The 7th eyeglasses has just said goodbye~~~

Adoyainya pun...

This is the 7th eyeglasses that I've lost!!! Argh!! After the last 50-50 claimed Oakley eyeglasses that I lost during my holiday at Bukit Merah, after around a year, the time has come and the tragedy is yet to halt...I lost my eyeglasses again!!

I played tennis last Saturday evening. Riding my motorcycle, I put it inside my pants' pocket and rode home. And reaching home, I didn't remember taking it out from the pocket and I couldn't find my eyeglasses that night. Aigo!!! Ikki Bhuyaa!!!

I can't play tennis or sport without using eyeglasses anymore. The ball would be so blurry and I can't estimate the right distance of the ball. hmmm..

Just now during lunch time, I browsed through some eyeglasses in the eye-wears shop located inside the Cosway building. My intention is to buy the cheapest one this time. But..hermm..I'm not exaggerating it but I can't find any design that match nicely with my face, my jawline. Even my friend that accompanied me said the same thing. Most of the cheap designs are black thick rim when my face is more suitable with a thin and more light colour rim.

And at the end, I found myself looking through the cupboard glass of the Oakley's eyewears. Yes..I know, it's expensive. But the moment I put it on, my friend straight away said that it suits me superbly. would cost me RM530 after the discounted price and that's because it's one of the old model. hmmm..

I'm sooo want one!! Should I allocate a portion of my bonus to buy it? Preferably installing it with a transition glass so I could have a nice shade when I play tennis under the hot sun? hmm hmm


zonaku said…
yup, u better.

it is a necessity to wear one kalau the distance start becoming a problem.

ever consider contact lense?
HEMY said…
orang kedai spek sume tanya kenapa tak pakai lense? tak leceh ke? bukan kalau kira2 lagi mahal ke? provided spek tu tak ilang la n tahan bertahun.hehe
zonaku said…
penjagaan lebih leceh sebenarnya... kecuali isu kehilangan.

Cam aku, mata kering, memang kene pakai sunglass memanjang la bila drive. even malam n dalam hujan.

tapi dari ko pakai sampai bukak, x hilang. unless ko gosok mata n ada risiko di situ.

harga dalam 200 je for 6 bulan