Xuwayla Asfiya is 1

>> Thursday, January 5, 2017

Salaam everyone~~

Hey..its 2017. Like usual, almost everyone started to use it as a starting line to achieve and do something in their lives, strive for something better. Like a famous saying, "Resolution is not a goal..its the goal post..the goal remains the same, but the goal post keeps moving, usually getting further away". kah kah

Im at Mazda Service Center, waiting for my car. This is the last service under warranty. Last free of charge service. After this, hmmm poket rabak. I've already snapped the cost for the rest of the mileage services.

Alright..so new year will now start with Xuwayla Asfiya. Yep..It's already a year of fun time raising her. She doesn't really cause too much trouble during her growth except for occasional crying and shrieking every now and then without any reason. Other than that, Alhamdulillah..all went well and hoping for years of fun with her and Xiyad. InsyaAllah.

Unfortunately, I am suffering skin eczema..which comes and go. The last time I suffered it was during my college days. However, this time the effect is worst than ever. I couldn't walk properly coz there are small wounds at every crook of my foot which hurting me really bad when I want to walk let alone wearing the shoes. So, we couldn't really go out celebrating or what not. And plus, my parents and all my siblings were here, so we just paid a visit to my brother's new house.macam housewarming la.



My sister's family were with us as we had to settle some registration of business in SSM for my sister., so we went to our brother's house together from my home. Planned to buy Secret Recipe's cake and decided to go for the Chocolate Indulgence. Coz somehow my mom can enjoy it unlike any other cakes which she can't even finish a slice. Secret Recipe in Bandar Sri Putra ran out of cakes, so we just headed to my bro's and bought one there.

Everyone was there except for my 3rd sister and her hubby. We just started without them. Hahahaha. coz the kids already eyeing the cake though. We cut the cake after we finished our lunch. Dessert time!!



Sepupu2 yang ada. 7 cucu2 Masnah & Acim

So everyone sang the birthday song..tapi kena repeat balik 2nd time coz nenek couldn't remember Fiya's full name. Hahahaha. 


Birthday girl cut the cake

And then Nusaibah kicked the cake. Hahahahaha...

Nureen was crying because she couldn't blow the candle..alololo..so we need to lit it up again and let her blew it.

And memang just left like 1/7 portion of the cake. Emak even said that she's gonna eat it!! For your information, my family is not into cake though. Hahaha. Tapi cake mahal ni ok plak..kih kih.



And here is the latest edition of our family, Yadawiyyahul Fadwah and his army dad. hehehehe. I didnn't manage to take her picture earlier coz my lense was sent for repair. Then the other day before I had the opportunity to take her picture, dia mengamuk dah..so this time finally managed to take her picture. Welcome to the family Fadwah. And somehow I started the trend to call the 2nd name in the family. Kah kah. Yelah..nak panggil yadawiyyahul panjang and sukar sikit..takkan nak panggil yada..dh la sepupu dia si fiya telinga cam yoda. hahahahaha

So alhamdulillah..setahun dah Fiya. Hoping Allah will lend her to us till our last breath and hoping to give the best to her. We love you Xuwayla Asfiya!!


Cameron Highland with my In-Law Family

>> Friday, December 23, 2016

Last Labor Day, my in-law family spent the holiday in Cameron Highland. My parents in-law, sisters in-law went there earlier than us. I already forgot why, but I think because I was still working and they have already took their leaves a day earlier. My parents and sister in-law went there from Terengganu and another sister in-law from Penang. We kicked off after my office day and it was our first time going up Cameron Highland at night!!

We had our dinner at 1 restaurant situated just by the T-Junction out of the Taiping Toll. Then we headed there alone at first. No cars from front nor from behind. Spooky. I switched ON my car GPS so that I could get a clear view of the turns and corners because I cant really see one using my bare eyes in that darkness.

And suddenly Xiyad was ranting his favourite lines.. "Ayah..apa tuu?"..HAHAHAHA damn!!! In that moment of darkness going up the hill, "apa tu" makes it more horror!!!

Xiyad..xyah nak apa tu sangat lah malam2 ni ek..Xiyad duduk tengok GPS ye

Masa ni, Xiyad belum reti nak cakap turn left turn right lagi. Cembam was giggling at the back when Xiyad asked apa tu. hahahaha. damn it..After around 20 minutes then only we saw other cars comng down and coming from behind and some even overtook us. Fyuuuhhh...Horror dowh.

I've already told Cembam that I wont be going to many places in Cameron coz last year on the same date, I've stucked in the jam in this very Cameron Highland..tobattt..I said, mana yang lengang kita pi, nampak jem..kita balik. Hahahaha.

Like always, I have already booked for few sets of fresh strawberries for everyone and just need to pick them up from KEA Farm. We went there as our first destination. Stopped and parked our car at a foodcourt 1KM from KEA Farm for breakfast. Then we just walked to KEA Farm. Like always, I would buy a bouquet of Rose for Cembam everytime we went to Cameron Highland and this time, its 24-pcs Grade AA Rose...fuuhh..thanks Cindy, the stall owner for the nice price and even wrapping them for me.

We bought quite a lot there and headed to Agro Farm. For me, if you want to see almost everything Cameron Highlands could offer in a single place, just go to the AgroFarm. It has everything there. Cactus, veggies, ice cream, waffles etc.


We just enjoyed the Cameron's product there. Waffles, smoothies and decided to go to Bharat Tea right after that. We have already went to Boh Plantation, so Bharat which located by the road is enough for our tea experience this time. We went here before for honeymoon and had our strawberry picking experience already. Therefore, takpe la..dah rasa. The strawberries that I bought from that amoi were already normal time price (during public holidays, they marked up the strawberry price higher) 

Then we headed to Bharat Tea. My Sister in-law went straight to the apartment. Thought I was gonna sipped a cup of tea while watching the view. But unfortunately the rest was just wanna had a look, bought some souvenir and headed back. Ok..so I just took some pictures je lah. 

Fiya masih botak masa ni

And at night, we planned to had steamboat dinner at one of the famous steamboat place there - Glory 78. When I went there with my family last year, we couldn't get a table for us. Fully booked. So this time we booked earlier but they have changed the term. NO booking. First come first serve. So right after we finished Maghrib prayer, we drove there. It was starting to get jammed. Luckily we were just another 100 meters from the restaurant when it started to jammed

So this time memang still early, we got a table for us and started ordering our dishes. We ordered steamboat for 4 people since the rest still wanted to order other dishes. And that was quite filling already.



Adni ni jenis kalau gi mana2 memang dok ajak pok dia tengok barang..and ada je dia nak pau. Pok dia biras aku tu pun layankan je. Selalunya Xiyad la yang untung. Hari tu dia pau set kereta kecik2..memang sudahnya dapat ke Xiyad sebab sekejap je dia nak nye..lepas tu dia taknak dah

 Naurah dengan topinya

Honeymoon Adam and Nashirah ditemani keluarga. Kah kah kah 

Lopas dah konyang, balik le ke apartment. The next day we all went on our own route towards home. My SIL went towards Penang using the route emerging at Simpang Pulai. My Parents in law drove back to Kuala Terengganu via Raub and we headed back to KL using Tapah road.

We stopped by at a restaurant just near the junction going to Boh Plantation to have our breakfast. And we even stopped by at KLCC to fetched something before we reached home. 

visiting my working place

Just took the opportunity having the car to brought back the helmet box from my office. 

We had Wendy's before headed home 

Pit stop minum susu. At the center courtyard


Last but not least..nindiaa...Kungfu Master tengah tidor. hehehehe... OK next entry plak. tengah rajin ni nak berblog semula


Aidilfitri 2016 super lambat feat. Memuah raya 2016

>> Monday, December 19, 2016

Memang lambat nak mampus...tapi takpelah..aku saja nak updet blog ni yang umpama journal aku sendiri. tapi tulah..sebab gambar2 ni aku upload dalam flickr. Bila aku dh takde, konon nak anak2 cucu aku baca segala sejarah hidup aku dalam ni...kot flickr tak renew license, tak kuar le gambonyeee.

Oh and while Im writing this, I googled up about Google+ which now offers unlimited space for your photos and videos...nice!!! And my Note5 is currently syncing all the photos into it in real time. Well, in a way, Google owns all those pictures. Tapi takpelah..nothing that can be used against me pun. Im just a puny, tiny,  minute guy who is insignificant in life other than towards my families je pun. So aku takyah la guna "upload photo" function kat blogger ni dah...tinggal copy URL je la? woww..niceee

Cumanya gambar2 yang kt flickr ni yang aku rasa best2 aku letak situ..yang biasa2 aku letak la kat google+ tu. Takpe lah..dunia je smua ni.

So berbalik pada Aidilfitri 2016. Tahun ni raya belah Terengganu. Kehadiran Xuwayla Asfiya membuatkan mak dia lagi sronok la nk shopping baju raya. Kami cari kt Alamanda Putrajaya.ada macam2 harga..last2 beli yg RM98..tuddiaa..konon dh siap diskaun la..baju ala2 kebaya. ketat weh..ikut body..kecik je si Fiya tu..baju tu plak ikut body. Aku plak tu yang pakaikan..patut bagi mak dia pakaikan..baru tau susah nk pakai baju tu. And pakai 2 kali je punn...memang tahun depan maleh la nak beli mahal2..cari rm20 je..takpun biar mak dia je beli. hahahaha.

Aidilfitri 2016
Ni haa..baju yg pakai 2x je..itupun yang kali kedua tu mak dia bukan main bebel kata aku pakaikan tak kena masa lah apa lah..aku pakai kan je..masa tu nak pi umah terbuka

Aidilfitri 2016

Aidilfitri 2016

So tema tahun ni warna ijo...maka stended lah kita lelaki..ingat taknak beli baju melayu sebab pakai setahun sekali je. tapi nk cantik sedondon ngn anak2..kita pun beli  je lah. Mujur lah aku mmg skang tiap jumaat pakai baju melayu gi kerja. Saja kan..dari tak pakai.

Aidilfitri 2016
Gambar ni masing2 sengih and gelak sebab masa aku nak amek tempat tu terpeleset plak kapert tu.

Tahun ni ada tambahan ahli keluarga. Adam Danish a.k.a Danial Yap. Alhamdulillah ok je dia. Aku ajar betul2 takbir 7x kali tu sebab aku pernah kena masa budak dulu, takde sapa nk sungguh ajar bacaan tasbih dia. Jadi aku beriya2 abehkan alfatihah. Rupanya Adam pun takde sapa bagitau. Tapi dia tak dan la nak hafal tasbih tu sebab last minute aku yang bagitau.

Aidilfitri 2016

Aidilfitri 2016
Time ni Xiyad Ok lagi nk tengok kamera amek gambar..Skang ni datang nakal dia tak tengok depan lah apa lah. 

Aidilfitri 2016

Aidilfitri 2016
Kak Ipar and biras aku

Aidilfitri 2016

Aidilfitri 2016
Kalau dulu masing2 bergambar ngan Xiyad..skang turn Xuwayla la plak..

Aidilfitri 2016

Aidilfitri 2016

Raya Ganu macam biasalah..raya umah tok..pekena tapai..pastu pergi rumah pokcik mokcik

Aidilfitri 2016

Aidilfitri 2016

Aidilfitri 2016
Kat rumah Ayah Ngah

Aidilfitri 2016

Then Raya ke 3 pagi kami bertolak balik Sabak Bernam. kat Sabak maleh dh nak pakai baju melayu. Bini aku pun tak koser nak gosok balik baju raya ijau tu..Hahahaha. NI lah kami Aidilfitri 2016. Tahun 2017 insyaAllah kalau semua Allah panjangkan umur, lagi lengkap gambar raya kami

Aidilfitri 2016

Aidilfitri 2016
Kat Rumah Wak Johamah

Aidilfitri 2016

Then masuk pulak cerita Memuah Raya 2016. Tahun ni tukar konsep Memuah Raya sebab Iftar Memuah tak buat. Semua setuju buat Memuah Raya kt rumah Erina sebab tak semua ada pada tarikh yang sama masa Ramadhan hari tu. Ok juge

Memuah Raya 2016

Masa nak ke umah Erina ni ada jalan tutup ke apa..aku jadi kompius arah ke umah Erina..tapi aku ikut rasa getar tulang rusuk aku...then jumpa la umah Erina..Anne dah sampai ngn Masy..tu yg getar jadi GPS tu. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Memuah Raya 2016
Masing2 tengah cubaan menggomol FIya

Memuah Raya 2016

Memuah Raya 2016

Memuah Raya 2016
Father and daughter moment. Teringat kat Aqil masa ni. Alfatihah kat anak syurga tu

Memuah Raya 2016
Cubaan mentarbiyahkan Xuwayla Asfiya

Memuah Raya 2016

Memuah Raya 2016

Memuah Raya 2016

Memuah Raya 2016

Then gambar Memuah Aidilfitri 2016 macam biasa. Alhamdulillah kami masih berukhwah. Walaupun tak berapa kerap berjumpa and rasa macam time ni la nak jumpa..tp bila dah berjumpa memang ceria je macam zaman blogging dulu.

Ok tu je lah cerita entri super lambaaat ni..hahahahaha


Please take it~~

Please take it~~
Thanks to all my followers. Please be honoured to take this very memuah award and you can display it proudly in your blog!!


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