SHIELD Agents assemble!!

Well, suddenly I feel like to write a bit about my project. It could be a memory that can be read when I grown older yes? hehe.

Okay. The project that I'm on board now is called SHIELD. It stands for Stewardship Health Information Environment Linked Database. It covers product safety, environment and health, industrial hygiene and risk assessment. So as I've been sharing about how niche my job skill is, I think you could get at least a faint idea at this point ya? kih kih.


Its a SAP based project which falls under SAP EHS. SAP EHS is very new in Malaysia. Let me rephrase, its not that new, but it's just not being commonly used in an industry. Unlike core modules like finance, Human resources or material management which are crucial to an industry, SAP EHS on the other hand is seen as just something that is nice to have. Means, if you got money to spend then go ahead, if not business still running. And it's fairly expensive too.

So now you got the idea? Only big industry like oil and gas...ok let me rephrase, only oil and gas industry is brave enough to spend millions to use this module. And that's why when any company that I'm currently working suddenly laid me off, my future would be all gloomy...sigh~~~~

So SHIELD project is basically manned by my circle of friends which I have been working with them for years. They are all coming from Shell OneHealth project which I'm not sure what happen to it after 5 years leaving that project. I heard rumors that they are not even using the system anymore...haishhh..the hell!! But the development team (the programmers) are senior programmers which are new to SAP EHS module but they are so superb!!


So here are pictures of us..the SHIELD agents after our wave 2 launch last month. Now we are on wave 3 and we are not sure if there will be wave 4 or not..huhu...I just pray for the best.