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Complete make-over

I got this from Sarimah Ibrahim's tweetpic. A power of make up is really something huh. You can see how her eyes completely changed from that original swollen-look to that smoky big eyes. And at the end of the process, she indeed looks way cuter than the original one. Huhuhu I don't have any objection on it though. Normal instinct of wanna be beautiful is what makes us human. It's just that the truth of anyone being her boyfriend lo. How shocked he would be looking at her make-up less and might yell "where are your big eyes!!!!" Bwahahahahhahaha!! You always hear dont judge people by their looks or dont fall in love because of the look, now tell me how many percent of that wisdom is truly being practiced? Ahahahahaha!!! I think that's why most guys would see a girl 'being naked'. Maybe because guys like originality and they would think how the original look behind all those make up. Ahahahahahahaha

Looking for best promo

March is coming just like how it promises every single year. March is one of the special month coz it's my birth month and to add on it, my wedding anniversary is also in March. So i've been using these ocassion as a reason for my family escapade, getting some fresh air away from this urban jungle and spend the time together in the best possible moment we could. I've booked a room at gambang resort just now. 2 bookings actually. I was comparing the rate between agoda n the direct resort and booked the agoda at first coz it was rm20 more value. But then when i submit the payment, the figure changed after the tax was added in. Damn!! I hurriedly clicked the cancellation menu & while the cancellation page was 1 click away from me, dispalying 0-cancellation-fee, i was browsing the gambang resort page and ready to book. But i called the service desk to comfirm couple of things first. I need to make sure; 1. The price really includes the waterpark fee 2. The price is a

Supervised environment

For a consulting company, not having a punch card system is a normal thing. This probably due to the working environment where sometimes the consultant has to work late and they would come late the next morning. Some would have different working hours based on the client location. When i was frst briefed by the one of the manager, he emphasized that we must not abuse the flexibility coz it might end up being stripped off from you as the result of it being abused too much. So i always remember this advice coz i know this nice environment of ,based-on-trust' and 'as-long-as-we-deliver-the-task' is indeed so splendid and i dont want it to end. Now my workplace is getting into a mode where quite numbers of the resource are on-the-bench, a term when u are not assigned to any project. And when this happened, it can be said that it's a time where i literally dont have anything to do when u come to the office and u start browsing, youtube, window shopping and etc. Well most

Blue angry bird~~ Alhamdulillah?

Angry birds is one hell of a game that has been successfully gaining interests from various level of users. From a small little kids to adults with strains of grey hairs on their heads. The concept of the game is so simple but the setup of the obstacles, the various kind of the birds really make it a catchy games. While my SIRI was not yet jailbroken, I've been playing this game occasionally at Cembam's iphone after I downloaded it. But now since I have a jailbroken iphone, I keep on downloading any applications that I deemed useful and fun before the rumored "jailbreak is illegal" takes place =p. And I was playing the game one morning after recited the Qur'an via one of the free app I have lying next to Xiyad. Then I started to play the angry bird to let Xiyad engrossed into it and forget about crying. It was then when I launched the bluebird, I spotted the word "Alhamdulillah" from it. I tried many times launching it and it became even clearer. Woww

Abah's umrah flight

Im at klia waiting for my uncle, aunties and the agent for dad's umrah departure today. Its a bit chaotic as the one in charge of all the arrangement is my uncle and we didnt really know the exact time of departure. We were here since 10plus, but when i called my inle of his whereabout, he said he's on his way and was at Kapar. That is another 1.5 hour journey!! The first info was to gather at 10a.m. Then another update was 12p.m. International flight needs you to get into the gate (what was the term??) around 2 hours earlier right? Thats why i decided to come around 10. Huuu~~ i should have come later. Even my mom woke up at 5a.m..haishhh When i checked the schedule just now, jeddah flight is set at 3.15p.m!! Hmm..sabar je lah. Luckily i've prepared some entertainment in my phone for this kind of ocassion. So now waiting for everyone to come. I managed to renew my driving license for 5 years just now, no queue!! Macam la i would guarantee to live another 5 years kan

Xiyad and big bro Nahdan

These 2 days, my nephew is being look after by Mom. Since Mom is currently helping us with taking care of Xiyad for an unknown time =p, and my sister urgently needs mom's help to look after Nahdan for couple of days due to the nanny-issue she experienced last week, Nahdan has been put under mom's care at my house since 2 days ago. My sis has already found a new nanny, but because she's still very new (found last week), my sis is a bit reluctant to leave Nahdan till late evening (my sis has some school task to do till late evening on Wednesday). Xiyad also needs Mom, hence the only option is to send Nahdan over to my place. Nahdan is in the stage of absorbing all the thing he could learn is so cuteeee~~~. Everytime he eats something, fed by Mom, for example the jelly, he would feed it to me. If he can't scoop his own jelly, he would just poke the jelly from my mom's hand and ask me to suck his finger..hahahaha!!! And Nahdan really loves baby!! If he has a chic

Update Rabu

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% My photography blog latest update =]. Featuring the new-born princess of my friend. Click the banner to view the picures..Thanks %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Abah nak gi umrah. This Monday dia punya flight. Abah pergi dengan abang dia laki bini and kakak dia. Haah..mak aku tak ikut. Why? Errr..a looong story. Huhu.  So, adik bongsu aku yg kat umah tu kena la tumpang nenek saudara kami selama seminggu lebih. Ni pun lepas dah ditimbang-timbang semua options yang ada, mak amek keputusan untuk mintak tolong nenek saudara yang sorang ni sepeninggalan abah. Mak aku jaga Xiyad kan..tu yang adik bongsu aku tggl sorang. Ada rasa nak biar mak balik kampung dulu sepanjang abah gi umrah and mintak tolong adik ipar aku jaga kan Xiyad beberapa jam sementara tunggu Cembam balik sekolah. Tapi baru2 ni punya ragam Xiyad buat kami rasa memang susah la kalau adik ipar aku kena jaga dia time mengamuk camtu.  So mau tak mau, mak

Umur Saidatina Aishah R.A ketika berkahwin dengan Rasulullah SAW

Salam.. Banyak kali aku lihat dalam internet kalau ada video atau apa sahaja isu yang membabitkan Islam dan bilamana komen-komen mula ditulis dari segenap pihak, akan ada anasir musuh islam yang cuba memburukkan Islam. Tapi yang jelas, tak banyak atau boleh kata tiada hujah bernas yang dapat memperlihatkan Islam itu batil. Satu sahaja hujah yang popular digunakan (sebab takde hujah lain dh) adalah perihal Rasulullah mengahwini Aishah ketika umurnya 6 tahun dan menggauli beliau ketika umur beliau 9 tahun. Oh, aku ada juga kadangkala terbabit dengan 'perbalahan online' dengan mereply comment2 jahanam ni. Jadi dari sini membuatkan aku sering juga mencari kebenaran dengan sumber-sumber yang ada. Bengkek dan menyirap bila ada yang kata Rasulullah Pedophile. Cilake korang!!! Jadi aku share dulu logik apa yang aku leh fikirkan tentang isu ni; Bagi aku kalau betul pn kawin umur 6 tahun, ini adalah disebabkan budaya atau keadaan di waktu itu. Mak bapak kita kawin umur 14, 15 tah

The dilemma of looking for a nanny

Friday is here..oh yeah~~~ Tonight's gonna be a tennis night~~ Eekkekeke.. Yes, this is how purely my feeling is everytime I woke up and it was my play-day. I always looking forward for the day which now are Tuesday and Friday!! Cembam has been living in this life of mine and totally understand about these days. Eekkekeke. Mom has finally condoned on this routine. "Kenapa tak balik jumaat malam je bang?" "Lewat sangat mak. Wawa tak nak sebab dia takleh tido dlm keta" "kenapa lewat? balik lepas kerja la" "ada tennis la mak" "tennissss jeeee..maiiinnn jeee" "selasa ngn jumaat je skang mak..kalau tiap minggu balik jumaat ate bila nak main nye" Ahahaha. Eventually Mom began to understand. Well, she has been living with her son that would cycle 5KM to the Pekan to play takraw every evening right after his folding-the-clothes task has been completed. But after I got married and I moved to Bangi, I couldn't find an

Raja Zalim Raja Disanggah

Aku bersama rakyat, atau penduduk lain sedang bekerja seperti biasa. Pergerakan kami seakan diawasi oleh sepasang mata yang tidak bisa dilihat, hanya perasaan dikawal setiap tindak tanduk itu sememangnya sangat kuat. Persekitaran di situ sangat familiar dengan aku. Aku belek2 persekitaran aku tadi dan tersedar bahawa aku berada di sekitar balai raya batu 1 sepintas, balai raya yang terletak berhadapan dengan rumah lama tempat aku membesar suatu ketika dulu. Tiada kelainan pada balai raya tersebut kecuali ia sudah bertukar rupa menjadi seakan istana kediaman raja kami. Raja yang begitu zalim terhadap rakyatnya. Kezaliman itu hanya mampu dirasai. Untuk menerangkan dan memperinci setiap kezaliman tu, tak mampu utk aku buat. 'Rasa' yang bermacam ini adalah satu2 nya petunjuk yang membuat aku alert dengan apa yang berlaku di sekitar aku. Tiba2 sedang aku termangu, raja yang berkumis tebal, seakan berjambang yang aku kira ada mirip watak Maharaja Zhou dalam komik Alam Perwira kar

Kes pekerja KFC pukul customer ICT branch

Tertengok plak video ni org dok sebar...pendek je pn..28 saat pasal pekerja KFC tu pukul customer. Yang dari bacaan aku, customer tu tunggu sejam kat line, smpi kat turn dia ayam abes..Customer suh management or wakil KFC tu mintak maap kat dia... Mmg ramai la kutuk pekerja tu...Dakyah customer always right yg tak lahabau mana cipta ni la sll jadi pelepas diri customer yg suka harass pekerja yang memberi servis. Bagi aku senang je..korang bygkan korang tgh jaga kaunter, tetiba ayam abes..apa benda pertama korang akan buat? Sefaham aku org malaysia yang suka mintak maap or say sorry tak bertempat ni..memang kompem2 default akan kata.." sori cik ayam habis " tp customer tak puas hati " saya dh tunggu lama tau sejam kat line tetiba habis ayam..korang dh tau tempat ramai bla bla bla " maki. Betul tak? Ni standard la ni. Then tikam lidah berterusan jenis customer gini...and dengan berlagaknya kata "I nak u guys mintak maap kat I". Betul tak..?? Abeh yan

Bukit cherakah a.k.a Bukit Cahaya Sri Alam a.k.a Taman Botani Negara

3, 3 merujuk pada satu tmpt yg sama. Situated in S.Alam, kunjungan kali ni, aku nmpk byk pembaharuan yg sedang dlm proses pembinaan. Ada 3-4 model bot nelayan yg hampir siap dan 2-3 bangunan yg sdg dibina. Tapi tulah, yg aku prasan taman kat malaysia ni, macam taman asian aku tgok aritu..benda baru ye ye la depa nk buat. Tp yg lama2 ni tak terurus dan tak terjaga lgsug. Bajet pembinaan bau tu better salur utk cantikkan or preserve tempat2 lama lagi baik. Cam besa kt taman botani ni, kalu x naik beskal, better jln kaki. Tram nak msuk mudah sket nk dpt lpas beratur. Tp nk kuar masak tggu. Bukan pasal xckup. Tp ramai visitor yg stat nek dr entrance tu x turun dh tram. Pusing2 mcm xde pa, msig2 pakat x turun n round tempat tu atas tram je. Hahahaha Bila dh bjln kaki plak dlm tu tanpa niat murni berjogging, mmg sekejap je la rasa bk blik. Penat, panas, haus n berpeluh. Mujur aku lmbt peluh dek stamina dn aturan pernafasan yg dh terbesa buat time bersukan. Kali ni bwk

Phenumococoal and Rotavirus shots

I'm at my sis's. Wow..I really cant live my life through out the day without a glimpse of my rectangle display that emits a mild radiation making u short-sighted after years staring into it where u can keep urself updated with what is happening out there. Ekeke..melancholically dramatic!!. I just feel happier spending my days without going out if I have my PC in front of me!! Even better with the Internet!! Luckily I have my SIRI =]. This morning we went to an-Nur for xiyad's optional shots. We've decided to take the rotavirus & Phenumococoal (prevenar13) to ensure better health for xiyad's future. It was our first time going there during the weekend. Lots of parents!! We had to wait for almost 3 hours as we didn't really set an appointment with the doctor. Alhamdulillah, xiyad just shrieked 4 a sec and he didn't even cry apart of the doc reminded us that the shot will hurt a little. So proud & relieved at the same time. Even the doc praised him

Angan2 jadi waris billionaire akan tercapai insyaAllah~~

Assalamu alaikkum, My intention of contacting you is to solicit your assistance for a project, which will be mutually beneficial. I am Hajia Fauziah Binti Muhamed, from Malaysia. I am married to Late Mustapha Muhamed of Dakar Senegal and am currently living in a hospital in Senegal, My late hushand of the blessed memory was an oil explorer in Libya and Kuwait for twelve years before he died in the year 2006. We were married for twelve years without a child. He died after a brief illness that lasted for only four days. Since his death I too have been battling with both Cancer and fibroid problems. When my late Husband was alive he made a huge deposit of money in a bank in spain in oversea. (I will tell you the amount as we proceed).Recently, my doctor told me that I have only six months to live due to cancer problem. Though what disturbs me most is my stroke sickness. Having known my condition I decided to donate this fund to a Muslim organization or devoted individual that will

Mind walking

I'm working from the Gardens today. After being delayed for almost an hour for searching my gate pass all over the house, I found it placed nicely inside one of my windbreaker side pocket. (=.=). Whenever I had a really hard time to find my belongings, it would surely placed at or in a very decent place. I can easily find my stuffs if they are put the way I want, but most of the time my way is considered menyepah by my wife or my Mom. Ahahahaha!!!! While I was riding towards the office, like usual my mind would always running wildly thinking, visualizing, dreaming of any random things. Today, my mind flashed back to the years passed when I was still a single guy living in a small rented house in a small room with the other housemates. I purposely chose the small room downstairs and not the one bigger upstairs because I've already anticipated that there might be days where my family would need to stay in my room when they were here in KL. Coz at that time, we didn't really