I almost forgot my mini project novel that I've started couple months back. I thought I've already published 2 chapters of them..but I was definitely forgot about it as I've actually wrote 3 chapters of it. So, I'm going to continue with it as when I read through the 3 chapters, I could see that I've done some grammatical error some here and there but at the same time, I could sense a great joy and how I've tried to express the storyline as best as I could and I love that.

To those who is still interested and need to refresh on how the story begun, you could follow these links. I'm going to put in on my sidebar one day like SyafazaZara did for her 'Legasi Cinta Alisia'.

THORNS & SUNSHINE chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3


It was a very hot afternoon. As you could remember how the teacher used to explain about the monsoon, the period of time they would occur, it shouldn't be the time where every afternoon would end with a heavy rain. But yet, around 5 P.M, the darkness would come in a form of clouds that bear tonnes of water that would drop any second. It was just a normal afternoon like any other afternoon.

Hashim was leaning against the wall, sitting on a sofa that he bought from a Wednesday flea market holding the holy Qur'an. The standing fan was in front of him giving him the wind to make his reciting more convenient. He recited every words on the page, line after line, page after page before he stopped and closed the Qur'an. Closing his eyes, Hashim performed a short doa as a closure. 

It has been 3 weeks since Hashim spent a half day in a lock-up. He could still remember how the unexplainable scorch that he could feel inside the lock-up yet he never managed to find the source of the heat inside that small white room. He was not feeling well during the day of the hearing. RM3000 fine and a day in a lock-up. But somehow, they released him after four and a half hour inside there. Yet, it was a long day for Hashim. He could feel the years of what those prisoners have to spend inside the jail, how awful their life could be. Somehow, those hours he experienced inside that tiny room brought him to realize how he thought a simple thing like gambling could throw him into a pitch black world where the light would only be within his reach after struggling along a stretched road of misery.

He repented as sincere as he could from the sins of trying his luck on a 4 digit numbers, paying a small token for it with a high hope that he would get a fortune out of it. Hashim managed to find peace by reading the al-qur'an after each of his prayers. And he has been doing it  ever since. That is why we could never judge people because we would never know how he or she would turn out to be at the end of his life.


Remember  the story of a very pious guy who spent years of his life just to pray and get closer to Allah but he died in a very worst condition - turning his back on Islam? Never read that? When one day the devil disguised as a human started to pray with the pious guy so great even it's startled the guy.

One day the pious guy asked the devil in disguise on his secret of devotion. On how the devil could pray so great everyday. That was the moment the devil was waiting for, the moment of the devil's seducing words started. The devil said that he has committed a big sins which are, drinking, freesex (zina) and even killed a guy. The pious guy was so shocked!! The devil then said that he prayed very hard everyday everytime he remembered his sins.

But he was lured by the greatness of the devil's pray so he started to accept the reason. Then the devil started to seduce the pious guy to do the same if he wanted to be better in his prayer. The devil proposed him to kill someone, but the pious guy didn't have any enemy and he just couldn't do it. Then devil proposed to fuck a girl but again the pious guy just couldn't do it. Lastly the devil proposed him to drink and get wasted.

The pious guy thought that getting drunk was the only thing he dared to do. So he went to a pub(dunno what they called at back then) and ordered a big mug of beer. He started to get drunk. Later, when the waitress brought him another mug of the beer, the pious guy couldn't control himself. He tried to rape the waitress. Everyone in the pub was just so drunk and just let it happened. The pious guy raped the waitress.

The waitress managed to let herself loose and run outside the pub and came back a couple of minutes later  with her husband. Her husband was so furious with the pious guy and charging towards him with the sword on his hand. The pious guy and the waitress husband started to fight and with a little help of the devil, the pious guy managed to stab the husband and killed him. From just drinking, he had committed another 2 big sins. 

 The authority took him into custody and soon he was sentenced to death. The day of the execution the devil came to him again. The pious guy was angry and regretted. "This is all because of you!! Ya Allah..what have I done!!". The pious guy keep on regretting. 

The devil then offered him a freedom in one condition. The pious guy must admit him as  his his new god because he was the only one that could help him instead of Allah. Again, the pious guy succumbed under the devil's seduction. He admitted that the devil was his new god to save his life. And that was the time he was executed. He died in vain and turning his back from the right path that he had follow for years. But ended in the last days of his life.




(read it while try to imagine it and relate it to some of my own experiences)

HEMY said…
thanks for reading it =]
syah shah said…
correct me if I'm wrong... Tapi if I'm not mistaken, setan tu bukan suruh mengaku tuhan, tapi suruh tunduk kat dia so that he in exchange can help to release the man... Lelaki tu tunduk, and that's when Allah cabut nyawa dia...

tu kalau tak silap aku laa... tapi mungkin ada banyak version, cuma the moral of the story adalah tetap satu...

by the way, it was a nicely done story... Menginsafkan jugak lah... :D :D
HEMY said…
aku nak pendek kan citer syahshah. so aku bagi twist yg mudah faham yakni dia membelakangkan tuhan
green said…
ohoho..ak tak baca..nak baca kn amek mood..
br leh appreciate the author..kan2..

mlm2 sket ak dtg lg..
moment said…
setelah ape yg kita amalkan didunia ini, moga2 cara kematian menjemput kita dgn baik...
Pocket said…
been naughty enough once till it was close enough to feel the cold floor and the stiff bar.
prayed to god,
'to let me out of this one'
and my prayer was answered.

nice one bro,
heard the second story differently
but with the same meaning.
Efendi said…
wow...what did you do pocket? I always so afraid about it even when I was dreaming

thanks to those who read my tried-to-be-short-novel