Turki Winter Vacation - Part 2: AnitKabir and Tuz Golu

Winter Turki - Tuz Golu

Breakfast at Solyu Otel was so nice for me. There were various things to be tasted. I had lotsa pomegranate, they were honey with honeycomb and lots more. I thought, maybe because it was the first day, everything looks delicious but it was actually the best breakfast we had for the whole trip coz it gets worse and worse every hotels. hahaha..

We woke up at 5:30 AM...like every single day!! A trip..yeah..but still bangun mengalahkan kem bina insan. Why? like I said, Ahmed is very particular with time and it was for us. For him, he can't skip any places that has been put in the itinerary unless we agreed to do so. I'm OK with it. But some of us have already started to fuss about the rigid timing. hahaha. I can understand why our tourist guide really needed us to hit the road as early as 7AM. The tour package is like you visit Komtar, Penang in the morning, then straight go to Johor!! . Hahaha..It's like the standard tour package of all the malaysian coming here. And when I said Malaysian, during dinner, it feels like Kem Bina Negara coz it filled with Malaysian. hahahaha. 

So day 2, we just walked and took some pic, jakun with the winter..outside of the hotel. dok hembus2 kuar asap gitu. It was 3 degree that morning. We had to check out as well as we would be staying in different hotel, different part of Turkey. We drove quite far as I remembered I could see the snowy mountain for a while, then it disappeared, then rocky mountain and then we were in Ankara City. And we just found out that the capital city of Turkey is not Istanbul, but Ankara. hahaha. 

Honestly again, like I was saying, I did not really check the itinerary. I just follow the trip plan. I didn't even know what place were we visiting. But in our way into Ankara City, we could see the airforce/aircraft museum and a huge theme park by the highway. The place we visited was the Anitkabir. Ahmed said the place is guarded by the militaries from air, land and marin..all 3 of them. Still curious what kind of place and still thought it probably like military museum. Rupanya tempat depa tanam jenazah Attaturk dalam marmar tu haa.. ate tanah tak terima. Depa tanam/letak dalam marmar. So that long travel was actually to visit attaturk tomb lah. We were lucky it was the time when the shift rotation was happening. So there was a protocol routine in changing the shift. Other than that, we just looked at the big 40-tonnes sarchopagus (ceramic stone) where Attaturk tomb is placed few floors beneath it. Yep, that's all. And we were given our first free time of 20 minutes to walk around where there was nothing to see anyway. haha. 

Masa ni acik, my sister in law ntah aku pun tak pasti sangat pa ceritanya. But when Ahmed was explaining about the place, the history, kuor pulop dari mulut dia "We dont care about Attaturk, we like your current president, Erdogan". Hahahaha!! Like I have already mentioned, Ahmed is a pro-attaturk guy, memang cari baloh la acik. Hahaha..lantak mung lah. Acik kabo Ahmed sebut dulu that he does not care about his current president and he likes Attaturk more.  kekekeke. 

ko datang tengok bende ni je lah. pastu ada la few people bersungguh angkat tangan seraya berdoa depan tomb ni

So this is my first tip of Turkey trip. You can skip this AnitKabir place. Maybe it's better to visit the aircraft museum that we passed earlier by the highway. After everyone has had their washroom time, we went back into the merc and drove towards Bolu, passing through some mountain scenery. We stopped for our lunch at a rest area named "Ayranci Tesisleri" and had our lunch at Kocak. We prayed at a small mescid which means surau walaupun sebutan dia masjid. Masjid diorang dipanggil Jamik tak silap aku.

Macam biasa, makan sayuran2 hiris and kebab ayam

After lunch and prayer, we drove for a while again and arrived at our 2nd destination - Tuz Golu. We stopped at one of the shop. Its a salt lake where some companies got the warrant and license to harvest the salt from this very lake. Masuk2 tiba2 ada suara promo cakap melayu. Rupanya the staff there promoted the salt-based product dalam bahasa melayu. Told ya, turki and Malaysia are like serumpun dah. hahahaha. We spent around an hour there. Nice place for photography and silap pulak tak beli any product for eczema there.

Jenis jarang selfie...bila tengok balik cam bebal plak. patut tangan lg satu la hold phone. takde la wawa macam edit je. pandai lagi mira filzah snap gambar kami. kui kui

Happy n cheeky je fiya. ni belum start demam lagi ni



Winter Turki - Tuz Golu

Winter Turki - Tuz Golu

Then we had a long drive again, from seeing the snowy mountain till it vanished from our sight. And we stopped at a rest area called "Agacli" where I decided to withdrew my money from the ATM. Ate, singgit lira pun takde weh, duit tinggal. I selected the ATM carefully and chose the one with lowest charge. Coz some of the ATM charged you 8% from the withdrawn amount. When I checked from the notification a while after that, the rate was 0.82..hmm ok la..but the charge was RM80. I had to withdraw the money with my Mastercard coz my debit card was not accepted. I did call the hotline before my flight, but the staff said "boleh guna je macam biasa encik..di luar negara". waklu lah! 

And that's the only itinerary for day 2. We arrived at our 2nd hotel - Dinler Otel around 6PM. Ahmed timing was very meticulous in this sense coz we never failed to arrive around 6PM at our hotel so that we could checked in, brought the luggage into the room, rehat2 sikit, semayang and went down for our dinner. We were told that we gonna stayed here for 2 nights. It's rated 4-star, nice..but it doesn't have boiler in the room. So, for family with babies or small kids, you need to ask for hot water in advance and during the winter, the hot water won't last long.

It was when I decided to try their Turkish Coffee. Nice, thick..really thick coz when you finished it, you could see the powder at the bottom of your small cup. As a cheapskate malaysia, I poured a hot water and filled the cup up one more time thinking that since the powder is that thick, maybe ada rasa lagi. ye..memang ada rasa..tapi dh macam rasa makjun.hahahahaha. You can get it at around 6-7 Lira normal price outside. The hotel sold it at 12 Lira.