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Iphone..Should I bought one to replace my Note 8?

 Happy new year everyone!! I'm just being my old self, trudging into the new year without any specific resolutions or such. I've seen lotsa posts, tweets about how they reminisced what have happened in 2020, saying goodbye to the gruesome year. But honestly, I'm not even sure how 2021 will welcome us. So, I would just accept whatever coming at me and try to  survive and be happy about it. 

I'm at my parents' house in Sabak Bernam. Kicked off from Terengganu on 31st. After my friend shared about one special tax relief of PENJANA where you can get RM2500 relief for your handphone/tablets that were bought from 1st June to end of December 2020, I hurriedly browse through the carousell once more to find myself an Iphone 11 Pro Max 512gb. 

Actually I had cancelled a COD once of the item around last week after thinking that I'm not really in the need of it (actually it was because my stocks are all RED!!). But getting a relief of RM2500 is really a good thing. And I only have 1 day - 31st December to buy it around KL area, which was the day I was on my way to Sabak Bernam.

Met with Najib at KT City and had our hangout time at Coffee Lab Kuala Terengganu. We just caught up with all the things we could, meet the kids and Najib asked me to find him the same phone for him too after hearing about the relief. Hahahahah!! Ya..I am such a good persuader.

So the day I hit the road going to my hometown, I managed to set a deal with one of the seller whom is staying at Gombak. Strategic place as it's just along the route. We reached Gombak around 4PM as per promised, had our late lunch and managed to do the deal seamlessly after checking everything I know about an iphone. I decided to bought the unit for Najib first as I can always declare my phone purchase as company liabilities in my tax file. I'm filing as self-employed for your info. 

It would be the best opportunity for me to test the phone out, how does it I really gonna buy it, does it really worth it, the camera..everything..before I finally decide whether I'm gonna buy one for myself. You see, when I changed to Samsung, it's because I don't see any extravagant thing that could be offered by an Iphone. And I was really wanted to have a phone with a stylus. But over the years using it, the stylus was barely being used. I mean, I did few artworks.. but not as much as I imagined. Ha Ha. 

So, the thought of having an Iphone as I own a macbook and also Cembam has an old Ipad is becoming stronger and stronger. That Airdrop transfer and the seamless sync between all these gadgets would really be advantageous for me. I've used my Note8 for more than 3 years though. Fair enough right. HaHa.

Some of low-light photos taken while waiting for the traffic light around 7:30PM. It has a 1-3 sec stay hold  function which acts like long shutter speed to get all the lights in

So now I'm browsing and exploring Najib's phone after he granted me the permission to do so. Tried the lowlight night mode camera and such. And when I was setting up the phone which asking for my apple ID, everything was so smooth. The syncing was damn great! The iphone does not asked for my hotspot password and even my parent's home WIFI!! It connects automatically maybe because it sync with my macbook which already has the access to the WIFI. Damn!! These are the things that makes me want to have one. 

But when I compared the pictures taken by my Note 8 which is 2 years older than the IP11, it does not really have much of a difference. Photography wise, Iphone does not really make me tumble towards them. And I have my own DSLR anyway. But when I transferred the pictures taken by IP11 into my Mac just 1 second via the Airdrop. Damn!! This is the ecosystem that would benefits me in the long run. Cewahhh

So, hmm..still thinking and trying now..Lets see how I wrap up this test and feel session towards the end. I'm gonna return the phone to Najib this Sunday. Huhu. These are some photos I took with the iphone. Hmmm


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