted the unnecesssry drafts and type a new one. Yes..yesterday I kinda have work to do..observing and I got a great news from my admin Aishah that I were to be assigned to a project ; Shell One Health effectively starting from tomorrow which is today. Hence, as u all can guess..I'm currently sitting at my new desk, nes place and new environment!! Allah knows how excited I am right now to be assigned to this project despite the challenges and expectations from my colleagues and team manager. I can assure them that I'll grasp e.thing asap and try my best to be an asset rather than a liability or more precisely..a pain in their asses. Well, a little bit about my new

damn nothing

Monday has passed..Huh~~ I wrote something just now, but when I viewed the page after I surfed some other pages, the posting page has been navigated to the main page..shite..Now I need to start the whole thing again. No fuss, plus I only managed to write 3 lines before it was navigated. I was observing my senior running the payroll for our client just now. At least something decent to do rather than playing game or watching movie at my place. I wonder when I would be assign to any project. The shell project which making us excited for a while when our counselor said that we were to be assigned there is now just something we still need to wait..huu~~ Owkh..I've played DOTA 3 times today. And I'll play another round soon. muahahaha!! This heaven thing has becoming hell from day to day. Have u ever experience a complete freedom, taskless n carefree job till u finally rasa nk muntah with all those "keenjoyan"..hahaha!! Well, that's how i feel right now. Haaa~~~. S


It's raining n foggy outside. Hope the court will manage to dry up so i could have my usual sweating evening with the other guys. It's fcking boring if u want me to define how i feel right now. It's already 6 months w.out nothing to do!! The moment my counselor conveyed to the group that we were to be assigned to a project at SHELL..we were fuckin excited with the news. But days passed and nothing to be heard bout it. This afternoon my colleagues, Nizad, Zuhri, Syaz, Marlena n I went to the Penchala restaurant. The restaurant runs by Thailanese (is it correct?) and once a very place of mine to have my lunch back then when i was working at Vads TTDI. The plan was having lunch somewhere at Damansara, but it ended up having it at the restaurant after a very convincing story told by me..hehe.. Marlena n Syaz ordered Nasi Ayam, Sotong Kicap for me n Nizad shared with Zuhri a plate of udang goreng tepong n kailan goreng. I was thinking about orange juice, but unfortunately the

Natasha 2 = *^%%%^*&& punya drama

Hee..ari ni aku nk mengkritik plus mengutuk sebuah drama iaitu Natasha 2 yg kini sedang berputar di kaca2 televisyen. Aku terasa nk ckp pasal ni sbb mlm tadi smbil lepak makan di gerai, aku tertengok citer ni. Masa natasha 1 dulu housemate aku tgok rmai2..ok le skit masuk Natasha 2 ni wat aku memaki2..ahahaa!! Jalan citer makin bangang..pape ntah. Malam td adegan mak yam tahu si Mak Tina tu dh tak gila..pastu diorg nk dok umah lain. Mak yam lak kena ugut Tina suh jgn bgtu tasha pasal mak dia sbnry tak gila. Last2 mak Yam rasa bersalah..then diikuti dengan adegan ntah pape...tasha lak rasa bersalah..Mak yam tknak lak bgtu je kat tasha hal sebenar. Pastu jd makin berbelit2..ntah pape la citer..penulis skrip mcm tahik. Dh tau tina tu byk helah si Irfan pn bodo smcm. Pastu ada lak adegan tasha dh tak caya kawan baik sendiri..argghh!!bebal ya rabbi la citer tu..dok kat meja tgok kebodohan skrip dan jalan citer yg tak masuk akal tu...rasa nk lempar kerusi kat tv tu. Just Fiza je bagu

Music n Life

I'm listening to "way back into love", a song from the movie Music n Lyric starred by Drew barrymore and Hugh grant. It's kinda romantic and so slow n easy it the moment i listen it during the movie. Hence, i'm listening for the 9th time non-stop since bout half an hour ago..ahaha!! That's me...i can listen to a nice song non-stop.again and again...opsss..ok,now it's the 1oth time. ahahahaa!! the 11th time. I recommend it to my colleague just now..ahaha!! Emm..I'm still sitting at my very corner of the pantry doing my own stuffs...playing games, chatting till nothing to chat bout, watching movie and reading online comic. Hahaha!!I'm not really sure to call it heaven or not. Heaven in terms of nothing to do..but hell in terms of performance overview..yaa..i talked bout it in my previous entries..husshhh~~.'s the 12th time now. I better put some other songs in the playlist..okep..i just put Girlfriend (Avril lavig

Today is Monday~~~~

The office is still under renovation process thus u can hear a lot of noises like drilling, hammering, chatting and also the beeping noise from the main door which they leaved it open for some reason. Sitting at my very space listening to this awful orchestra musics on monday morning makes the day sooo brilliant!!huh~~~ My weekend spent nicely except when the evening i lost my helmet. Damn. I locked it under my seat, n it's no where to be found when i was going to leave the place (taman tasik titiwangsa). will cost me another 50 bucks for a new one at least..bukan rezeki la tu kot. Huu..sedey tol. Yesterday I went to putrajaya with Rifqan, my colleague to play ping pong at Percint 8. RM4/hour..we played for 2 hours. I'm not a regular ping pong player and the fact that i bought my own bat..the first ever bat i bought in m life seems to be classical..ahaha!! But i'm an above average player, yes I can assure u that. It really nice to have something to do and it'

Geng Pantri

Yaa..asslamualaikum buat sume..aku sudah kembali bekerja stlh 2 hari m.c scr eksklusifnya diberi oleh doktor pada aku..huahua!! Test blood yg kedua aku tak dapat pn. Klinik tu tak call pn. aku call tak agkt maknanya aku assume takde pape la tu. Kalu tak mesti dia call cepat2 kan..huhu!! Hari ni aku dtg2 ruangan pantri yakni opis space aku...tup2 ada 3 bijik rack server raksasa kat ruangan pantri...makin semak dan sesak ruangn opis aku. huuu.,.sedeynya..ini la nasib pekerja yg tak brp terrer lg dlm era perSAPian ni..huhu..Ni upa ruangn opis ku skang. Haa..yg kecik terperosok membelakangi dinding tu la meja aku. Yg korg nmpk laptop tu geng pantri aku, la tmpt aku bermanja2 ngan SAP..ahahaha!! Hari ni aku nk citer la geng2 pantri aku ni. Haa..sprt yg penah aku citer..pantri ni tmpt pekerja2 yg berstatus "on the bench"..hatta yg takde projek mahupn yg baru abih projek. Sll diorg lepak la pantri yg sgt cute itu. Geng Pantri 1 : Are-You . Dia ni dh menetap kat p

2nd M.C

Huuu..I'm currently on my 2nd M.C given by the doc. Remember bout my fever?Well it has been a week and half it goes on and off. The panadol didn't help. As far as I know i'm a natural self-healer, but this time it's different. The usual sepak takraw every evening to produce enuff sweat is not anymore makes me well. Due to the concern of my sister (kak wa) and my Cembam, I went to see the doc to get prescription for my drugs and as I thought, the doc just smile and start scribbling thigs on the paper. Then i suggested him to check my blood coz my sis afraids if Denggi is coming it's way. Then, the doc's face changed and started to take notice the fact that it has been more than a week fever. He gave me his best antbiotic and said "mahal sikit". Costed me 58ringgit and a one-day m.c as a consolation prize with an apointment to take my blood sample the next morning. I dont really like having m.c. I'm a man of reputation.. Next morning after doc

In process of recuperation

Huu~~.... That's a very long saturday I've spent..really long one. Hours of sleeping. Trying to get rid the fever. My breath was hot and the headache was a pain not only in my head but in my ass..wahaha!! And i just know that eating panadol makes u stay awake not the other way around..haha!! I shifted about 100 style, wearing the sweater, not wearing it, on the fan, off the fan...huuu~~ It was Very challenging to make myself asleep couple nights back.. If my fever keep on and off till this weekend, I'll consult any doctors to check. No offend, but It always ended up getting a look-a-like panadol pill, err..antibiotic, a yellow pill i dunno wat's dat for and a cough syrup which never sooths my throat..then RM40-45..ceehhh..I only dragged myself to the clinic coz i need the M.C..It can be count by fingers how many times i ate pills to heal my fever..


I'm still not feeling so well..sometimes headache striking, sometimes a mild one and sometimes a heavy one. But after I tried to understand my own body, my own immune i know what is the real reason making me sick (demam). Well at least for this particular not the ice, so i just freely drink cold drinks..u wanna know y?ahah!!try guessing it..=p I've just watch the latest episode of Heroes..damn interesting plots. Some of the story line has is the same as X-Men..all those population, the president try to eliminate them by reversing their genetic but no fancy costumes. One of the best tv series. I recommend u guys to watch it.. ~~emm..y don't i go home early today??yiehaaaa........

cuti 5 ari

Huuu~~~ Aku demam..sian aku..dh la cuti pnjg nk mampus..5 ari, plus satu AL pada ari isnin. Tp aku tak blik kampung..sebab minggu lepasnya baru balik. lgpun adik2 aku yg lain tak tak brp besh..tak balik la. Gambar di atas adlah gamba tembikai yg aku beli pada hari sabtu tak silap aku..7.8kg..aku beli ingat nk mkn ngn h.mate..skali sume takde..maka aku abihkan nya dlm masa 24 jam..haa...terkencing2 beb..muntah cecet..wahahaha!!! Aku gi berenang kat pusat akuatik bukit jalil..kali kedua aku pegi.wahhh...ada peningkatan...aku mampu berenang kuak dada sejauh 50m(ujung ke ujung)..blaja sendiri tau..usha org wat cmne..ahahaha!!mungkin kalu aku sll pegi, aku akan jd lebih hebat..o yeaaa.. 5 ari cuti, aku tonton byk movie..hitcher n aaaa...Qabil kushry Qabil Igham...(movie di laptop). berckp tntg filem qabil bla bla ni..aku sgt bengang ngan jln citer nya..sapa dh tgok agkt tgn..!! Bapak dh mati, idup awek dia dh musnah..bru nk bgtu dia(rusdi ramli a.k.a Qabil Igam) ada Aids. Si hans i