My Favourite Sport

If you are one of my loyal reader, you should have known what is my favourite sport. Of course it's Sepak Takraw. A game that I chose to master 10 years ago. Eventhough Sepak Takraw is something that I chose to play because of the low cost maintenance at the first place. But from year to year the passion towards the sport flourish and blossomed beautifully. I can't resist the temptation to jump and being in the sky for that brief moment before I kick the ball to the other side of the court. It's thrilling and full of art.

I started playing sepak takraw after fed up to buy shuttle cock every evening and ended up ruining it at the end of the evening and it went on and on. I used my school shoe to play. I said "hey, no extra budget needed. Well, the shoe might worn off faster though". So I played with my school shoe at first.
This is one of the earliest shoe I wore to play sepak takraw.

But then later when I start to love this sport, I started to buy a branded Nike shoe. Of course it's way more expensive than my Pallas Jazz or Warrior, but it can last wayyyy longer than them. I can use Nike for more than a year. But the other 2 shoes, they would last a month plus. SO you can do the math. RM30 for a month and plus compare with RM169 for a year plus. The 2nd option worth the money right? And the style too~~~

So, I got this NIke Capri white shoe as my birthday gift last year from my girlfriend whom is now my wife. Thanks Cembam. I'm using it till now. I bought numbers of ordinary school shoes for the past years, but they cannot be compared with my Capri when it comes to convenience.

I've already have a new one in case this one would torn out later this year. It's a gift of my wedding. Hehehe.  I play every evening and sometimes despite the heavy rain, we still play to our heart content. What I like the most of this sport is it's sportsmanship and cooperation. I've wrote an entry about it here, if you are interested.

After years playing, I can do this now; Cool huh!!!

I'm also blessed with odorless body and sweat-less one. Well, last time I checked =p. But if you guys have any of these problem that makes your sport moments a bit ruined, you can try these;


Well, sport is a healthy way of life. I can't imagine how you could bear sitting in front of your TV every evening on your couch. Arghhh!!!! Boringgg~~ You guys are so boringggg~~~~~

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sharamli said…
gerun weh teng0k aksi tu...
Kniedaz said…
wauweee..summersault berpusingkah itu? akak mmg dr sekolah kaki bangku huhu...teringin tp malas bersukan hehe