Back in town

Pictures and updates of my vacation at Cembam's place would be uploaded later once the pictures are ready. But I'm not really sure you really want to read about it. Will think about typing an entry about the days.

I kicked off from Kemaman yesterday at 10.30 a.m after I went to see the Mosque AJK if anyone found my spec (as I need to check every possibilities eventhough I really think I didnt wear it to the mosque) and handed it to the mosque to keep it but it's not in the 'lost n found' drawer. Arghhh..pasrah la ini macam.

After 3-hour drive, I reached Putrajaya around 1.30p.m. I thought of meeting with my simbolique friends as Deek, the one staying at Kedah is in town. But they were having their own things that afternoon. So I just spent my time there easing my fatigueness of driving and had a chat with my friend.

I went to Mydin just around the corner to buy new toothbrush and some sugar. But it seems the sugar-crisis is quite serious. No trace at all. The cart was empty by morning based on the salesperson there when I asked about it. My mom texted me the other day to buy some from KL because Sabak Bernam seems to be affected really bad. Sorry's the same here.

Ahhh..still this kind of problem everytime the fasting month and Hari raya is approaching. Urghhh..Is there any plan to overcome this kind of situation. Come on!!! For now, what you can do?? You can listen to Rihanna's song...My lips like lips like sugarr....ahahahaa!!

Owkh, last night apart of the tiring body, still managed to play tennis with my pal for 4 sets...ehehehe