Memuah Iftar 2017 Geng Biru

Julung2 kali update..kih something special to blog about, so here it is.

As continuation of Memuah tradition for years and hopefully even all the years ahead InsyaAllah, we had our yearly Memuah Iftar/Raya. We have been friends at least 7-10 years now. I've lost track of it. And I'm not really sure what is the number for this one. We've been having Iftar since we were all still single till now few of us already have kids of our own. And we cherish every gatherings we've had. Alhamdulillah

This time could be considered as the one with the least participants from the Memuahs. Wafa and Iyan are spending their Ramadhan in UK, ErinAmer was travelling to Muar, Zona could not fit the time to her schedule, Masy was having a last-minute guest and Sepol was busy banging chicks all around Johor (kah kah). So this time, we only have Jard + 2, Khairi, Aima as the host for this year and I. Since all three of us drive blue car..I named this Iftar, Memuah Iftar Geng Biru 2017. hahahaha!!

I went out around 3PM to shop our kids' Baju Raya in Alamanda. Went straight to Parkson and bought few pairs there. Then, we tapau 2 boxes of Pizza as our Iftar Potluck food and headed to Aima's house hurriedly coz we hadn't perform our Asar prayer yet. Reached Aima's house almost 7P.M and we were the first one to arrive.

Not long after that Jard arrived with his friend Yudi. Jard told us that she's invited her Danish friend along but they didn't come together. The Danish girl came from Monash Sunway via the Uber. And dekat2 nak buka Keri arrived with the ice cube. He was actually driving around the area to find the grocery shop or the nearest 7Eleven but ended up a bit far from Aima's house.

Memuah Iftar 2017

While having our Iftar, we were contacting the Uber driver of Jard's friend. It happened that the driver couldn't find AIma's house using Waze. We advised him to use google map instead. Dont really know what went wrong, and why on Jard's friend didn't use the google map. But it became like 10 years ago when people do not have internet in their phone, AIma had to talk to the driver and let him know the way. But anyway, finally the special guest arrived. Fair skin, tall beautiful Danish girl emerged from the car. And when she introduced herself, "my name is Hasnae"..what the? inikah namanya cinta. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Hasnae Hasnul..seswaiii sangatttt

Memuah Iftar 2017

So we invited her in, chat with her about many things. My question was why Malaysia for 6-month pastry course and it turned out that there's a body or organization named Cordeu bleu (that's what I heard..dunno the right spelling) which has 1 campus at least each country and Monash was one of them. So the certificate after finishing the course is acknowledge all over the world. But the fee was expensive though. 32K for 3 month. Koff koff.

Memuah Iftar 2017

Hasnae is an outgoing person, ramah and we just blend it nicely. Cembam bengkek je dok sebelah aku dok wat pikap line. Tapi bahasa melayu le..saja bagi tak paham. hahahahaha. And after most of the pizza slices gone, couple of glasses, i mean plastic glasses of guava drink, chicken chop and mushroom soup, it's time for our signature photography session.

Took some photos, Xiyad paling untung sekali..tungg ahhh..We had a blast. Probably we gonna meet Hasnae again for Memuah Raya at Wafa's house in Bahau later.

Memuah Iftar 2017

Thank you AIma for hosting Memuah Iftar this year. Thank you Riazaizi Aiman for sharing your toys with Xiyad. Aiman siap tarik Xiyad and told him to play his toy. What a wonderful kid. Well, see you guys later..Memuah Raya!!!

Memuah Iftar 2017

For Hasnae, if you read this's a pleasure knowing you. We were strangers too 10 years ago, but our friendship has blossomed since. We are soooo outgoing with others, in malay we called it "sekepala" translation like 1 head. We joke around which sometimes harsh, but just by the line. Hope you don't mind it at all.


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