Monday morning. After the unwanted incident and my thwarted holiday plan, I ended up doing nothing in the weekend. huhhhh!!! Thanks for all your comforting words and simpathy. There must be reason why it happened or was it just a mere dumb situation. Ahhhh!!! Enough. Gonna bloghop now. ENjoy the 2nd chapter of Thorns and Sunshine


Wahid drove towards the police station with such uneasy feeling. Mixed with rage and embarrassment, he took the left turn and drove through the main gate of the police station.

The car park was full. "It must be those related to the other detainees", Wahid talked to himself while looking for vacant spot to park his car. After half a minute, he parked his car next to the "A.S.P" sign. He took a deep breath before he emerged from his car fixing his kupiah and walked into the station.

There he was, Hashim..his brother.....

Salwa rang her sister who coincidentally in the hometown for her holiday. She needs supports from her other siblings. She couldn't bare that shameful moment by herself. Her sister answered her call and terribly shocked just like Salwa when he heard the jolting news. Salwa's sister then told her mother about it.

As a wife and a mom of 7, getting through her marriage life for almost 30 years..bearing all kinds of suffering, joys and irritating habits of her husband, the news seems to be the sharpest thing Shamin had ever heard, it cut through her vein, wounded her heart and whittling it to small pieces. Tears already welled in her eyes. While sobbing, Hashim's wife asked her daughter to get veiled and went out to the police station immediately.

Along the way to the station, she couldn't stop crying. She had already imagine all the questions from her friends, the villagers. She would be stared by the neighbours whenever she went for gejubus (rewang in malay). People would start talking. Whispering would be a faint hint that somebody was talking bad things about her husband, her family. How could she stand strong on her legs when all these nasty words would shake her whole body, gripping her soul and weakened her nerves.

The traffic light seems to change colour too fast. How nice it would be if she could be the only moving thing when the rest would just froze around her. Would she be able to let her thought thinking how on earth she could face this kind of marriage-apocalypse? Before she knew, her daughter had already pushed the 2-wheeler's brake softly and stopped next to a huge white superbike with a blue siren. They have just arrived.

Inside, Salwa, Wahid and Hashim were talking among themselves. Shamin could see her husband looked down when their eyes met. Salwa's sister shaked and kiss Wahid's hand as a usual custom of family bond. Shamin did the same. Wahid didn't want to make things worse. He just stood among them with a complete silence. Again when Shamin asked her husband what'd happened, Hashim explained the same thing, same gestures and the same blaming towards his partner of crime.

Shamin could only hold her chest hearing her husband's explanation. More tears welling. Not even a slight of regret shown by her husband about him being caught for buying lottery ticket. The sadness became more and more unbearable.

One of the policemen there approached them suddenly. He greeted everyone and briefed them that Hashim needs to be bailed if they don't want him locked up waiting while waiting for the hearing of his case. Normal procedure.

"You pay it for me first. I'll pay you later", Hashim ordered Salwa.

The policemen said that the hearing would be taken place around 2 weeks after. Feeling concerned, Salwa asked the officer about the punishment awaits. max fine of Rm3000 or 1-year prison or both. Except Hashim, everyone closed their eyes hearing it.

"don't worry I have saving. I can pay the 3K", Hashim said
"That's if you are fined!!! But if you are sentenced to prison??How??!!!", Wahid raised his voice.

At that moment Hashim finally realized his in deep trouble. He started to talk slowly to his daughters. He asked Wahid to help him. He even cried and said that he regretted so much and even promised that he'd never buy a lottery ever again. Looking at him at that point of time, as a family, no one could lie to themselves  saying they didn't pity him at all. With few wrinkles and white hairs, standing there weeping, he looked so vulnerable, regretting every single seconds of what he has done.

To be continued............