Felda Residence Hot Springs - Family outing

18th March yang lepas, we had an unplanned family vacation in Sungkai. The siblings were planning to balik kampung that weekend, but Farees has booked a resort in Sngkai to celebrate his bonus pay and was bringing Mom and Dad. So what's the point for us balik kampung when Mom and Dad were not home? kah kah

9km lagi nak masuk dari simpang ni haaa

So in a very short notice, we asked Farees about the resort, googled here and there. Unfortunately all fully booked already. I decided to book some other homestay not far from the place. But suddenly Fikri, my BIL said that he knows the Manager and the person could get me a room. Nice!!! I cancelled the homestay booking and took the room instead. Farees booked a 4-room villa with its own open-air jacuzzi in the middle of the house. So nice. Well, dapat bilik pun dah OK

Tram untuk angkut korang ke hot spring tu..tapi tak jauh pn dari villa and room korang..leh jalan je

Oh ya..the place we went was called Felda Residence Hot Spring. I was still demam yang tak kebah2, so hot water sounded pretty convenient.


We hit the road around 10A.M. As we were informed that we can check in at 2P.M, my sisters planned to kick-off a bit later. So we just drove on our own speed along the North-South Highway. The journey was quite smooth until is slowly packed and jammed around the Trolak exit. I was supposed to exit at Sungkai exit, but looking at the flock of cars in front of us, I decided to exit at Trolak and so did many more of them. Hahaha!!

And you know what? the jalan dalam from Trolak to Sungkai is a nice 2-lane road dude!!! So if you got into the situation as I was whenever you travel up north, maybe this information could help. Huhu..So we had a nice journey again till we reached exactly at the entrance road towards the resort. From the main junction heading to the resort is another 9KM.

Since we were the only one that has arrived, we decided to had our lunch first at the kedai makan by the junction. While we were having our lunch, my BIL texted that we could check in as early as 12PM. So, right after we finished our lunch we drove towards the resort

It was kinda empty when we reached the place. Couldn't really see any tenants or anybody around the area. I parked near the reception area and checked in. We had a room at the 1st floor which just next to the reception area. So I didn't need to change may parking spot and just had to loaded out all our stuffs and get into our room.

It was quite spacious, a bath tub which I've already thought of having the kids to dip in later. We just lazing and laying while waiting for my family to reach the place.

They arrived around 3P.M, We couldnt drive to the villa because each villa only allows 2 cars and our were the fourth one. So, we just asked them to meet at the pools since they were getting ready to hit the pool as well.





I tried the hot pool first. It was quite hot and as expected, Xiyad did not really fancy to dip in. He  just sat next to his mom and submerged his legs. Fiya kinda enjoy the pool but since it was quite hot for them, I just enjoyed it to myself first.

After around 20 minutes, we went to the other pool. Another big pool with the slides and it's just a normal-temperature pool. I spotted my family there and joined them. Again, Xiyad didn't really fancy to wet himself. I had to carry him on my back and I kept saying it was OK. We were going to play the slide and when we were just at the edge of the slide, Xiyad was crying and terrified. pity him..but a man needs to conquer his fear!! So we just slided down and Xiyad just had to pray the best for himself.

Xiyad was crying so right after that, I asked him to stay by his mom. I enjoyed the place on my own after that. But a few moments later Xiyad was on the inflatable tube that was brought by my sis with his nieces. It appeared that with the encouragement from his peer nieces, he could just get rid of his fear and started to enjoy himself. He started to splash the water and slowly his face became less and less tensed and after a while he was really enjoying it.

He was like enjoying the moment like he was talking to himself "why the heck I was so terrified before?!! this is fun!!" He enjoyed the pool till the very end. Playing with Nina most of the time. And there was this one time, he was alone coz Nina was going to play the slide and he refused to join her. I snapped him from afar and alhamdulillah he totally overcame his fear


Once finished, we headed back to the villa to change our clothes, had some KFC and after an hour we left the villa and drove towards Pekan Trolak to buy some cool fever paste and the anus tablet for Fiya since she was a bit hot. It was 40minutes from our place. Luckily we managed to reach the pharmacy on time.

While we were heading towards Trolak, I asked Xiyad in the car.

"Seronok tak XIyad main air?"
"mana ada takut kan..kan seronok...nak main air lagi tak lepas ni?"
"Nak nak..seronok"
"penat tak?"
"penat sikit je"

And after 5 minutes, he already dozed off. Ha ha ha.



We bought char kuey tiaw at Trolak and filled up the tank. Headed back to our room..another 40minutes drive, had our dinner and went to bed. That was pretty much ended my birthday for 2017.

The next day, we checked out and had our lunch at the famous Nasi Buluh Sungkai. Oh my Allah!!! It was like everything..I mean you could find almost everything to eat there!! Local dishes, ulam2...kampung dishes, mutton, lamb, satay, all kinds of drinks, coconut drink, sourplum, nira nipah and some kids jajan like upin ipin drinks etc.

But it was a bit hot for the outside tables. If you came with family and little kids, you better booked the air-conditioned room. My family have already finished their dishes when we arrived. We checked out a bit late because we were having our massage session. The massage was not really up to my expectation. Tapi ok la.. I was still recuperating from my fever at that time. And it was scorching hot that day!!! My sister took care of Xiyad and Fiya while we tried to enjoy our meal in that hot weather.


Then we bought some fruits at the stall by the road heading to trolak and slowly drove our way back to KL. Ok la..a good time together with the family. Even just for a day..quite a nice place and I could recommend it to everyone for sure.


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