Part 1 : Tips memaksimakan kememuahan blog anda~~ (how to maximize memuahness of your blog)

Feeling bored. Stuck with issues that is beyond your authorization to be fixed. I thought rather than staring blankly into my screen, perhaps sharing some tips on how I make my blog Memuah (looking nice) would be beneficial to others. 

Ok, I've been blogging since 2007 persuaded by my sis who is no longer a blogger now. I know nothing of programming language. Err, that's a lie. I am a software engineering degree holder, but know not that good in programming. So, the more reason why you should seek for my tips. Imagine my Memuah blog now customized by someone who's sucks in programming!! You could do better than me definitely. Ok, let's start. I'll skip the part that you need to register bla bla bla!!

1. Know what kind of blog you are running
Online shop, personal, gossip, downloading and etc. You need to know your blog blood group =p. This is to make sure the next step would align with what you want from your blog.

2. How many columns do you want?
Once you know what type of blog you gonna run, then you should think of how many columns that you need. Commonly used are 2-column and 3-column. How to determine it? Think on how many widgets you wanna put in. How it could fit on your type of blog. Imagine where to put what and even better if you could predict way ahead. But you can still customize it again later though. Do you need a footer to put your widget?

3. How do you prefer it?
-Colour - What is the suitable colour for you blog?  This can be changed by time to time. But most of the templates we have in the net now is not available to be customized using your "font and colours" menu in your layout tab. Hence, better make a decision.

-Fonts - The blog title font, the sidebar title font, the post title font, the entry font..all of these needs to be in your best interest and even better in your readers' best interest. Again, you can change  it anytime but some templates doesn't allow you to do so unless you know where to change it using the coding. Remember, I'm not a coding fan~~

-Header - Header is one of the attracting criteria of a blog. There's a lot of templates that don't have a header but they still look nice. It's up to you. But having a header would do the magic when the mood of your blog seems to be dimming. You can just change your header and it would make your blog looking a bit different without having to change the whole template.

-Menus/Link - Every template has their own style of placing the menu bar or the link bar. Try to have a nice one that would make your blog neat and dang~~ This can be customized, but you need to have coding knowledge for that.

-The width - How wide do you want your blog to be? Know your source of picture that were about to be put in your entry. For those using Flickr, your medium size of picture is around 500pixels wide for landscape format. Make sure your main body width would nicely contain your pictures.This can be customized using simple coding adjustment which I'll be sharing with you guys later.

4. Templates
So far, I prefer to choose templates from Btemplates for Blogspot users. You can google using keyword like "free wordpress template" or "free blog template". By putting "free" in front of your keyword will save you the time to go to websites that are not giving it for free.

Evaluate the 3 things I mentioned above. Your type of blog, how many columns and how do you prefer it. Search for the one that suits you the most. Maybe you will not gonna find the exact template that fulfills all your requirements and desires, but keep this in mind. The width can be adjusted easily, The header can be customized easily, The 'read more' function can be added easily, 'tweet this' could be added easily, the crucial thing to be picked is the colour and the number of columns.

So guys, these are the most basic things to minimize the memuahness of your blog. I'll share later on how to add extra attraction in your blog. Feel free to ask in the comment box, or the new "Hemy serba tahu" question field. I will try to answer it. Remember, I'm not really a coding-savvy person. 


Mak Su said…
suka 3 kolumn, tapi tak pandai buat...huhuhu

yg ada tu pun member tolong kan... maksu hampeh sepatah haram tak pandai bab cantikkan blog
joegrimjow said…
skrg ni dah boleh ubah sendiri column dan macam2 lg kat

Jard The Great said…
uwekk... ku suka blog ku skang..
green said…
ak peminat coding..*coughing*

and aku peminat drfat.blogger.

green said…
Erina Asmawani said…
aku dulu penah buat 3 column, terus jahanam blog aku..x back to basic..2 column je..x mo usik coding dah..serik!
dextrike said…
thnx 4 ur info~ :)
HEMY said…
mak su dload je template yg berkenan..amek yg 3 column siap2...setel

Joe, aku cuba tadi tp ntah ke mana page aku gi

Jard, ko suke ok le..hehehehe...

green, aku minat coding tp tak pandai

Erina : amek yg mmg 3 column le erina

dextrike, =]
syah shah said…
aku blajo gak coding html dulu... tapi takdela expert...

tapi aku senang dengan template aku sekarang... sempoi jaa... heheheheh :D :D
zella y said…
prnah buat 3 column tp xmenjadi... ksian kat aku... sob3... =(
Aus MeLankoLik said…
tips bagus bro , hahaha .
aku xreti buat header , cmne haa ?? hahaha
Masy said…
ingtkn da komen kt sini, blom upenye heheheheh

gi check spell error kat header blog ko ni, saket mata aku tgk. hihihihiih
Ku Tak Sempurna said…
aku dah tak berani nak usik blog aku stlh 2 kali dia 'memusnahkan' diri sendiri.. gerun beb..
HEMY said…
ahaha...tertinggal L ye masy ye..nnt sy tukar yeeee
Kniedaz said…
nak wat 3 kolum tp nmpak semak pulak..biar jelah 2 kolum..hehe
HEMY said…
AusMelankolik, ko tak tau wat header ke takde idea nk wat header..nk customize senang je sebenarnya