Xiyad the trustworthy co-pilot

I dont wanna start this entry with "its been a while"..coz it has been the start of almost every entries that I've recently wrote in this very blog. Somehow, I feel the urge to write and carved this one special moment with Xiyad when he accompanied me to drive my parents home after they finished their Hajj. 

My parents arrived in KL on Tuesday midnight. We advised Mom and Dad to spend the night at my place first and I would drive them home the next day after working hour. They agreed and off we go, a car of 4. Xiyad as the co-pilot, Mom, Dad and I. After 2-hour drive, we reached Sabak Bernam and I had my dinner with the meal prepared by my aunties. 

After I rest a bit and feel a bit rejuvenated, I asked permission to leave and headed back to KL. I forgot to put the milk powder inside the milk bag..wadafak..So, I decided to bought small pack of Milo and Chipster for Xiyad. 2-hour drive during the night right after your office hour is exhausting mind you. I was already feeling sleepy after the stop I made to refuel and we were still in Sabak Bernam. The idea to bring Xiyad was to somehow to chat with him and ignore the sleepiness. 

I quickly remembered Xiyad likes to watch the navigation and asking things about the direction. So I switched ON the navigation eventhough I didn't really need it. And Xiyad started to get excited.

"Ayah ayah...ikut situ..left left..ayahhh.." while grabbing my hand asking my attention.

"Ayahhh..ayahh..ikut situ la ayah..cepat ayah...laju lagi left..ayahhh..laju lagi lefttt"

"errr..ni apa ayah???" when the screen showed a right turn.

"Haa..apa dia. ayah ulang banyak kali dah. Ni apa (my hand gesturing the right sign)"

"Emm..tak tau la"


"ooo...ayahhh right..laju lagi right ayah...laju lagi righttttt....."

And we were exactly driving along the curve, he went "rriiiiigggggghhhhhhhhhttttt" till we finished the cornering. 

"haa..left pulak ayah...cepat ayahh..laju lagi left..ayah..left...laju lagi leftttt"

And it went ON and ON from Sabak Bernam until Kuala Lumpur!!! Seriously...non stop. It was surely irritating but it made me get rid of my sleepiness TOTALLY...And he learned something else than right and left that night. CIRCLE or pronounced by Xiyad as sherkel..hahahaha. When we exit a highway into another highway, errr seriously I dont know what do you call it. He would go;

"Ayahhh..laju lagi sherkelllll ayahh...laju lagi sherkelll"

"Pegang kuat yad..ayah buat lap"

"OK...woooo....sherkel ayahhh..laju lagi sherkell" while holding to the dashboard. I purposely did not fasten his seatbelt that night. I don't know why though. 

When we reached Tol Sungai Besi, Xiyad finally feel a bit exhausted. Plus the screen shows a straight road (highway plus kan) and he lied down saying "Yad taknak cakap lah. Yad taknak cakap". But after few seconds, he saw the the screen with a slight left curve, he sat back up and continued "ayahhh...left ayah..left..laju lagi lefttt..laju lagi lefttt ayah"

And until we reached home, XIyad really played his role accompanying me and ensuring that I wont fell asleep during the drive. Thank you Xiyad. And he was sooo cute doing it. That was when I decided that I would blog this to remember it eternally. 

I made his milk, went upstairs and we both dozed off....I looked deeply into him when he was sleeping and smiled in grateful. Thank you Xiyad...thank you so much.


syalinda johari said…
Pandai Xiyad...hahahahhaaaa.. kelakar betul sherkell
HEMY said…
huih..tak sangka ada komen lagi..ang aktif lg ka blogging?
syalinda johari said…
macam takdan nak menulis blog..tapi still baca lagi blog2 korang..kikikiki
Masy said…
siap givap taknak cakap konon, sudah lah xiyad! hahahaha