My Happiest Moment

Up until now me being a guy with a goatee, mustache every now and then married to a very understanding lady and waiting for our first baby within this very week, surely I've been through a lot of tears and laughter, joys and bitterness of life. There are tonnes of happy moments that lifted up my spirit wanting to live my life couple more years everytime they occurred.

 But let me share with you one of them. Before we get into the happiest part, let me tell you that I own a DSLR camera. Well after years of craving to have one, envying every person who has one wrapped around their necks and everytime fantasizing an evil scheme to walked pass by one of them, hit him on his head and take their gears!!!, I managed to own my own =].

When my honeymoon plan seems to be smoothly put into a complete puzzle, I received a call from my housemate one evening that our house was being broken into. They took all of our gadgets and one of them was my camera bag with all of my gears inside. Huwaaa!!! I was so sad~~~ Everytime I looked at my photos that I took way before would make me cry heroically (like Korea hero one).

The honeymoon was approaching so after a nice discussion with my wife, we decided to buy a new one. This time, using installment. And after a half day, swiped my card, looking at the bill and silently shrieked "what the Fart!!!" I got my new 7D!!

And we went to Redang Island for our honeymoon with my new 7D that to date not yet to be named. Ekekeke. We enjoyed the blue ocean, the blue sky, the hot chicks in the bikinis, the nice grill night provided by the resort, the snorkeling and lots more!!! We really enjoyed ourselves.

My wife was so afraid to do the snorkeling we had to practice the morning before our actual snorkeling session that afternoon. At first she was frantically afraid of the idea floating your body on your chest and it was ruining the mood. But slowly and with patience, I managed to let the fear resides deep within her heart and we managed to enjoy our snorkeling time sooo much!! The coral were awesome and indescribably gorgeous!!!! I swam and swam till I felt so heavy during the night.

I've posted the detail stories of mine here in my entries;

Redang Part 1 - The Chalet and the Sceneries
Redang Part 2 -  The Snorkeling Session in Awe
Redang Last Part - The Sightseeing before leaving

Help yourselves. I guarantee every entries would be a nice click with pictures of me being there and the surrounding. Beware coz it might make you hurriedly book for a chalet right after you read them =p.

But my favorite pictures that can portray clearly how happy we were at that magical moment is this one;


A nice n happy jumping from both of us!!!! With the blue sky and the blue ocean as the background!!! Damn I missing this moment!!!

So I really hope with this picture I could nail the Olympus Happy Photography Contest  and win myself the Olympus PEN Lite E-PL3 or the Olympus PEN mini E-PM1!

brought to you by Olympus!!!

Who knows I might stand the chance to win it!!! A sustenance from our first baby maybe!!!!


Pocket said…
ohh, i think i saw this pic before and my comment was 'tinggi nya kamu lompat!!' hehehe

harap HEMY menang,
ngan rezeki baby baru nak datang,
PnS mudah sikit nak tangkap
ngan baby yg entah bila nak wat muka cuter nyer pung tak tahu tuu :)
HEMY said…
ekekeke...lewat tido pocket...yaaa..this is way back last year punya pic...really love those photos I took from Redang
Masy said…
ni kene vote ke ni? hahhhahahha
zella y said…
wah...tingginya ko lompat....!
zonaku said…
aku ingt pic ni.... cembam lompat dr tembok tu je kann....

karang gtau cemana nk vote ye. ada x pic memuah yang seswai ngan tema? sebab setau aku, asal memuah je, memang happy manjaaaaaaanggggggg...

good luck!
HEMY said…
masy, entah le..ahahahaha

zellay..aku mmg berbakat

zonaku, mmg plan nk anta lagi gambar guna memuah punya picture tu...