Keghairahan Popular Di Dunia Maya ** Cabaran Minggu 3

Okay, another writing challenge from 100Penulis blog and this time it's about the craziness of being popular in the virtual life. To know more about this challenge and wanna be part of it, just head straight there yah!! I took part coz I just wanna spontaneously write about something that is not thought by me =]

Being Popular in virtual life, specifically by blogging? Hmm..I've wrote about this in some entries. But let me wrap it in a much easier (hoping it would be easy and understood by the reader) on my stand regarding this issue.

What kind of Blogger do you really are? When you set up  your blog, what is your objective? Who do you wanna be and what is the drive and the goal of doing it? I've wrote about this nicely in this entry. Worth reading =]. 

Okay simply put, it's not a sin, or a crime to strive for popularity. Your goal might be to generate a nice passive income out of your blog . One of the simplest way is by subscribing to Nuffnang, Advertlets, Mangga and etc. And you know well that these ads generate money per click and some per views. The more you need them to be clicked, you need more visitors and you need to have something special in your blog to attract these visitors. 

For guys, maybe they want to be as popular as this guy up there just by being a popular blogger?

Oh, but sometimes you don't really need a nice quality blog with great entries. I've seen some blogs with contents just personal things like other blogs have, but the followers are soooo many of them. Gossip blogs are the most attracting blogs with pictures of the actresses and so on.

Or if you are so pretty, even your entry of the day is just "i'm so sleepy". Just that man!! And the comments would be like 400??

Those with creative videos can always post their vlogs and when they love them, they will always come for more. You can use your drawing skill, your voice, and so many ways!! There's no right or wrong to attract people coming to your blogs!!! And once you achieved this, you become popular for sure.

And when you are popular, there are lots of opportunities that you could have never think of before. And the ugly truth is, some of these popular blogs are just so-so blogs and just the same thing as yours. But what makes them having thousands of followers while you just got your 75th followers? It all goes back to the "goal" and the "drive". What drives them to get more followers than yours? That's the key and the golden question.

Anyway, for me..having to pour my nagging, my thoughts here while some people actually read them is actually a priceless bond and satisfaction. Getting comments are bonus and getting money is just some side incentive.

Be popular or not, it's up to you. Both have their own risks =]

I want to tag Philocoly and HurulAin for this challenge!!~~ Yes you both!!


kalau dapat jd mcm lelaki tu aku

nak! nak! nak!
zonaku said…

just to pour the heart content that are not so suitable to be released to the people who know u in real life. at times, it is nice to have an unbiased opinion.

er.... aimi n pakcik hashim dah makin miang!
Yunus Badawi said…
Aku tak payah femeslah. Nanti risau emak Adam hehehe
PnConfused said…

bleh dak ckp... aku xpedulikpun sme2 nih... hahahaha
zella y said…
popular ke x,aku xkisah...
aku buat blog bkn sbb nk popular pon... just syok sendirik je...muahahahhahaha
Masy said…
klu popular tu bole menjamin aku kawen dgn fahrin, bole gak. muahahaahahhahaha