Yahaya Family's KK Trip v2.0

>> Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Alright..when we reached Kundasang, we headed and stopped by the Kinabalu Park. Pusing2, kencing2 and went to see the entrance gate where the hikers would start their journey to conquer Kinabalu Mountain. Alhamdulillah the Innova is strong enough to climb the route in the Kinabalu Park.



When we were at the Exit Gate of Mount Kinabalu, where most of the hikers will be ending their hike and emerged here, there was a group of Korean Hikers who were getting ready to leave the place and was sorting out their equipment. And this one Korean Lady approached Fiya and told us "Cantik". Hehehe. Korean usually use "Ippo" for the word cantik or comel. I didn't remember any korean words to have a simple reply to it. hahahaha.


We left the park after around an hour of pusing2 and went towards the Rohana Cabin. But we stopped to have our lunch at Restoran Intan. One of the infamous restaurant to dine in Kundasang. Situated right by the Kundasang Roundabout. Actually I remembered my friend brought me to this nice restaurant but couldn't remember. So once I've already seated myself, I looked around and I was like "hahaha..ni le restoran aku makan dulu". hahahahaha.

kredit to cheriterazanyra.blogspot for the pic

We had a nice soup but not lucky enough to taste the famous chicken wings. All that were being grilled at that time was already booked by someone else. Chaishh.. So we just bought some kudapan and headed to the cabin. I managed to find the exit towards the Cabin. But after a minute, I was confused and worried because what laid in front of us was a stony road and there were big stones too. Damn. I quickly called the owner and she said I was on the right road. "It will get better up ahead" kata dia. Oh man...I just hoped that the tires would not fail on us though. It was really bumpy. I was imagining if suddenly someone just popped out of nowhere and started to rob us, we wouldn't be able to drive them off seriously on that stony road. Fuhhh..And the road never get better up ahead. 

And after 10minutes of gedek gedek, we reached the cabin. And everybody was like gile malas nk kuar dinner kalau jalan macam tu. But in the end we still went out for dinner juga. The cabin was nice  actually. You can see the Mount Kinabalu from the Cabin. It was just the road la. And the owner said they have been complaining to the responsible parties but to no avail. Mungkin the owner tu PAS punya orang la kot. HAHAHAHA.

The view from our cabin.

Rohana Cabin Kundasang

We got 2 rooms and 1 extra mattress for each room. Sampai je terus tido lah..And right after Maghrib, we headed out cari makan at Pekan Ranau. Its around 20-30 minutes from our cabin. Water heater not really working as it should, fiya who enjoys cold water bath pun leh nangis kesejukan. hahaha. In Pekan Ranau, we dined at a food court situated just near the main junction. Few stallls and the food is quite nice.

We headed back after everyone were all filled up. Bought some more snacks and headed back to our cabin through that stony road again. Like the night before, Fiya had a difficult time to doze off. We had to wake up every now and then and suddenly at around 1A.M she started to cry her lungs out. She cried so hard. It has been a while since she cried that hard. I was accustomed to it and just recited the surahs as usual. But to no avail. Yet I don't really think too much of it because Fiya has been doing that many times when she was in her early months.

Ayoh and Mok started coming into the room trying to help consoling Fiya. We were sleepy though. Ayah recited the same common surahs but Fiya still would not stop. Then suddenly Mok said something

"Ooo...Panggil Ustaz Abbas lah macam ni tak mboh diam. Yeee..haaa..panggil Ustaz Abbas lah yee"

In a threatening tone. I was kinda blur in that sleepiness. I was like.."errr..why suddenly Ustaz Abbas ni?". Fiya bertukar tangan sana sini. Eveyone was awake except Ekal and Xiyad. Ayoh came out from the toilet and started to azan while holding Fiya. And Alhamdulillah..right after ayoh finished the azan, FIya stopped crying and dozed off.

"Ayoh dlm bilik air baru ingat ustaz abbas selalu kalau nok ubat orang bang dulu..."

So the bang saved the night. We went back to sleep and the result, the plan to head out at 7A.M was just a dream. HAHAHAHA. Nak tengok puncak kinabalu lah konon kan...Sudahnya around 9A.M we headed out and had our breakfast at Restoran Intan lagi.

And baru lah kami dok citer pasal malam tadi. Ngusik mak punya lawak comel. Out of the blue she threatened the whatever-suspected that bothering Fiya with Ustaz Abbas name. We were all laughing. I joked with Mok.. "mesti hantu tu blur..syepa bah ustaz abas ni..teda kenal aku bah..syepa bah dia". Then one of my SIL said while giggling, "ntahnye...tiba2 ustaz Abas..macam la semua orang kenal..antu kenal".

But then Mok replied "eh..mesti la kenal blake". HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Kami sambung lagi gelak. Comel sungguh Mok. adeh..sakit perut gelak.

We went to the KK Dairy Farm as the first spot of our visit that day. Next entry then.


Yahaya Family's KK trip v1.0

>> Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Late entry for my KK trip with my in-law family. Hehehe. I just feel want to write something. So here it is.

We went to KK for our family trip on 27th Oct - 30th Oct. Deepavali and Xiyad's birthday. Xiyad has been talking about going on a flight, aeroplane..since the day we drove Linda Zona to the airport during the last Memuah Seoul Garden. So we've been saying that he needs to behave and we will make it come true. SO here it is, Xiyad's first flight which he really wanted it. The rest of the flight experiences in the past were just mere flight without him knowing the meaning of it. So it was a bit special for him this time.

 Punya la we all eat as fast as we can as the gate open in 1 hour..sekali delay..vavi vu ve ve vo

Alhamdulillah Asfiya tidur dengan nyenyak je sepanjang flight...memudahkan kami sungguh

I came home early and went to the airport by 2 taxis that we have booked days before. The challenge for a trip of 8 is surely the mobility that needs more money cause we need bigger car or more cars. Yep. We booked for 15kg luggage this time, knowing that we really need it for these 2 toddlers stuffs. Checked in an hour early and we went to stuff our bellies with Oldtown. A quick one though which resulted in a very sad ending coz the flight was delayed and that quick dine was for nothing.

Amek gambar dulu keliling badan Innova ni...kang kalau tetobe kena caj calar ke apa..tak pasai2. tayar botak blkg tu..mmg berdoa agar tak meletup je lah

OK. For the accommodation, the plan was to stay at KK one night (the night of arrival) and 2 nights in Kundasang. Cant get enough of the view we thought. For the KK stay, I rented Wafa's brother in law's homestay at Tuaran and for the transportation, I managed to get an Innova for the 8 of us. Quite OK la. Only that when I touched down, the guy was saying that a mat saleh couple that supposed to return the innova that night was somehow in Sandakan and asked for extension of rent in that very short notice. Damn.

But Alhamdulillah..while walking out from the plane till we finished collecting our luggage and emerged into the main waiting area, the Innova issue has been settled with another Innova. Alhamdulillah. And I managed to book a cabin for us at the very last minute, 2 rooms despite of the full house holiday season in Kundasang. From the net, it has a nice view of Kinabalu mountain like other infamous places. I had to cancel my agoda booking of the hotel I booked earlier in Ranau since the cabin is situated nearer to the Kundasang attractions.

Tamparuli Bridge Kota Kinabalu


Wafa's BIL has already waiting when we arrived, took the keys and paid for the stay, took the Innova and I drove out from the airport and fill up our car before going towards KK infamous dine place. The White Tent I would call it. Luckily one of the stall there was still open so we still managed to have a decent dinner before we crashed into our homestay and had our sleep. It was around 2A.M after we arrived at the homestay. Huhuhu...and Fiya couldn't easily sleep. Sabor je la. Sudahnya subuh burnt the next morning. Sigh~~~~~

Dah banyak rumah terbalik..tapi owner masih tak bagi ambik gambar dalam rumah tu...rumah lain sempoi je bagi amek gambar..so kt luar je lah



Layan sekrem dulu sebelum keluar dari sini

So the first day started by having our breakfast at a place which I didn't even bother to know the name..hahaha..but it was right after you take the roundabout towards the UITM or was it UTM. I bought pisang goreng RM1 for 7pcs. Gilakkk..I neve thought I could get this kind of price anymore in this Najib Time of life. But KK proved me wrong. LOL!!

Then we stopped by the Upside Down House..rumah terbalik lah bah..nanti orang kata pergi KK tapi teda pergi rumah terbalik kena kecam pulak. hahahaha. For RM10, 3 minutes visit..pfffttt lantak lah.. Then we just crossed the Tamparuli Bridge sebagai pengeras wajib ke KK and started our journey going up to Kundasang.

Actually the journey going up to Kundasang was not properly planned. We just follow the route and suddenly we were already climbing up. We thought we could buy some bread ke or kudapan before we headed up, but nevermind lah. On my way up, I've contacted the Cabin owner to confirm my booking and she gave me the instruction to reach her cabin. 

But we stopped at Kinabalu Park first...let me continue that in the next entry (praying that it would be a reality).


Xiyad the trustworthy co-pilot

>> Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I dont wanna start this entry with "its been a while"..coz it has been the start of almost every entries that I've recently wrote in this very blog. Somehow, I feel the urge to write and carved this one special moment with Xiyad when he accompanied me to drive my parents home after they finished their Hajj. 

My parents arrived in KL on Tuesday midnight. We advised Mom and Dad to spend the night at my place first and I would drive them home the next day after working hour. They agreed and off we go, a car of 4. Xiyad as the co-pilot, Mom, Dad and I. After 2-hour drive, we reached Sabak Bernam and I had my dinner with the meal prepared by my aunties. 

After I rest a bit and feel a bit rejuvenated, I asked permission to leave and headed back to KL. I forgot to put the milk powder inside the milk bag..wadafak..So, I decided to bought small pack of Milo and Chipster for Xiyad. 2-hour drive during the night right after your office hour is exhausting mind you. I was already feeling sleepy after the stop I made to refuel and we were still in Sabak Bernam. The idea to bring Xiyad was to somehow to chat with him and ignore the sleepiness. 

I quickly remembered Xiyad likes to watch the navigation and asking things about the direction. So I switched ON the navigation eventhough I didn't really need it. And Xiyad started to get excited.

"Ayah ayah...ikut situ..left left..ayahhh.." while grabbing my hand asking my attention.

"Ayahhh..ayahh..ikut situ la ayah..cepat ayah...laju lagi left..ayahhh..laju lagi lefttt"

"errr..ni apa ayah???" when the screen showed a right turn.

"Haa..apa dia. ayah ulang banyak kali dah. Ni apa (my hand gesturing the right sign)"

"Emm..tak tau la"


"ooo...ayahhh right..laju lagi right ayah...laju lagi righttttt....."

And we were exactly driving along the curve, he went "rriiiiigggggghhhhhhhhhttttt" till we finished the cornering. 

"haa..left pulak ayah...cepat ayahh..laju lagi left..ayah..left...laju lagi leftttt"

And it went ON and ON from Sabak Bernam until Kuala Lumpur!!! Seriously...non stop. It was surely irritating but it made me get rid of my sleepiness TOTALLY...And he learned something else than right and left that night. CIRCLE or pronounced by Xiyad as sherkel..hahahaha. When we exit a highway into another highway, errr seriously I dont know what do you call it. He would go;

"Ayahhh..laju lagi sherkelllll ayahh...laju lagi sherkelll"

"Pegang kuat yad..ayah buat lap"

"OK...woooo....sherkel ayahhh..laju lagi sherkell" while holding to the dashboard. I purposely did not fasten his seatbelt that night. I don't know why though. 

When we reached Tol Sungai Besi, Xiyad finally feel a bit exhausted. Plus the screen shows a straight road (highway plus kan) and he lied down saying "Yad taknak cakap lah. Yad taknak cakap". But after few seconds, he saw the the screen with a slight left curve, he sat back up and continued "ayahhh...left ayah..left..laju lagi lefttt..laju lagi lefttt ayah"

And until we reached home, XIyad really played his role accompanying me and ensuring that I wont fell asleep during the drive. Thank you Xiyad. And he was sooo cute doing it. That was when I decided that I would blog this to remember it eternally. 

I made his milk, went upstairs and we both dozed off....I looked deeply into him when he was sleeping and smiled in grateful. Thank you Xiyad...thank you so much.


Kenangan sekolah menengah. Zaman remaja dengan Fariz

>> Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tingakatan 1, aku bersekolah di SAMT batu 38. sekolah agama. Kawan2 aku boleh kata semua masuk SMKUA. Sekolah menengah kebangsaan yg terletak bersebelahan dgn sekolah rendah kami. Kalau ikutkan memang nak sekolah SMKUA je sbb semua kawan kat situ. Tapi kuarga suh sekolah kt SAMT, kita ikut je lah. Tapi pendekkan citer, form 2 aku pindah. Cikgu2 masa aku form 1 3-4 orang selalu tuang kelas, tak masuk kelas. AKu tak tau pun matematik tu apa. Jadi aku bgtu mak aku nak pindah.

So bila masuk SMKUA, aku bersekolah sama2 ngn kawan2 baik aku ni balik. Tapi kelas aku ngn Fariz jarak banyak. Dia kelas ke 6 or 7..while aku kat kelas pertama sbb aku amek bahasa arab. Kami jumpa time rehat sajalah kat kantin. Atau main badminton kat taman belakang rumah Fariz waktu cuti wiken. Form 2, kami sekolah sessi petang. And aku tak banyak sangat luang masa ngn Fariz. Tapi start form 3, sekolah pagi..tiap petang kami main kat taman belakang tu. Mula main badminton, tapi sebab kami budak sekolah yg belanja harian dapat cukup2 je, kami tak mampu nak beli shuttle. Tu pn dh pakai shuttle plastik yang laju tak hengat. Sakit dowh kena smash ngn shuttle tu. So kami decide kumpul duit n tukar game. Main takraw sbb leh pakai kasut skolah je n bola takraw tahan lama. Hahha..ye kami main bukan sebab minat, tapi sebab lebih cost efficient.

Lama kami main kt taman belakang tu. Sampai pakcik2 yg dok area situ pn join kami main. Dari tak tau lipat, tak tau serve smpi pandai melipat lah. Sampai reti lipat gulung. Haaa..masa kami main setiap petang, Fariz lah selalunya punca kami tak ckup korum. Ada je lah sebab dia. Selalunya sebab ikut mak ayah dia gi rumah atok dia kat Sg Haji Dorani. Yelah takkan nak kata tknak ikut. Tapi kadang dia tak ikut juga. And lagi satu punca utama selalunya sebab adik laki dia si pesol tu. Dok nangis la tknak abang dia kuar main suh dok umah. Kami ni sbb dh selalu gitu mmg dok cakap kat Fariz, suh tinggal je sbb kakak dia ada je kat umah tu.

Aku dan Fariz waktu baraan beraya

Tapi bila si Pesol ni start jerit2 "ABANG KOBAAAANGGGGG...ABANG KOBANGGGGG!!!". Memang Fariz akan patah balik. "Aku takleh la kalau dia dh start panggil abang kobang ni". Maka petang tu kami main takraw tak cukup orang. 2 lawan 3 la jawabnya. Lepas tu dulu Fariz main selalunya main tekong. Fariz lagi sorang team sebelah pn tekong. And selalu sangat lah kalau Fariz cuba nak receive bola, plapp...mati. "alaaa...tapak pulak". Hahahahaha. tu memang signature dia. Asek kena tapak je la bola time kita harap dia naikkan first ball. Kami wakil sekolah untuk sepak takraw masa kami form 5. Disebabkan team asal tak sempat balik dari main bola, tak cukup orang..jadi aku suggest Fariz untuk join team wakil sekolah kami. Kami kalah smua game. HAHAHAHA!!! Masing2 tak pernah main wakil skolah..saiko..cuak. Tapi aku selected utk wakil daerah, but pengetua tak kasi pi. Fariz dapat gak main untuk satu game. Hampir menang, tapi lepas kuar "alamak tapak" dia...kami kalah. HAHAHAHA!! And kami selalu gak brader2 main takraw ni ajak team kami join game open takraw mana2 event yang dianjurkan. DIorg bayarkan yuran masuk. Kira sebagai pendedahan la. Tapi sebenarnya nk bagi cukup korum so team kuat takde la kena lawan sesama diorg kt peringkat awal. Memang tu kenangan manis la sebab kami start main takraw dengan timang tak lebih 5, main n main. Dari tgok je abang2 ni main sampai leh join main, smpi la berentap plak dengan diorang.

Bila masuk tingkatan 4, somehow..abah aku sanggup bayar yuran RM10 sebulan untuk aku masuk Taekwondo ngn Fariz. Selama ni mmg Fariz, kawan and Zul masuk taekwondo. Kadang tu aku tak buat apa wiken, au gi skolah untuk tengok diorg berlatih. Yelah..takde duit kan. RM10 sebulan dulu adalah bebanan pada abah. Tapi aku blaja sendiri je kat umah. AKu ni kan jenis teruja tgok martial art movie. So somehow i can kick as good as them sebelum aku join kelab taekwondo lagi.  So bila dh join taekwondo club, kami lagi rapat. ANd masa form 4 plak, kawan baik aku yg sekelas si Zul Atfyi tu pergi MRSM. Jadi mmg lagi rapat ngn Fariz lah jadinya.

Dulu rumah Fariz ni la tempat kami layan video VHD ke apa nama dia. Sebelum ada CD. Bapak fariz ada kad ahli BEE KEE Video tak silap aku nama kedai. So kami kadang pergi sewa video shaolin kungfu and layan sama2. Aku ingat lagi fariz rekod filem bollywood Dil Se. Perghh memang kalau aku tak tau nak buat apa kat umah dia, aku akan layan lagu chaiya chaiya tu lah. Malika Aurora yg seksi masa tu utk aku..fuhh..daebakkk..hahahaha. Fariz siap beli kaset Dil Se, kompilasi semua lagu dalam filem tu. Sempat aku pinjam kaset tu. Waktu tu kami diambang remaja..baru baligh kan..ada la Fariz pernah kata rasa macam nk sewa je tape adult video. kah kah kah. Ate masa kt kedai tu poseter bukan main. Tapi in the end memang kami tak beli. Paling jahat pn layan sisipan adult scene citer Fair Game lakonan cindy crawford dulu. Kah kah..adoiii.. ya Allah.

Masa sekolah menengah mmg sangat kerap lah lepak rumah Fariz. Lebih2 lagi lepas kelas taekwondo. Time tu lah kami layan video or dok teruja tiru gerakan2 dan tendangan dari movie. Kusyen kat ruang tamu tu jadi pad pelindung. Fariz try buat kick, aku tadah dengan kusyen. Then pusing plak giliran aku. Sampai penat. Kalau rzki aku baik, apa yg ada kat umah tu aku dapat le makan. Buah2an ke atau kadang lunch kat situ terus. Hehehehehe. Kuarga Fariz dh macam kuarga aku sendiri. Diorg pn dh layan aku cam anak sdri la kot. Sebab kadang kalau aku smpi rumah, Fariz keluar...mak ayah dia pn nk kuar, diorg suh aku tnggu umah. hahahaha. Padahal aku tau Fariz simpan duit2 hasil sawit bapak dia kat laci bawah almari TV tu. Kih kih kih.

Oh ye..kami sll panggil Fariz ni..munik..panggil nama bapak dia..hahahaha. Tapi lepas satu insiden ni...aku gi umah dia..bagi salam terus bukak pintu..nampak la dia dr blkg tgh bersila makan nasi..Aku baru nak panggil MUNIKKKK..sekali dia toleh..bukan dia da...itu memang haji Asmuni bapak dia daaa...HAHAHAHAHA mujur dowh!! Lepas pada tu aku tak panggil dah dia munik. Kih kih kih.

Tiba masa nak sukan sekolah, kami berlatih sukan sama2...lompat jauh, lari berganti2..try sprint 100m. Apis usop budak atlet sukses.. Jadi kami pernah la pakai bilik gym tu sesuka hati kami. Hehehehe. Stadium mmg guling pn sampai kalau dari rumah Fariz ni. Memang selalu gak lepak stadium konon2 buat latihan.

Time taekwondo, cikgu Rosli, jurulatih kami memang dh nampak kami ni serasi. Selalunya memang kami akan di pair kan kalau time sparring. Walaupun Fariz 1 level lagi tinggi dari aku. Memang Cikgu Rosli akan panggil Fariz utk pair ngn aku kalau aku takde pair masa exam. ANd Fariz pnya sparring slot masa grading exam pn kadang Cikgu Rosli akan panggil aku utk spar. Memang kami rakan spar la senang citer. Tu masa dia masih kurus la. hehehehe. Lama gak kami taekwondo sama, ngajar budak2 baru sama2. TIme ni la kami eksperimen macam2. Pernah cikgu rosli mintak kami tolong dia utk kelas taekwondo kat SAMT batu 38. Sekolah lama aku masa tingkatan 1. And..well, ko nak kena tolong ajar kawan2 laki yg lebih kurang sebaya kau..ego remaja masa tu tinggi, depa macam ingat kita berlagak la plak kalu kita tegur n bg tips camne nk sepak tu bagi cantik. Aku bukan nk kata apa la, cikgu Rosli memang pernah puji aku depan all the students masa grading and even masa kt SAMT pny session ni..Cikgu Rosli kata tendangan aku tinggi dan cantik. Koff kofff..

So ada la satu masa ni, Fariz kena spar ngn kawan sekolah lama aku si Shahir ni. Spar punya spar..sekali si shahir ni pergi tangkap kaki Fariz. Taekwondo tak main tangkap beb. Fariz ni boleh je layangkan satu lagi kaki tu macam kt filem. Selalu dh kami buat masa kelas n main2 spar. Tapi takde sebab pn nk buat..and tiba2 shahir ni pergi tarik n campak si Fariz ni. DENGGG..what the hell. Tak pasal2 tangan Fariz terseliuh. Terus CIkgu Rosli stop kelas. Kena sound la diorg. CIkgu rosli cakap, kami ni mai tolong dia..bukan nk berlagak tunjuk terrer. Then skali lagi Cikgu sebut nama aku..koff koff "tu hasnul tu saya pn takleh sepak sebagus dia..saya bawak dia datang tolong untuk kamu amek sikit tips atau tengok n improve tendangan kamu semua plak".So petang tu memang Fariz pulang dengan tangan yg terkehel. Kami pi skolah tu dgn moto  Fariz. Dia baru je tukar clutch tu jadi clutch idup. Jadi aku nak tolong bawak tak brpa reti...sian sungguh la

Kenangan Gabai..ini zaman young adult. Tk banyak simpanan gambar digital zaman skolah. Takde kamera kan

Sama macam kawan2 baik sesama lelaki lain..kami tak pernah ada batas topik bila bersembang..segala macam topik..smpi la bab pompuan apa smua..hahahaha. Masa Fariz form5 tak silap aku..or form 4..kami kan generasi pertama SPM terbuka..tiba2 Fariz kata nak tambah subjek ekonomi. Fariz ni kelas pertanian..tapi ntah apa sebab semangat dia nk amek ekonomi. Aku sbgi kawan sapot je lah. Ekonomi ni banyak membaca je. Jadi dia amek subjek tu dgn blaja sendiri la kiranya. Aku tak ingat plak dia lulus tak subjek tu. 

Zaman baru nak celik IT, apa itu Yahoo...aku gi ngan Fariz jugak kat ABACUS CC tu. CC yang plg haramjadah aku penah jumpa. Smua pi situ mmg ramai. tapi masing2 bukak citer blue. Itu la exposure cite blue pertama aku. Tapi aku sempat tgok 3-4 saat je. Sebab masa tu aku baik..aahhaha..aku elak tengok smua tu. Bila kami dok sama langgan internet kat situ, Fariz dok cari pasal taekwondo..sapa mahaguru plg tinggi apa smua lah. 

Kami blaja buat front flip pn sama2. Hahahaha..ntah masa tu rasa cam cool je kalau dapat blaja front flip. Tapi Fariz sekejap je..lepas tu dia macam tknak buat sbb byk kali salah land punggung sakit. Aku je lah terrer kan front flip tu smpi leh flip berdiri balik.hahaha.. Cool je rasa bila buat time lepas kelas taekwondo. And Fariz gak yang tanya aku samada aku leh sangkut kaki kat palang bumbung bench basikal skolah then wat push up. Hahaha..yee..benda2 remeh camni aku igt. Camne kami berdua try wat side split..front split. Sungguh2 sbb nak bagi kaki tu betul2 flex masa nk wat taekwondo kick. 

Kami berkongsi byk pasal taekwondo, takraw lah mostly masa skolah menengah. FOrm 5, kami punya aktiviti unit beruniform mmg best sbb taekwondo diiktiraf as one of kelab beruniform. Jadi jimat duit aku takyah join unit lain yg kena beli baju seragam plak. Kami join camping kt skolah. Aku ajak smua geng satu unit ngn aku. Memang best. Aku igt lg aku lepak tido rumah dia, hafalkan lagu merdeka yang Lizawati cipta lirik berdasarkan lagu KRU - Di pintu syurga. Sungguh2 kami nyanyi utk persembahan penutup team kami. Masa tu ada lizawati, jiah, iza, nora, hafiz, faseha Maya, anip and ajak kalau tak silap. 

Membesar and mengenal erti remaja aku dgn Fariz. Aku dipelihara dari unsur2 jahanam sbb kawan2 aku smua baik2 macam Fariz. Alhamdulillah..

Alfatihah..Aku rindu kau Fariz. Rindu sangat


Fariz Asmuni. Kenangan sekolah rendah kami

>> Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Mohd Fariz b. Asmuni. Aku tak pasti samada ingatan aku tepat atau tidak. Tapi Fariz ni antara kawan pertama aku kat sekolah. Aku punya ingatan pasal Fariz waktu di sekolah rendah darjah 1 tak berapa 'nampak' dia. And aku jugak tak berapa pasti Fariz antara kawan luar pertama aku yang aku jumpa di tadika depan rumah aku. Samar2. Macam pernah ingat Fariz ni tadika kat batu 2 sepintas, kampung sebelah. Apa pun Fariz antara kawan luar pertama aku. Maksudnya kawan yang bukan jiran rumah aku. Kawan sekolah aku.

Darjah 1 dan 2, agak samar2. Mungkin aku tak berapa rapat sangat dengan dia. Tapi aku pasti aku memang berkawan dengan dia. Cuma aku takleh recall memori2 khusus aku dengan dia. Main sama ke apa..samar2. Yang pasti, kami kawan dari sekolah petang..sekolah rendah agama yang sama. Sebab sekolah pagi, dia kelas lain. Dulu, cara diorang kelaskan budak2 darjah 1 ni ikut bulan lahir. Bulan 1-4, masuk kelas 1..kelas Maju dan seterusnya. Fariz lahir bulan 5, jadi dia kelas ke 2. Kelas Jaya.

Ingatan dan memori aku dengan fariz mula kuat bila start darjah 3. Waktu sekolah rendah aku ni macam ketua juga lah. Aku ada geng aku sendiri. Tapi bukan lah geng cm budak2 sekarang. Sekadar geng gi makan sama, main sama gitu. Aku selalu initiate aktiviti2 utk geng aku. Contohnya, aku buat macam name tag untuk geng2 aku. Kad ni ikut tema. Kadang ikut nama2 ultraman, kadang2 ikut nama watak ninja turtle. Yang pasti, makin ramai geng, aku kena come out dengan tema yang cukup untuk ahli geng aku le. Aku ingat lagi bila aku bagitau kt geng aku ni, kita kena pilih ultraman masing2 sebagai identiti. Hahahaha kelakar plak. Aku pilih ultraman seven masa tu. Hafiszain, jiran aku pilih ultraman 80, Zul Atfyi pilih ultraman Ace, Zaidi Satari Ultraman Taro. Then Fariz bgtu "Aku Ultraman Towards the Future". HAHAHAHA. sebenarnya tu tajuk citer ultraman tu masa tu. Kami tak tau la plak ultraman apa nama dia..So dia punya ultraman la nama paling panjang. Hahaha hentamlah labu.

Kat sekolah petang dulu ada musim mainan..Kalau kena musim guli, smua budak2 bawak guli gi skolah. Musim main getah pemadam, musim gasing. Musim dia ni memang akan silih berganti lah. Memang best. Zero point (dulu aku panggi zerofine) pn kami main. Dulu main ngn budak pompuan takde nak pikir bukan2 pervy ke apa. kami main je.

Ada satu masa ni Fariz share pasal lagu lama yang dia dengar dari ayah dia punya koleksi kaset lama. Dia dok nyanyi la berhari2 kat skolah. AKu pinjam kaset tu sebab tertarik dia dok nyanyi. Aku tak ingat sapa penyanyi..tapi ada 2 lagu aku masih ingat smpi skang. Satu pasal MAWAR. satu lagi pasal BINTANG.

Sekuntum bunga mawar indaaah menawaaann~~
Kumbang tertawan hinggap menghiiisap madu~~~
Sekuntum bunga mawar indaaah menawaaann~~
Kumbang tertawan hinggap menghiiisap madu~~~

Indahnya bungaaaa
mawarrrr (ni suara harmoni. Aku dok buat sama2 ngn Fariz bila nyanyi)
Yang kembang layu (part ni mmg ni yg aku ingat lirik. yes mmg tak jive..kembang tp layu.hahaha)

Menghaaarap setetes embun pagiiiii
menghaarap setetes embun pagiiiiii
Maaawar maaawar...mawar yang indah serta menaaawan hatiiii

Aku rasa kalau gugel mungkin leh jumpa. huhu. Then ada lagi satu lagu. kelap kelip bintang di langit...sungguh indah bila dipandang... Yang ni yang dia suka nyanyi dulu. 

 Arwah Fariz Asmuni..tengah..

Then masa kt skolah petang dulu, memang layan musim mainan yang aku sebutkan tadi..jadi takde budak main bola sepak ke bola apa. Kami ada padang kecik je tepi kelas kami tu. Orang main kejar2 or tak guna sangat pn . Yelah..rehat dlm pukul 4 ptg ke 4:30 tak ingat..lepas tu terus pi solat asar. Mana dan nak main. So masa tu lepas rehat, kami dok rayau2 main apa yg ada, aku terpikir utk petik buah jambu batu (ni yang kecik..bukan yg besar korg sll nampak tu. isi merah) and jadikan bola. Jadi aku self-claimed perintis budak2 SRA Batu 2 Sepintas start main bola. Memang kelakar but fun. Kami main guna jambu je bola sepak. Paling takleh blah keeper lambung jambu memang takde la spa2 nak heading. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Then kami start main dengn bola tenis. Kami tak layan bola besar sebab bahaya. Senang pecahkan tingkap2 kelas2 kat tepi tu. Bila boring main bola, kami layan rounders plak. It was fun childhood moments for us. Ada satu masa ni..tapi rasa nya masa ni dh darjah 5 atau 6, kawan aku si Hafiszain bawak bola sepak yg besar tu. Punya nak tunggu rehat n ustaz takde masa tu..kami main pass2 bola tu dalam kelas. Sampai kt Fariz..dia pass jauh..sekali tinggi sangat, kena lampu..mentol dia cabut, jatuh n pranngg pecah la atas meja. Bilik darjah dh la sebelah bilik guru. Terus ustaz masuk..cuak la beb. Budak dulu baik beb...pecahkn lampu pn dh cuak gila2. Bola kena rampas. Fariz ni plak kebetulan pakcik dia tukang kebun kat skolah tu. Terus pakcik dia mai sound marah n esoknya dia gantikan balik mentol tu. 

Rumah nenek Fariz ni plak sebelah sekolah tu je.Jadi kadang kami singgah rumah nenek dia lepak2, minum air and macam2 lagi.  Bila kami dok syok main bola tu...senior kami mula la nak join. Mulanya kami bagi je join..tp diorg dok main sesama diorg je..pass ngn diorg2 je. Jadi cam tak best la. So the next time, kami taknak main sekali. Bola kami punya kan..ada la pernah mcm gaduh2 mulut gitu. Tapi aku ingat Fariz penah kena pegang kt tengkuk n dihayun ke arah kawan lain. Berlaga muka la gak. Aku ingat lagi sapa buat..Si Azam sobari tu. hahahahaha. Tapi tu smua citer masa budak2. N gaduh dulu gitu2 je. Penah juga Fariz gaduh2 mulut lepas sekolah n lepas main gak rasanya dengan Azri Mahmood. Kawan2 aku ni baik smuanya..so geng2 aku ni geng baik je. Jadi masa gaduh just tolak2..bila si Jeli ni cam acah nk tumbuk, Fariz pn wat gaya cekak pinggang ala2 maknyah "haa tumbuk la tumbuk la..takut"..sekali Jeli tumbuk juga. Tapi tumbuk gaduh budak je. Merah la mata kawan tu tahan nangis. Lepas tu Fariz plak acah serangan balas. Jeli cam sedia ngelak. Then Fariz kata "haaa takuttt". Bila Jeli sedia balik nk tumbuk, Fariz ulang balik gaya tadi "tumbuk laa tumbuk laa". Hhahaha kelakar gak bila ingat. Berani yang takut2. Camtu la budak baik bergaduh. Huhuhu..

Time kami dalam darjah 5 or 6 tak ingat, ada sedara2 Fariz gak bukak cam warung dekat simpang jalan seblum skolah. Jual ais kacang. Semangkuk 30sen. Masa tu mmg belanja aku 30sen. So kami pakat sebelum masuk sekolah lepak situ makan ais kacang dulu..sebab time rehat nanti nak main kan..tak ke kantin. ANd terus gi semayang asar. Pakat la ramai2 kami mengABC dulu sblum pi skolah. 

Ada sekali ni lepas smyg Fariz datang lock tangan aku dari belakang. Main2 gurau2. Pastu dia tanya "haa camne nk lepaskan diri nul?" Aku jawab.."senang je ni..ko nak tau ke?". Pastu aku hantukkan belakang kepala aku. Kena muka dia. Pecah bibir kawan tu. Hahahaha. budak beb..tak pikir consequences nak buat mende2. Pastu aku mintak maap kat dia. Huhuhu. Time skolah rendah ada gak lepak2 rumah Fariz ni. sebelh rumah Fariz ni, kawan kami lg sorang nama Fariz jugak. Diorang ni pggl sesama diorang KAWAN. So Fariz A pggl Fariz B kawan, and sama lah sebaliknya. Aku plak pggl Fariz B, Fariz mat min tu je kawan. Kuasa plak nk panggil dua2 kawan. takde beza la dua2. hahahaha.

Ni la lebih kurang memori aku ingat dengan arwah Fariz Asmuni. Antara kawan baik aku dari kecik. Arwahnya meninggal 2 minggu lepas. Dia eksiden motosikal masa on the way nak gi kelas. Arwah sambung blaja. Jadi tiap pagi sabtu dia naik moto pi PJ tak silap. Ada la kadang aku balik Sabak, jumpa dia masa on the way balik dr KL kalau wiken tu memang wiken dia pi kelas. Kalau time hari biasa, aku roger la dia. Takde kes pape, kami lepak kat kedai mamak tepi Balai bomba tu.

Lepas dapat tau dia eksiden, aku pi lawat dia. singgah jap kt spital sungai buloh. Masa tu dapat jumpa Anip. Kawan baik aku lg sorang. Dia nampak ok. Cuma tangn n kaki patah. Lutut teruk pecah. Abes sembang2, kami balik. minggu lepas tu, mesej kt whatsapp group, isteri arwah kata baru lepas operation..stabil. So alhamdulillah lah. Pagi arwahnya meninggal tu, dapat whatsapp dari 2 org kawan aku tanya betul ke Fariz meninggal. Aku terus la jawab..eh takde lah..dia baru je lepas operation n stabil. Tapi aku curious aku cek FB dia ada org tulis dia meninggal. Terus call handset dia. Wife dia yang pegang phone. Kali kedua call baru angkat..suara hujung talian dah menangis teresak2. Tak jawab pun aku tau dah. Aku memang terkejut sangat bila dengar dari mulut wife dia yang memang sah Fariz meninggal dunia. Masa tu wife dia ada sempat bagitau punca macam disebabkan low blood pressure masa operation. Aku tknak ambik masa dia lama. 

Petang tu aku nak ke Kuantan kenduri kecilan adik ipar aku. Aku masa tu mmg rasa taknak pi dh kuantan. Tapi sebab wawa kena bawak kambing perap utk disajikan la kononnya kenduri tu. Kalau wawa leh pegi sendiri mmg aku suh pi sendiri je. Hati aku meronta2 nak sambut jenazah dalam liang lahat. Masa tu kt whatsapp group yang dapat pergi spital si Ajak, kawan baik aku lg sorang. So pikir punya pikir aku cakap kat wawa, aku nak tengok kali terakhir jenazah kawan aku tu. Takpe lah kalau tak dapat sembahyangkan or mandikan dia. Memang nak singgah gak. And terus bagitau adik ipar yg kompem tak dan lah kambing tu nak bakar utk tetamu.

Hmm...aku sambung next entri kenangan kami sekolah menengah and saat akhir aku dengan dia. Takelh carry on..


Please take it~~

Please take it~~
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