Yahaya Family's KK Trip v2.0

Alright..when we reached Kundasang, we headed and stopped by the Kinabalu Park. Pusing2, kencing2 and went to see the entrance gate where the hikers would start their journey to conquer Kinabalu Mountain. Alhamdulillah the Innova is strong enough to climb the route in the Kinabalu Park.



When we were at the Exit Gate of Mount Kinabalu, where most of the hikers will be ending their hike and emerged here, there was a group of Korean Hikers who were getting ready to leave the place and was sorting out their equipment. And this one Korean Lady approached Fiya and told us "Cantik". Hehehe. Korean usually use "Ippo" for the word cantik or comel. I didn't remember any korean words to have a simple reply to it. hahahaha.


We left the park after around an hour of pusing2 and went towards the Rohana Cabin. But we stopped to have our lunch at Restoran Intan. One of the infamous restaurant to dine in Kundasang. Situated right by the Kundasang Roundabout. Actually I remembered my friend brought me to this nice restaurant but couldn't remember. So once I've already seated myself, I looked around and I was like "hahaha..ni le restoran aku makan dulu". hahahahaha.

kredit to cheriterazanyra.blogspot for the pic

We had a nice soup but not lucky enough to taste the famous chicken wings. All that were being grilled at that time was already booked by someone else. Chaishh.. So we just bought some kudapan and headed to the cabin. I managed to find the exit towards the Cabin. But after a minute, I was confused and worried because what laid in front of us was a stony road and there were big stones too. Damn. I quickly called the owner and she said I was on the right road. "It will get better up ahead" kata dia. Oh man...I just hoped that the tires would not fail on us though. It was really bumpy. I was imagining if suddenly someone just popped out of nowhere and started to rob us, we wouldn't be able to drive them off seriously on that stony road. Fuhhh..And the road never get better up ahead. 

And after 10minutes of gedek gedek, we reached the cabin. And everybody was like gile malas nk kuar dinner kalau jalan macam tu. But in the end we still went out for dinner juga. The cabin was nice  actually. You can see the Mount Kinabalu from the Cabin. It was just the road la. And the owner said they have been complaining to the responsible parties but to no avail. Mungkin the owner tu PAS punya orang la kot. HAHAHAHA.

The view from our cabin.

Rohana Cabin Kundasang

We got 2 rooms and 1 extra mattress for each room. Sampai je terus tido lah..And right after Maghrib, we headed out cari makan at Pekan Ranau. Its around 20-30 minutes from our cabin. Water heater not really working as it should, fiya who enjoys cold water bath pun leh nangis kesejukan. hahaha. In Pekan Ranau, we dined at a food court situated just near the main junction. Few stallls and the food is quite nice.

We headed back after everyone were all filled up. Bought some more snacks and headed back to our cabin through that stony road again. Like the night before, Fiya had a difficult time to doze off. We had to wake up every now and then and suddenly at around 1A.M she started to cry her lungs out. She cried so hard. It has been a while since she cried that hard. I was accustomed to it and just recited the surahs as usual. But to no avail. Yet I don't really think too much of it because Fiya has been doing that many times when she was in her early months.

Ayoh and Mok started coming into the room trying to help consoling Fiya. We were sleepy though. Ayah recited the same common surahs but Fiya still would not stop. Then suddenly Mok said something

"Ooo...Panggil Ustaz Abbas lah macam ni tak mboh diam. Yeee..haaa..panggil Ustaz Abbas lah yee"

In a threatening tone. I was kinda blur in that sleepiness. I was like.."errr..why suddenly Ustaz Abbas ni?". Fiya bertukar tangan sana sini. Eveyone was awake except Ekal and Xiyad. Ayoh came out from the toilet and started to azan while holding Fiya. And Alhamdulillah..right after ayoh finished the azan, FIya stopped crying and dozed off.

"Ayoh dlm bilik air baru ingat ustaz abbas selalu kalau nok ubat orang bang dulu..."

So the bang saved the night. We went back to sleep and the result, the plan to head out at 7A.M was just a dream. HAHAHAHA. Nak tengok puncak kinabalu lah konon kan...Sudahnya around 9A.M we headed out and had our breakfast at Restoran Intan lagi.

And baru lah kami dok citer pasal malam tadi. Ngusik mak punya lawak comel. Out of the blue she threatened the whatever-suspected that bothering Fiya with Ustaz Abbas name. We were all laughing. I joked with Mok.. "mesti hantu tu blur..syepa bah ustaz abas ni..teda kenal aku bah..syepa bah dia". Then one of my SIL said while giggling, "ntahnye...tiba2 ustaz Abas..macam la semua orang kenal..antu kenal".

But then Mok replied "eh..mesti la kenal blake". HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Kami sambung lagi gelak. Comel sungguh Mok. adeh..sakit perut gelak.

We went to the KK Dairy Farm as the first spot of our visit that day. Next entry then.