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Salwa was teaching like usual that morning. If it's not because the sacred duty of a teacher to raise the young generation to be excellent features when they grow up, she might've already sighed and cursed so much. But she knows every efforts she pours everyday to those youngsters is a jihad that she needs to do sincerely.

Her lecture was interrupted by the knocking on the door. Salwa's focus quickly faded away from the class when she glanced off her shoulder towards the door. SHe was startled to see his colleague with 2 policemen standing outside of the class.

She waded outside of the class followed by the policemen and her colleague. Her mind started to work fast, the adrenaline kicked in thinking of what was happening.

Outside of the door, the policemen started to ask,

"Are you salwa Hashim?"
"yes I am"
"I'm sorry to tell you that your dad is currently in our custody"

Panic stricken and the pale colour of shock started to replace her normal skin pigment. She felt bewildered with the statement. Why out of crooks beating and doing harm to their victims outside there, her father was the one brought in by the police.

"he was captured in a lottery premise when JAIS did a rush. He's now at the police station"

ANother surge of despair, anger and lots of unexplained feelings penetrated her lungs making her out of breath gasping for air. Salwa took emergency request to leave the schoolground for personal matter.

She drove her toyota towards the police station led by the policemen. When she arrived there and trudged into the station, she quickly recognised her dad. Besides her dad, stood his uncle looking very pissed talking to her dad. She felt her legs weakening, the space around her shrinking and spinning.

When Salwa's dad spotted her, he quickly got up from his bench and walking to get her. Her uncle, Wahid slowly followed her dad. Salwa was expecting apology from her dad, a beg to forgive him for what he did..but unlike what she was expecting and unlike how normal human would react in his situation, her dad started to explain about the whole situation in an angry manner.

"Fuck Brahim (his friend who came with him to the lottery premise to buy some luck along with him)!! He left me there knowing the police were coming. He already ran out of there leaving me. i didn't manage to run!! Fuck Brahim!! Fuck him!!"

Hearing her dad's very explanation, Salwa was the one shedding tears. How hard and how awful dad he could be with that kind of thinking. If it was her younger brothers or sisters she could've already slapped them in their faces. But it was her dad. Her very own dad. As bitter and as hard to be swallowed, she could never run from this doomed manner of his.

Her uncle had already raised his voice up scolding his younger brother.

"what kind of attitude was that??You should be starting to repent. You are caught doing sinful thing!!! How shameful words was that coming out from your mouth?!!!"

Wahid knew damn well that they are not kids anymore. He couldn't just slapped his brother or beat him to pulp for what he did. The stain on his face now is unbearable. Wahid was well-known as a religious man. He worked in JAIS as senior officer there.

He also got a call from his colleague this morning saying that someone claimed to be his brother was asking to look for him to help him out after JAIS brought in the detainees from the special operation they've conduncted earlier.

Wahid knows about his brother's bad habit of buying lottery tickets. However, he had already advised him strict enough during the last discussion he had with his brother. He already warned him not to buy them again as it's clearly sinful thing to do. It's an illegal money if he ever won it and he would just fed his family with haram rizq. Yet, now he had to accept the news.

Wahid could hear whispering everywhere about the recent news. About how could he has a brother who was a lottery-buyer, a gambler when he himself was such a pious and respected person in JAIS. His face turned red while walking out of his office.

What kind of humiliation his brother has brought upon his face this time...