Yahaya Family's KK Trip Final

Okay..last entry for Yahaya Family's KK Vacation. Malam terakhir when we were spending the night at Tuaran's homestay, we headed out to have our last seafood dinner. At first, we thought going to the KK city would be really far so we tried searching any restaurant nearer. But when we reached there, I was like slapped with a fact that "dude..the best cheap seafood in KK is always the one by the dock man!!". Ayoh pun setuju, so in hunger, we drove another 30 minutes to KK city. Tempat biasa, khemah putih tu lah. 

We ordered these;

I tambah order, butter crab. Memang best and tapi lepas tu gatal satu badan haa...I'm currently suffering hands and legs eczema (I got this name from the pharmacist last night). It comes and go. The last time I suffered it was during my first year in college. So I forgot to bring my ointment cream...perghh..so itchy la that night. Somehow I had this allergy to seafood and egg-based food when I am suffering this eczema.

Next day, last day, we headed to KK city again. To shop at Pasar Filipina lah. Everyone already had breakfast while I was still continuing my sleep. Hahaha. Managed to get a parking spot near the Post Office HQ there and had a few minutes walk. When I was in KPOC, I stayed in Le Meridien whenever I have to work here. Huhu..it sure brought back the memory. But I was just alone anyway during outstation. 

While the ladies strolled and looked around to shop, lebih afdhal I ordered Mango Ice with my Ayoh sambil tunggu je. Kih kih. 

After settled shopping, we headed back to our homestay to get a rest before heading to the airport. Our flight was at around 9P.M. I still want to try the Lokan Bakar and dapat jugak tunaikan niat before we headed back to our homestay. 

yeah...Lokan bakar. Sebenarnya tak sesuai sangat Ayoh makan lokan utk lunch. Tapi bagi aku ok je. Cuma macam tak cukup. Nak order banyak kang ada yang tak makan lah hape. kihkih 

Then bersiap lah. Packed all the things and making sure nothing tertinggal. Around 6P.M we headed out from the homestay.

Awal kami sampai sebab we thought we could had dinner at any restaurant along the way..tapi tak jumpa bah. The car rent guy pun was surprised that we reached the airport so early. We just had KFC and I returned the car keys once the guy arrived to collect the key. Alhamdulillah all went well. No delay also for the flight home.

Touched down in KLIA2, I hurriedly went to the counter and took 7-seater car..tak ingat dah serena ke apa. RM99 ke 120 tak ingat. And that concluded our KK trip. Yang sedey, my Chrome Azarro perfume, baru berapa kali spray..abeh tumpah dlm luggage. the bottle neck patah..arghh damn it. 

So untuk penutup, I listed down contact numbers that might help you guys if you wana have a vacation here in KK;

Homestay in Tuaran. Not far dari 1Borneo - Syufri - 013 392 0208. RM150 1 malam. Very comfortable. 3 bedrooms, 2 washrooms. Ada huge empty space at the backyard kalau korang nak grill ke bakar2 ke apa

Kereta sewa. Aku amek 7-seater susah skit. Innova paling murah - Abam Wahid - 016 825 3750. RM150 satu hari if Im not mistaken

Rohana Cabin Kundasang. memang masuk ke dalam skit. Tapi sesuai untuk rileks2, bbq ngn famili apa semua. Greenery and private skit. Tak jauh dari main Kundasang attractions. Kalau tak sempat nak book yang area kundasang macam Kiram village pa smua tu. Boleh dijadikan option - Kak Rohana 019 8817407. Tak berapa ingat rate dia. Sorry.