MAPS - Movie Animation Park Studio

MAPS Ipoh School Holiday

Alright, the next day of our school holiday trip after Tambun was the MAPS. Yep, the one which you could even see the billboard in KL far away from Ipoh. A marketing well done I would say. My friend coincidentally have already went to MAPS on the same day we went to Tambun Lost World and he already mentioned that the supposed-to-be-the-best-district-Dreamworks is yet to be opened. I've already mentioned it to Cembam, but she still wana visit it since we didn't really have any other plan and Cembam is paying. ha ha ha!! So we headed there after we checked out from our homestay.

Same plan, we just went ahead to the place and found any restaurant to dine in. Luckily there is a malay food restaurant nearby. We already googled about the entrance fee and there's a combo for a specific number of visitors, I forgot how many..if Im not mistaken, 8 pax and we were just 4. The parking was still free of charge. So we were just wandering around the entrance looking for any family that looks friendly so we could combine our forces to gain the victory on the entrance fare!! I approached a family of 5 and told him about how the fare would be very cheap we get the right pax for the combo. I let them took 5pax and 3pax for us and we just need to pay 50% fare for Xiyad. The guy satisfied enough and we parted ways.

There werent many people during our visit. Either just the timing, probably the day before was so pack or we were among the not that cerdik to still visit the place after all the bad reviews of how unfinished the place was. Haha!! First attraction we went was the Boboiboy 4d Theatre. Xiyad was so excited wearing the 4D glass.

MAPS Ipoh School Holiday

In the 4D movies, we were the new joiner of TAPOS and we went into mission with Boboiboy by a spaceship. They were protecting us from all the attacks and all the turbulence was so real for Xiyad. Hahaha. He really enjoyed the show.

Then we went into another Boboiboy attraction, but it was not that enjoyful. There was a guy wearing costume as Papazola and we were just following his instructions which in the end of the show, our videos doing it was combined into the story. Then there was some kids activity to step on the mentioned colour and that was it.

Next we went to the thrilling rides. Since one of us needs to look after the kids, I asked Cembam and her brother to get on the hammer ride first.

While we were watching from the ground, we could hear the shrieking and it was like listening to a standup comedy punchline. hahahahahah. Even during their ride, there were just 4 people. We then just walked around and visited more of the attraction.

When we were about to enter ths Smurf House, the staff said we should rather go to the Arena to watch the drift stunt as the show was held only twice a day. So we just listened to the suggestion and walked towards the arena to watch the stunt show. Ok la not bad. The drift, the wheelie, the screeching. burnt tyre smell and the smoke. I just pity the one that needs to run with the flags in a group..hahaha...It was like very small role but kinda tiring under that scorching sun.

MAPS School Holiday Visit

Then we continued our journey, visiting the smurf house. A 2D show assisted with a narrator, a real life standing human narrator in front of you. The whole show I was just focusing on that guy admiring how he needs to be that cheerful for every shows despite of any emotion disruption he might had. You need to what you have to do to bring the food on the table yo.

We just continued to visit the rest of the places. There's a 3D art place which way too shabby compared with other 3D wall art places. Sometimes it feels like the place is trying to have everything there but just a little bit of them..macam cukup syarat lah.

This big giant ship is a dining place..yep.that's least as we visited. They might have something planned for it in the future. I dunno.


Then we roamed the attractions on the other side of the place. The one with the island theme. Doesn't really have anything though. That Cave of Wonders behind us, it's like unfinished project. Well maybe it was indeed yet to be finished though. 

We played the Merry go Round with various kind of animal theme. And we spent quite some time resting in a place with a playground inside which was closed. But since there were some kids playing inside, we just joined the coup. It was supposed to be a playground for the kids where you can also dine in while watching your children and yes..they were still under progress.

We hop into these planes for a round. Ok la for the kids. And las but not least before we hit the road and headed home, we had our chocolate time at Tok Aba!! We ordered the signature chocolate. I asked them what kind of cococa brand that they were using, it was some local brand which I forgot. 

MAPS Ipoh School Holiday

Then we went into the souvenir shop for our last stop. I saw a nice tumbler and mug and disappointed to see a "NO ENTRY" sign. It was the merchandise for the attraction of Dreamworks which was not yet opened. Yep, even the merchandise was not allowed to be sold. Hmmm

And that's it. I lost the parking ticket. Actually it was still in the wallet but I could not bring it out. But since the parking fee was still free, the staff just opened the parking gate for us.  And that ends our School Holiday Perak Break.