Love Anniversary!!

This morning when I woke up and stared at the desk clock with this fuzzy waving sight which slowly become solid and clear, I spotted the date - 07.07. Hmm..I do think there's something about the date but my Mamai situation just made me reaching for my towel and trudged towards the bathroom.

When I reached the office and checked my phone, there was one message from Cembam;

Happy Couple Anniversary. Love U so much!! wonder. This is the first time Cembam managed to remember the date better than me. Ekekeke. Hmm..when I looked back at my 4-year ago entry , I felt so many tings rushing inside of me with each one of the feeling was trying to gush in and wanted to be part of it.

The BodyShop perfume that Cembam gave me that day is still nicely kept by me here at the office. Just a bit of the liquid remains and I tried to spray it on me yesterday, the smell is still nicely there. How fast the time went on. We are happily married now, waiting for our first little caliph and figuring where can we get money to buy our first house..

Cembam asked for candle lite dinner. Hamvoi. Too many anniversaries. Couple, engagement and wedding and I have to be the one putting up the celebration? Ekekekeke. We'll see la tonight how it goes. Tp most likely Cembam will fry the chicken as I've already bought sekor last night and I'm so craving for a deeply fried chicken. Ekekekeke

Happy Love Anniversary Cembam as it was the date we decided that we both are in love =]


zella y said…
stiap kali aku bc blog ko ni msti aku senyum2 sendiri... hahahhaha

happy anniversary to both of u... ;)
Anonymous said…
entry 4 tahun tu!!!

ke-sweet-an yg mampu disimpan & dikenang sampai bila2
Bapak said…
happy anniversary 2 both of u!
HEMY said…
thanks sume...hehehehe
Syuk Ry said…
hapy anivrsary.. smoga brkekaln..
Archidex 2011
syah shah said…
happy anniversary... aku haram tak engat tarikh couple ape suma... aku cuma ingat besdei ngan tarikh nikah je... haha~ :P