Cold Thursday

I was trying to post Xiyad's bathing time this morning via the phone, but apparently something needs to be installed first. Bathing Xiyad is my every morning routine. He doesn't cry during the bath now. Attaboy!!

It was mildly drizzling when I was about to leave my house. I pull the throttle and managed to escape away from the drizzling zone. But only to realized that another 50m from the destination, it was a heavy downpour waiting. My god!! I couldn't suddenly stop to put on my raincoat coz I've already soaked wet just after 3 seconds. So I redah je lah till I reached the office.

Huwaa..a new shoe that I wear it for the first time today is like a mini pond to my ankle. My pants and my t-shirt are soaked wet. I switched ON my lappy and asked around if somebody has the company free t-shirt that they don't even wear it and was just left in the office. I successfully got one from my friend. I changed to my friend's t-shirt and now I look like an R&B rapper with the oversize t-shirt. Hahaha.

Oh unfortunately I can't do much about my pant. I could only try to dry it a bit with the tissue by tapping them hard onto the wet area. Huu..Brrr...the bird is freezing...Ahahahahaha!!!

Oh last night when I reached home and I saw Xiyad was moving with all kinds of gestures with his hands and legs and suddenly opened his eyes wide, I tried to communicate with him and 'agah' him. Oh gosh!!! It was his first smile!!~~ I think he's entering the phase where he can spot faces and try to remember them. He's getting his eyesight upgraded!!!!


zonaku said…
bestnya...... nanti sakan la dia buat bunyik2 tu...
HEMY said…
tu ah..tak sabar nk dengar dia gelak ngekek2 tu..wahhhhh
Ayman said…
Cerita dah chanteek. Tp gambar tu iklan yg x perlu daa.. ahahaha
Pocket said…
keep on talking to him,
he'll come to remember the sound.
and when your voice ever comes again,
he'll know it is u.
HEMY said…
ahahaha...saje letak gambar..takde kosong sangat

ya pocket...that's the idea..hehehe