Yahaya Family's KK trip v1.0

Late entry for my KK trip with my in-law family. Hehehe. I just feel want to write something. So here it is.

We went to KK for our family trip on 27th Oct - 30th Oct. Deepavali and Xiyad's birthday. Xiyad has been talking about going on a flight, aeroplane..since the day we drove Linda Zona to the airport during the last Memuah Seoul Garden. So we've been saying that he needs to behave and we will make it come true. SO here it is, Xiyad's first flight which he really wanted it. The rest of the flight experiences in the past were just mere flight without him knowing the meaning of it. So it was a bit special for him this time.

 Punya la we all eat as fast as we can as the gate open in 1 hour..sekali delay..vavi vu ve ve vo

Alhamdulillah Asfiya tidur dengan nyenyak je sepanjang flight...memudahkan kami sungguh

I came home early and went to the airport by 2 taxis that we have booked days before. The challenge for a trip of 8 is surely the mobility that needs more money cause we need bigger car or more cars. Yep. We booked for 15kg luggage this time, knowing that we really need it for these 2 toddlers stuffs. Checked in an hour early and we went to stuff our bellies with Oldtown. A quick one though which resulted in a very sad ending coz the flight was delayed and that quick dine was for nothing.

Amek gambar dulu keliling badan Innova ni...kang kalau tetobe kena caj calar ke apa..tak pasai2. tayar botak blkg tu..mmg berdoa agar tak meletup je lah

OK. For the accommodation, the plan was to stay at KK one night (the night of arrival) and 2 nights in Kundasang. Cant get enough of the view we thought. For the KK stay, I rented Wafa's brother in law's homestay at Tuaran and for the transportation, I managed to get an Innova for the 8 of us. Quite OK la. Only that when I touched down, the guy was saying that a mat saleh couple that supposed to return the innova that night was somehow in Sandakan and asked for extension of rent in that very short notice. Damn.

But Alhamdulillah..while walking out from the plane till we finished collecting our luggage and emerged into the main waiting area, the Innova issue has been settled with another Innova. Alhamdulillah. And I managed to book a cabin for us at the very last minute, 2 rooms despite of the full house holiday season in Kundasang. From the net, it has a nice view of Kinabalu mountain like other infamous places. I had to cancel my agoda booking of the hotel I booked earlier in Ranau since the cabin is situated nearer to the Kundasang attractions.

Tamparuli Bridge Kota Kinabalu


Wafa's BIL has already waiting when we arrived, took the keys and paid for the stay, took the Innova and I drove out from the airport and fill up our car before going towards KK infamous dine place. The White Tent I would call it. Luckily one of the stall there was still open so we still managed to have a decent dinner before we crashed into our homestay and had our sleep. It was around 2A.M after we arrived at the homestay. Huhuhu...and Fiya couldn't easily sleep. Sabor je la. Sudahnya subuh burnt the next morning. Sigh~~~~~

Dah banyak rumah terbalik..tapi owner masih tak bagi ambik gambar dalam rumah tu...rumah lain sempoi je bagi amek gambar..so kt luar je lah



Layan sekrem dulu sebelum keluar dari sini

So the first day started by having our breakfast at a place which I didn't even bother to know the name..hahaha..but it was right after you take the roundabout towards the UITM or was it UTM. I bought pisang goreng RM1 for 7pcs. Gilakkk..I neve thought I could get this kind of price anymore in this Najib Time of life. But KK proved me wrong. LOL!!

Then we stopped by the Upside Down House..rumah terbalik lah bah..nanti orang kata pergi KK tapi teda pergi rumah terbalik kena kecam pulak. hahahaha. For RM10, 3 minutes visit..pfffttt lantak lah.. Then we just crossed the Tamparuli Bridge sebagai pengeras wajib ke KK and started our journey going up to Kundasang.

Actually the journey going up to Kundasang was not properly planned. We just follow the route and suddenly we were already climbing up. We thought we could buy some bread ke or kudapan before we headed up, but nevermind lah. On my way up, I've contacted the Cabin owner to confirm my booking and she gave me the instruction to reach her cabin. 

But we stopped at Kinabalu Park first...let me continue that in the next entry (praying that it would be a reality).