Done!!!Ph roll-out testing is done!!!!

say shava shava~~~

say shava shava~~

I was listening to this song while typing this. Most of U might have already listened to the song huh?? Ruppe meera sona!! Hahaaha!!

When the heavy rain berserked around 3 o'clock this afternoon and seized at 5p.m, I thought I could finally play sepak takraw and snap some photos so I could learn taking a photo of moving person doing the rolling kick. I rode my bike as fast as I could to fetch my camera and kicked off to the court.

I managed to snap some photos and had 2 games before the rain showed his mighty wet effect...None of the photo I could share with you though. Not that nice..Most of them are blurry..Using the 'sport' menu is not helping much. The apperture seems to be automatically set too bright...not the kind of colour I want.

Here is the only decent photo I took during the bowling night with my sisters. The rest are not that nice. The shaking using 'Program' menu is so irritating.No shaking problem if I use 'auto' mode with the help of the flash..but again..not the kind of colour I want...Need to learn how to hold my Dieypu more efficient to get the best output...

Nurul and Biba yg sengal2 kacang panjang

AAhhh...sorry for the photography thingy..yeah..I couldn't find the 2 cute cats ain'tmore..maybe they take a shed under the bushes..I meant..the bushes which my housemate didn't manage to cut off because of the hissing form the kitty...ahaha!!

The chilli I planted before...yeah, the one which once so green and 'bersemangat milo'..see, now this is how it looks..kakaka!! Kinda togel with only few leaves left. Mom said might be because I didn't feed her any fertilizer..Hmmm~~

Cili ku togel pulaaa..amama!!. Boleh lihat rupa sblum yg sgt kehijauan di sini

I'm finishing a huge bundle of test document so the philippines roll-out testing can be completed by this week.NOOO..they want it's yesterday actually. But due to a defect I found and at the same time I'm the same person investigating to the root of the cause...spending so much time doing, I can't be blamed for that right??

owkh..last one, pics from my birthday dinner - Cembam's treat. Jhonny's steamboat...I thought I could take a pic with my self-gift Dieypu..but no stock at that time...

Jhonny's mmg best smbil ketepikan sisa2 mknan yg tak mampu dihabiskan..ahaha

Hhaha!! Cembam, duit dh beli kamera..camne nk kawin??ahahaha!!!