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>> Monday, June 8, 2009

Moment tagged me in her previous entry. Thanks for nominating me as one of the tag doers. And thanks for the description of me in the tag. However, Ive already did the tag before and you can check it out from here. I was tagged then, and this was my answer and I would still answer it the same way if I were to do it again..=].

I am doing my laundry and while waiting just want to check out my blog and some of yours. I have a tennis session with my colleague after work tomorrow. Arrived back in KL around 5 p.m today. That means it's a 2-hour journey riding Wardina. Took me the same amount of time if I choose to drive (no Jam). But there was a long queue along Tanjung Karang due to the traffic light there. So glad to ride home when you were in the middle of the cars all the way while looking at the passengers inside the cars, the drivers that have already frowning and cursing. No traffic police to the rescue. Huh!!

Oh...my laundry. Its done. Need to hang them out!! Good night everyone


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Please take it~~
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