Another purple theme pictures

I got a lot of buzz yesterday in my Chatbox. Thanks for the traffic guys, I really appreciate it. I clicked every links and some of them are blogs that I've visited before and I dropped a comment for their entry. I followed some of the blogs after I got attracted by the way of their writings.

I found out that some of the BUZZers just say Hi, or Salam Singgah eventhough I dropped comments on their entries. (That means I read them entries..). It's irony. How sincere I should be other than dropping comments on blogs I've visited to say that "Hey,I really read your entries"?. Should I also mentioned "I've just clicked your nuff ads"? Should I? Hmmm~~ It's not that I'm so longing to have many comments for my entries, but I need more blog-friends whom I can share lots of things among us. I can play along with your game, visiting back all of your blogs and said Hi in your Cbox. But that's so not me. Maybe I would be booed or exiled by the blogger community for my kind of principal. I couldn't care less.  Afterall, we are not from the same blogger category aren't we?


My previous entry about the crappy PC is actually one of my issue now. My own storyboard wedding album is just 20% completed. My lappy seems to be so slow when I open Photoshop now. Sometimes it would hang there for a while especially when I'm connected to the internet at the same time. But of course I like to be 'online' during the editing. So, this kinda demotivated me to compose my own album. Hehehe. Hence, I would stick to the idea of publishing some pictures every now and then in my entries to be shared with you yah.

Up to you to recollect all the stories and merge them to make your own complete version of "Hasnul's Wedding". Hehehe. Ok, here are some more of the pictures taken outdoor. Credit to Omar as my official photographer. You  can contact me if you are interested with his picture. But you surely know I can take the same pretty pictures for you or maybe even better (ekeke.. marketting skit)

bunga lalang 3

bunga lalang 2

It's a bunga lalang's theme. Well, the idea is to make it looks like we are having a shoot at a wheat farm. Ekekeke. But of course when you zoom out the scene, you could see the palm trees. But there are still a nice pictures with the bunga lalang as the props. Nicely composed. I don't need to crop them. But I think some extra editing would make them more memuah. I just fixed them using the integrated vista editing software. 

Ahhh..still couldn't believe that I've already married. Especially when my Nyai - Cembam, is not by my side. Hehehe


Rina said…
apa buat dlm semak tuuu... :)
HEMY said…
hehe...buat anak??
Mak Su said…
apa? buat anak dalam semak? tak takut tungau? hehehe

maksu baca gaks, tapi admit, kekadang ada gaks speed reading, tapi maksu tak mahu termasuk dlm spesis org yg dtg sekadar minta balasan, i sincere :)
zella y said…
hemy..kot ye xsabar la port baik sket...semak2 tu..hahahha..

suka la warna bj kawen ko ni... nmpk berseri2...
syah shah said…
jeles plak aku takde gambo kawen camni...

rasa cam nak buat gaklah sementara blom ada anak nih... Tapi nak sarung balik baju kawen dulu tatau muat lagi dak... hahahahahah :P :P
aku kalau kawen, ko jadi photographer~

boleh tak?

sharamli said…

wat anak dalam semak?


HEMY said…
Mak su, speed reading tu besa la mak su..sbb kadang yg akan baca sume entri kalau mmg entri tu sgt bagus

zella : ni warna tahun lepas..time ko kwin kang ada la trend warna dia

syahshah : baru nyesal tak diet..ahahahaha

Zara : hal

sharamli : ekekekeke
dextrike said…
dyh ske sgt tgk gamba ngan lalang2 nie.. aishh, bile laaa nak ade chance tangkap ngan padi2/ sawah2.. teringin!!
Anonymous said…
tgk gambar jerlah ko ek time 'kering' malam ni

HEMY said…
hee..kang kawin gi la sawah...amek aku sbg fotografer..berbaloi2

kapten, tak kering kot...ekekekeke.. ilek je
kenwooi said…
lovely and sweet.. purple is a nice colour =)