Yahaya Family's KK Trip v3.0


Right after we filled up ourselves, we headed towards the Dairy Farm. Queuing up to get in. But the cows were nowhere to be found at the spot that I took a picture of them when I was there before.

Mount Kinabalu
Those cows were not there when we were there

The queue was quite a long one. And after we passed the gate, we could already see lotsa cars inside. It was challenging to find a parking spot. But Alhamdulillah somehow we managed to park so close to the main places.

 The entrance gate

Memang ramai. So we strolled around the area, watching the herds take some pictures. Masa ni my lense start buat hal. So had to take pictures with phone je instead. Haikal and Ateh queued to buy the milk for everyone. Once we got our hands on the milks, we drove out from the place heading towards Ranau Tea Plantation/Garden. 

From Kundasang to the Tea Garden was quite far. Almost an hour journey. We passed by the Fish Spa. But I already informed by the rent car guy that the fish was currently closed due to it's owner had just passed away. So, we only have the Ranau Tea Plantation as our point of visit.

Xiyad skarang susah nk bergambar elok diam tengok kamera. hahaha..dh besar dh budak tu. Macam2 peel dah. 

The board tells the story about The Death March Trail. Tak silap aku dulu ada peristiwa bawak tahanan perang ke apa lalu jalan tu and ada yang mati pa smua. Gitu lah kot. Korang google lah nak tau lebih lanjut 

Ladang Teh, so mostly tea-based product la sold here. I just picked the coffee sachet for myself. There are still lotsa teas at home. All kind of tea. Boh tea, sheffield tea, batik tea yang masih tak disentuh. Coz I am more a coffee person. 

Then while we were here, there was an idea to just head down to Tuaran and spend the last night at Wafa's BIL homestay as it would be nearer to the airport. The original plan was to stay 2 night at Kundasang kan. But it was already noon. By default, memang burn lah if we asked to checkout tiba2. But never underestimate the POWER OF ASKING. So I confirmed first with Wafa's BIL that the homestay is available and called the cabin owner asking if we could just check out on that day. 

At first the cabin owner already said that it was so late notice, already noon and usually it's considered staying and ya..means we need to pay the rent for that day. But we just had our lunch first and planned to slow talk face to face with the owner later once we were back at the cabin. If we had to pay half pun OK la.

Turned out to be lot smoother, the cabin owner didn't really mind to consider us checking out. Alhamdulillah..terima kasih Rohana Cabin for the consideration. So we prepared ourselves, prayed, packed our bag and headed down towards Tuaran. 

The fuel light was already blinking and I was so immersed in the conversation with my FIL and forgot to stop by the Kundasang Petrol Pump!! Darnn!! So I was like buat cool je tengok the light blink2 and hoping we will get to see another Petrol Pump in our way down. And it was heavy downpour!!But somehow I managed to spot a small signboard at a hilltop saying "PETROL"..fuhh..I made a U-turn and hiked up a bit. Rupanya area Kundasang turun ke bawah takde pump station dah ye. Coz the soil around the area are not suitable to install the gas tank. Dia mendap. So kena harap orang yang amek stok guna tangki and jual dekat rumah saja bah...mujur bah jumpa signboard kecik atas bukit ujan2 tu bahhhhh..

NI aku share kedai jual petrol depan rumah. Kot2 korang pun terjebak lampu minyak kelip2

And alhamdulillah after that we arrived at the homestay around 6:30PM, paid the rent for the night and after maghrib we went again to the White Tent SeaFood Bazaar to have our last seafood dinner in KK. K sambung last episode next entry