First Anniversary - As a loving couple

A sneak of our Anniv.

"sengih..snyum nmpk gigi..kalu ko snyum tak nmpak gigi tak cantik..nampak kita amik dr angle tak nmpk dagu..ahaha!!"
And here it is..the first ever nice picture of us yg tak berapa kacak n lawa ni..amik sdri..sblum ni..ya Allah..dua2 huduh..ahaha!!

It's been a very demotivated week to begin the next testing cycle. I just spent Rm300 to make my first ever passport which fortunately, I would be able to claim the cost from my company..hehe..lucky. My dream will comes true if this upcoming end of August, the project manager won't come carving on us to stay, then I'm gonna be setting my foots on the perth last..Just praying e.thing would be fine.

Emm..My anniversary went nice the other day. A simple one. Turned out to be the most shopping time ever spent by us. That morning I fetched her from LRT sungai Besi and had had a breakfast at mamak stall. It's been a while since my last roti telor. Then, I met with my sis at Mines..chatted for about an hour before we set apart heading towards our own agenda.

We went to Time Square to buy cembam's present for that day, as promised..Nike sandal. Just got 10% for it..citt!! Then we headed to Secret Recipe near the monorail station there. I hesitated a bit to have a lunch there at first,becoz i'm not really sure wat to eat there. But since it's a special day, y not spending a quality time at an expensive place like that..huhu..kecut perut tgok rega dia. I ordered fish n chip while cembam ordered..BBQ beef kot. a set with brownie each. Cembam added an extra order, a slice of cake dunno what it's name. Muak gak eating the fish n chip..dunno la..for my own taste..secret recipe is just good for it's cake..ur own opinion..lantak korang la..inflation..ahaha!! (alasan org miskin)

The brownies..we tapau. Cembam gave me a perfume from body shop as a present..beshnyaaa..TQ Cembam. The perfume is the one I showed her the other day. So, I owe him another present. We headed to BB Plaza to buy my main present..Nike sandal as well. We got a free gift, shoebag. Cembam mintak..kasi la..hehe. Then cembam said she would need a sport shoe for KPLI sport activities. Hence, I decided to buy the sport shoe for her..fair la kan..ahaks!!

We just looking for a cheap one coz cembam ni bukan bersukan pn. Wat penat beli mahal2.Kang tak pakai. She mentioned it herself. So, we ended up buying a light blue shoe..comfy, designed for running. Huuu..tired of walking. We had a drink for a while n headed to Hentian Putra to buy ticket for cembam. Then after maghrib we headed to taman tasik titiwangsa..THat's the first time we went there during the night. I'm gonna keep a secret what we did there (jgn pk koto2..tmpt org ramai). But, it's a memorable moment for me. Ihiks!!

We went home. after an hour there, but stopped by at tamana melati to meet my friend, ex-room mate which I haven't meet for almost a year at sate kajang Taman melati. owkh..forgot, we ate the brownies at taman tasik. After a very sleepy look displayed by cembam, we decided to call it a day and went home.

At about 3a.m. I felt my stomach quasing. Felt wanna vomit. I woke up and headed straight towards the bathroom..Weeeaaakkkkkk!! The brownies was in my toilet sink..ahaha!!tak guna nye brownies secret recipe....

Huu~~that's all. I've tried to make it short. Don't want u all throw up baca jiwang2..ahaha!!I have a lot in my head to share..just wait for the next more jiwang edition..kot.ahaha!!Stay tune fella..!! I come..opss..jgn mengharap..jgn mengharap..nnt keciwa...