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The last day before my long break!!

Yeaa!! I'm gonna have a long break starting tomorrow untill 1st of January..Nicee.. But apart of the holiday mood, no worries..I still manage to do my job and finish anything I could so the bundle of the workloads after my leaves ended would not be a pile of chased-by-development works..ehehe!!! Last night we had our normal night game but unfortunately, we didn't really have extra players. It was sufficed enough but it's kinda tiring because I need to play continuously due to lack of killers available. Hence, it wasn't a nice game because I need to preserve my energy for another game after another..=p We had a late supper after the game. But we were lucky because one of our friends arrived from a fishing pond with a handful of shrimp? or lobster? I don't know how to differentiate it. But one of it can be considereg big u know..Here are the pics. We played around with it for a while before stuffing it into our stomach..hehe.. Isn't he cuteeeeee... Anyway, we sti

Home and the situation

I took a leave on friday solely because of my sis. She had to attend the IJM reunion event around Taman Jaya which ended around 1 p.m. If I was working that day, I'd finish at 6p.m. Means, my sis needs to wait for me for about 5 hours before I came and pick her up. Hence, as a considerate big brother, I took a leave on that day so we could drive home after friday prayer. The original plan was to fetch her at Kelana jaya LRT station. But due to the heavy rain, she couldn't even get a cab or walked to the Taman Jaya station. I asked her to just wait at IJM and I'd drive my way there. About 3 p.m, I fetched her up and drove our way. We stopped at Kuala Selangor to treat ourself and headed home after that. When we reached home, the first news my mom told me was about the numbers of breaking and entering activities in the neighbourhood. Some of the neighbours have already been the victims. Some loss their valuable things and their money and some were lucky coz they managed to t

Got to stay..=[

When the weather is so nice..the sunshine penetrate warmly through my window and heaten up my skin, I really felt great because I can go back a bit early and have my sport-period. But this intention was totally thwarted when my colleagues reminded me about today's 7-8p.m meeting..Pabbooo yaa!! Why does it need to be today when the bright day smile upon me and asking me to feel His warm..Huu..I will definitely glad if it's raining today due to the meeting. Huwaaaa... Being the testLead makes me reasonless to skip the meeting. I really think it has nothing to do with me, but I am, staying in the office...Huuu... I'll miss my takraw period and also my futsal game this evening..greatttt!!!

Huuu..pening2 sambil citer kosong

Mari tuan puan dengar ini cerita.. Hari2 ujan asik turun sahaja... Balik ke umah ku basah kuyup... harap byk rahmat aku dapat.. Kan aku dh kata kau byk dosa.. axion ke aziah..tunjukkan saya... (nyanyi dengan irama lagu iklan axion) Nyanyi sudah?? syabas!! anda berjaya melepakkan sebentar diri anda dari hal2 duniawi yg menghilangkan mood anda sepanjang hari..yaa..tepuk dahi anda. Kalau boleh ramai2 tepuk. Bawak kawan pada kawan2 adik awak punya mak sepupu sekali utk tepuk dahi.yaaa!! Ari ni byk kerja. Tp plg best, nk siapkan cepat pn payah coz takut P.M kata aku wat keja sgt cepat..nnt dia bajet aku leh siapkan kerja cepat2..tknak lambat. Lagi satu, lambat sbb aku tak faham certain things yg agak blur2 gitu.. Apa pun mari kita cerita pasal gambar dan diri saya..mari2.. Ini pokok cili kesayangan sy. Skang nak makan megi mesti pedas2..maklumla..ada cabai..huwah huwah!!huwah!! Ni baby cili..jap lg besar tau la nasib dia dlm perut aku...auuummm Ini atr kaum keluarga sang cili m

U can be my umbrella ella coz I don't bring minee

I'm still at the office guys..It's still raining outside and so dark I barely see the green trees outside during my eye-treatment sightseeing moment. So, I take this chance to update my blog. sorry for not leaving any comment to all of you - blogs I've always left comments. For now, I just manage to leave comment to those who leave at mine. Kinda rude if I don't..=p I'm writing while listening to the yaadein song..hehe!! The best part working back in shell is the access to ebutuoy..hence I copied all the songs I want..kiki!! Ahaaa!! I want to tell u guys something actually. U know what?!! I dreamt of having a baby, of course I'm not the one giving birth of her. Yaaa.. a girl. In that dream, I even stand next to my 'wife' and hold her hand. I could feel her inhumane grip on my wrist, bearing the pain of it. I even washed the baby, but the worst part, I didn't manage to say 'thanks' to my 'wife'. I wanted to, but this time

A new responsibility

Whoii..Sejuk Banget!!!! I think my hands gonna get frostbite at the end of the day. My Allah, it's bloody cold in here. The sound of the air cond machine blowing all over the office could be heard from just above my head. I had to do a very desperate thing like taking a cup of ot water and pour it on my hand at the sink!! Waaa...cold..someone hug me..ahaha!!! I'm back at Cengkerang to replace AyahMan. Need to get grasp every inches of things that Ayahman have done for the past month and carrying a bigger responsibility this time. It worried me for now..just afraid I can't meet the expectation from all the person involved in this project. The best thing is, my new place is right in the middle of a new definition of Bermuda Triangle I sit next to Niz@ - my PM, Kak T!e - my other PM and Karen - mY counselor..Niceee!! Now I wont be able to freely surfing my other extra curricular sites..huwa huwa!! Hopefully I can carry the responsibility that comes along with this post as

My time?

Arghh..what the fcuk I'm going to write today? Let see??? Owkh..ya..something about my dream I've had a dream nights ago when I was at my hometown. I've been visited by a guy whom I know, but he's already passed away. He came to me and shake my hand. Then I said to him, "Hey aren't you dead?Are U his ghost..or is it ur spirit?" "Bismillahirrahmanirrahim....." I read the whole fatihah in my dream and when I finished the last line, he smiled at me and let go my hand and vanished right before me. Unlike other ghost dream or nightmare where U would suddenly awake, sweating and instighfaring..I just normally woke up but strangely don't even remember who the guy was. I can remember every detail of my dream in a normal situation. But this one..I can't remember who he is till now. Mom said, if the guy just smile, without any conversation either buy me or him, my time might be just around the corner..huiissshhh..I've done so many sins..I

How does she know that U love her~~~

Huuu~~~ Just back from my hometown. A short break I could say but a very useless one..ahahaha!! Why? Because I was just sleeping most of the time and watched korean drama 'My Girl' which I copied for Cembam. Apparently the main heroine's character catches my fancy and I started to watch it till the last episode which ended last night. Ju Yoo Rin character is a very nice idea from the script writer. It makes me laughed and giggled alone while watching it. My family also had had a busy weekend with gejubus (rewang) at 2 places and numbers of kenduris (events) need to be attended. I didn't really interested to attend all of it, just dropped by at 2 of them which are our relatives' . Before I kicked off towards KL, I treated my family a light before-dinner meals and got my usual cheek kisses from my mom before left. Back in the office, some of my colleagues aren't here, either on leave or already assigned to projects at Shell. Suddenly I was thinking of watching