A tag and an unfortunate event

I was just got back from Putrajaya Hospital visiting my colleague, Anwar (remember my entry 'Anwar n Mahathir berbaik semula'?) who was submitted yesterday after he involved in an accident near MEASAT Cyberjaya. I got a phone call from his wife yesterday's noon mentioning about the unfortunate event.

I emailed most of the project members and our office to let them know his condition.

I went there with my TL and another colleague who sits next to him. We already bought some biscuits and junk food. When I know that he broke his leg, we bought him Calci-Yum and some Anlene milk to cheer him up. He is one happy-go-lucky friend of mine.

He injured his face, some stitches on his head and his broken leg. How it happened remains unanswered as Anwar didn't recall himself. The person who sent him to the hospital was so kind. All his belonging were handed to the nurse so his wife managed to inform me using my number inside Anwar's mobile phone.

I just hope he would be recuperating asap so he could be by his wife's side when she delivers their baby in February. Best prays for U pal.


OK. I'm answering a tag given by Eliya. Here we go;

Do you think you're hot?
Do you?What matters is how others think of U when it comes to 'HOTTTT'.

Upload your favourite picture of you!

Why do you like that picture?
Well, because the three of us are handsome (minus my teeth). And there's my pal Anwar most right of the picture.

When was the last time you ate pizza ?
Lunch N learn session. Dominos. Free treat. I even brought home a box of the leftovers for the ghouls at my home.

The last song you listen to?
Ku Bukan Superstar - Project POP. so unique n catchy.

What are you doing right now besides this ?
Emmm...looking at my pot plants.

What name would you prefer besides yours?
Fata'un Hana' (Pemuda yg tenang)
Ellaine Emelda (kelembutan ...........)
Eirdieyna - Kehormatan
Aina Narisha
Nusuki / Hikari Nusuki - Cahaya Ibadahku
Nashwa - wangian yg menarik perhatian
Hayfa - Suara yg lembut lunak
Daphne - Nama Bunga

Ni nama bakal anak2 aku ni...sapa cilok aku tampo!!

5 People to tag :

1- Masy
2- Mak Su
3- Yatie
4- Akirasuri
5- Elyani

Who is number one ?
Budak montok yg baik ati belikan mug aku

Number three is having a relationship with?
Suami orang..ahaha..suami dia..n dia kan orang..so suami org la

Say something about number five?
My first teammate...tak update2 blog lg wpun skang tak keja..ahahaha

How about number four?
Budak yg sama mereng ngan aku....

Who is number two?
Lupa la nama baru beliau...tp tak suka letak gambar muka sbb nanti malapetaka melanda dunia..ahaha!!