Hahaha!! Which one to update??


Huhu..today, I kinda feel confuse, conflict of interest about my blogs and my were to be published entries!! Hahahaha!!! Recently I went to Bali with my fellow Memuahaha (we call ourselves the Memuahaha) from 6th-9th September. Now the thing is, I have these pictures that I took during the visit. And I have 4 blogs that I maintain now.

The 2 of them could be scrapped coz one is a blog that is more about my family and the other one is the Gengmemuah blog which well..actually could be the appropriate blog to publish the entries about the Bali Trip as we went there together, but I can just uploaded the pictures where some of us are actually inside the pictures to make it more suitable with the Memuahness of the blog.

So the full scale story about the trip, the pictures of surroundings, the scenery and etc is more on the dilemma now. Hahaha!! As my other blog, Efendism is a Life & Travel photography and the fact that not long ago I've attended a Malaysian Travel Bloggers meetup which encourages me more to write travel stuff in a proper blog, there's an urge to write about the Bali trip there.

But this very personal blog doesn't have much thing to write for the time being also!! Hahahaha!!! If I publish there, this very entry would probably ended up;

A. Not getting updated because for now only Bali is the thing that could be blog about
B. Will be updated as well, but it's like a short sneak peek of the whole story and the readers can click a link that brings them to the Efendism entry for a full story
C. Updated with some other stories of my usual daily life
D. The updated usual stories would not be read and no one would even bother. Why? Coz my readers are the Memuahaha, they already read the one in Efendism and they dont it's much more interesting than an entry here about my daily life. Hahahahaha

But lantak lah...I just write for fun to begin with...

I've updated my Efendism with the entry of our stay in Sanur Avenue. Feel free to read it!!


Jard The Great said…
cisss.. entri tanpa gmbr
Hemy said…
Cni mmg xde gambar
Kniedaz said…
geng tak memuah pon nak tengok huhu
HEMY said…
sila2 kniedaz..klik link tu..hehehehe