Xuwayla Asfiya is 1

Salaam everyone~~

Hey..its 2017. Like usual, almost everyone started to use it as a starting line to achieve and do something in their lives, strive for something better. Like a famous saying, "Resolution is not a goal..its the goal post..the goal remains the same, but the goal post keeps moving, usually getting further away". kah kah

Im at Mazda Service Center, waiting for my car. This is the last service under warranty. Last free of charge service. After this, hmmm poket rabak. I've already snapped the cost for the rest of the mileage services.

Alright..so new year will now start with Xuwayla Asfiya. Yep..It's already a year of fun time raising her. She doesn't really cause too much trouble during her growth except for occasional crying and shrieking every now and then without any reason. Other than that, Alhamdulillah..all went well and hoping for years of fun with her and Xiyad. InsyaAllah.

Unfortunately, I am suffering skin eczema..which comes and go. The last time I suffered it was during my college days. However, this time the effect is worst than ever. I couldn't walk properly coz there are small wounds at every crook of my foot which hurting me really bad when I want to walk let alone wearing the shoes. So, we couldn't really go out celebrating or what not. And plus, my parents and all my siblings were here, so we just paid a visit to my brother's new house.macam housewarming la.



My sister's family were with us as we had to settle some registration of business in SSM for my sister., so we went to our brother's house together from my home. Planned to buy Secret Recipe's cake and decided to go for the Chocolate Indulgence. Coz somehow my mom can enjoy it unlike any other cakes which she can't even finish a slice. Secret Recipe in Bandar Sri Putra ran out of cakes, so we just headed to my bro's and bought one there.

Everyone was there except for my 3rd sister and her hubby. We just started without them. Hahahaha. coz the kids already eyeing the cake though. We cut the cake after we finished our lunch. Dessert time!!



Sepupu2 yang ada. 7 cucu2 Masnah & Acim

So everyone sang the birthday song..tapi kena repeat balik 2nd time coz nenek couldn't remember Fiya's full name. Hahahaha. 


Birthday girl cut the cake

And then Nusaibah kicked the cake. Hahahahaha...

Nureen was crying because she couldn't blow the candle..alololo..so we need to lit it up again and let her blew it.

And memang just left like 1/7 portion of the cake. Emak even said that she's gonna eat it!! For your information, my family is not into cake though. Hahaha. Tapi cake mahal ni ok plak..kih kih.



And here is the latest edition of our family, Yadawiyyahul Fadwah and his army dad. hehehehe. I didnn't manage to take her picture earlier coz my lense was sent for repair. Then the other day before I had the opportunity to take her picture, dia mengamuk dah..so this time finally managed to take her picture. Welcome to the family Fadwah. And somehow I started the trend to call the 2nd name in the family. Kah kah. Yelah..nak panggil yadawiyyahul panjang and sukar sikit..takkan nak panggil yada..dh la sepupu dia si fiya telinga cam yoda. hahahahaha

So alhamdulillah..setahun dah Fiya. Hoping Allah will lend her to us till our last breath and hoping to give the best to her. We love you Xuwayla Asfiya!!


masyita4180 said…

happy bday fiya! gomol gomol gomol
besar dah dia yer..alhamdulillah.